Military Acronyms - Marine

Acronym Defintion
1st Civ Div  1st Civilian Division
360  Forming a circle to put protection all around (360°)
48, 72, 96  Standard liberty periods of two, three, four days
4th Battali on  Derogative for individual or unit lacking toughness
4th Marin e Dimension  Derogatory term for the 4th Marine Division
5.56 hicke y  Scar or blister resulting from a burn suffered due to hot brass.
8 bells  Signal for the end of a four-hour watch
8th & I  Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C.(corner of 8th and I Streets)
Aboard  Personnel being accounted for in a building, such as a classroom
Air Crew  Personnel that work on board any aircraft that can carry a crew
ALICE  All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment
All Hands  Entire ship's personnel, including all officers and enlisted personnel
Alphas Service Alpha uniform from the phonetic letter A
AMTRAC  amphibious tractor. Also referred to as "Tracks."
ANGLICO  Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
Ant Farm  area of an encampment where the radio antennae are placed
ARMY  Ain't Ready to be a Marine Yet
Army glov es  An individual's hands being inside his or her pockets
As You W ere  order to disregard the immediately preceding order
Asiatic eccentric behavior after serving too long in the Far East
ASP  Ammunition Supply Point
ASVAB wa iver  inability to pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
Aye-Aye  "I understand the orders I have received and will carry them out"
AYPG Sarcastic way of saying you're not authorized to receive certain information
Back on th e Block  Behaving like a civilian.
Bag Nasty A-ration brown-bag meal issued to Marines
BAH Basic Allowance for Housing
BAMCIS  Begin planning, Arrange recon, Make recon, Complete planning, Issue orders, Supervise
BAQ Basic Allowance Quarters
Barney-st yle  Perform strictly according to regulation; idiot proof
Barracks  on base housing for Marines
Barracks B unny  Female Marines are rumored to sleep around in the barracks
Barracks C over  cap worn with the service uniform & white with the dress uniform
Barracks R at  one who stays in the barracks instead of going into town
BAS  Battalion Aid Station
Battery O perated Grunt  combat radio operator
Battle Bla ze  1st & 2nd Division insignias commemorating Battle of Guadalcanal service
Battle Pin  tie clasp or tie tack
BB Count er  Marine handling, storage, issue of ordnance.
BCD  Bad Conduct Discharge
BCGs military issue glasses
Beans, Bu llets, and Band-Aids  basic military supplies
Beer Gard en  social area permitting the consumption of alcohol
Belay  cancel an order; to stop; to firmly secure a line.
Below De cks  area below the surface (deck) of a ship.
BEQ  Bachelor Enlisted Quarters: usually a barracks.
Big Green Weenie  Marine has been "screwed over" or cheated by the Marine Corps.
Binnacle L ist  sick list: those excused from duty for health reasons
Bird, Ball & Fish Hook  derogatory term used to describe the Marine Corps Emblem.
Blanket P arty  Assault where victim's head is covered so the perpetrators can't be id'd
Blood stri pe  Red band symbolizing blood shed by Marines during the Battle of Chapultepec
Blooper  Grenade launcher
Blousing Garters  Correct name for "boot bands."
BLT  Battalion Landing Team
Blues or D ress Blues  Marine Blue Dress uniform
BLUF  Formation - Bottom Line Up Front
Bn  battalion
boondogg le  trip that serves no purpose
Boot  A term for Marines who are new to the Marine Corps
Boot Band s  elastic bands or metal springs rolled into the hem of the trousers
boot cam p  training hub for new Marines
Boots and Utes  utility uniform without the normal uniform blouse, typically used for PT.
BOQ  Bachelor Officer Quarters: housing for single Marine officers.
Box-kicke r  Marine who works in supply
Brain Buc ket  Helmet
Brain Stra p  Elastic strap used for securing eyeglasses
Brain-hou sing Group  Marine's head or skull
brass  senior officers
brass  shell casings
brass  uniform insignia
BRASS  USMC shooting technique: Breathe, Relax, Aim, Slack, Squeeze
brat  service member's child
Break-off Session  extraordinarily strenuous or tiring physical activity
Brig  Military prison on ship or ashore.
Brig Rat  Marine who has served much brig time
Brightwor k  shiny metal that Marines must polish
Broke  Feeling severe fatigue
Broke-d** k  one who does not perform up to standards
Brown-ba gger  Marines (usually married) who live off base
Buddy-f** ker one who disregards a team-member's welfare
Bug Juice  insect repellent
Bulkhead  wall of ship
Bum Scoo p  bad information
Burning M an  Marine who is scorched by hot gun casings
Bus Driver   Air Force pilot
Busted  Reduced in rank.
Butt Pack  Small pack fastened to the waist in the back
Butter Bar   Second Lieutenant
BZO  Battle Sight Zero (calibrated gunsight settings)
C & S  Clean & Sober
CACO  Casualty Assistance Calls/Counseling Officer
Cadillacs  boots
Call Out  challenge a person
Cammies  camouflage utility uniform
Camp Livi ng Room  duty station after discharge; civilian life
Campaign Cover  green campaign hat worn by drill instructors and rifle range personnel
Cannon C ocker  artilleryman
Cannon F odder  Marines regarded as expendable
Canoe U.  nickname for US Naval Academy
Captain's Mast  Office Hours afloat
CAR  Combat Action Ribbon
Carry On  order to continue after being interrupted
CAS  Close Air Support
CASEVAC  Casualty Evacuation
Casual Co mpany  Marines awaiting discharge, training or deployment to a unit
CAX  Combined Arms Exercise
CBRN  Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear
CCU  Correctional Custody Unit
Chair Forc e  Derogatory term for the US Air Force.
Chairborn e Ranger  Someone who works in an office, (play on airborne)
Charlies Service "C" uniform
Chaser  Marine assigned prisoner escort duties for a single prisoner or detail of prisoners
Check Fir e  Stop firing order, due to a safety condition, possible error or mistarget
Chest Can dy  ribbons and medals on a Marine's uniform
chevron  symbols of enlisted ranks above private
China Mar ines  Marines from the 4th Marine Rgt stationed in Shanghai, China during 1927
Chinese F ield Day  field day where every item from a room is removed for cleaning
Chit  voucher, receipt, letter, or note, entitling the bearer to special treatment
CID  Criminal Investigation Division
CIF  Consolidated Issue Facility
Civvies  Civilian clothing
Class As  Service Alpha uniform from the phonetic letter A
CLP  Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative
Cluster f* ck  Chaotic situation from multiple mistakes or problems in rapid succession
CMC  Commandant of the Marine Corps
COB  Close Of Business; or Close Order Battle
COC  Combat Operations Center
COG  Corporal Of the Guard
Colonel  Proper means of addressing Lt. Colonels and Colonels
CONUS  Continental United States
Corfams  Uniform dress shoes
Corpsman   Navy hospital corpsman attached to a Marine unit
Cover  headgear protection from enemy fire
Cover & A lignment  Proper gap next to, in front of, and behind memberof a formation
CQB or CQ C  Close Quarters Battle/Combat
Crew-Ser ved  crew-served weapon
Cruise  deployment aboard ship; or enlistment period
CS  2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile
Cumshaw  something given as a favor or gift
D & D  Drunk and Disorderly
Daijoubu  OK, Japanese for "don't worry"
Daily 7 or  Daily 16  preliminary warmup for other, more strenuous physical training
Dark Gree n/Light Green  reference to a Marine's skin color
Dead Hors e  to draw advance pay out of the normal pay cycle
deck  floor or surface of the earth
Deep Six  dispose of by throwing overboard ship.
Detachme nt  portion of a unit sent independently of its parent organization
Deuce  number two in unit or equipt. names; the senior intelligence officer or unit
Deuce Ge ar  standard issue web gear, combat gear, or field equipment
Devil Doc Navy hospital corpsman attached to the Marines
Devil Dog nickname for Marines
Devil Nut s  regional variation of devil dog and nickname for Marines
Devil Pup  nickname for a Marine's child(ren)
DGAF  Doesn't/Don't Give A F*ck
DI  Drill Instructor
DI Hut  Office for drill instructors in a platoon's squad bay
Diddy Bop   Poor performance in close order drill
Diet Recr uit boot camp recruit deemed overweight according to regulations
Digis  digital camouflage such as MARPAT
Dime Out  reveal incriminating information about a person
Disneylan d East  Marine Corps Headquarters at Arlington, Virginia
Dog & Po ny  display, demo or appearance by Marines for the pleasure of someone else
Doggie  enlisted member of the United States Army
Donkey Di ck  jerry can fuel spout
Dope  Data On Previous Engagements
DPICM  Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions
Drill  procedures and methodology of handling weapons and moving troops about in an orderly fashion
Drill Hat  Drill Instructor, who specializes in the instruction of close order drill
DRMOed  dispose of an item at the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO)
Drug Deal  obtain supplies, equipment or services outside official channels via barter
Dry fire  firing weapon without using ammo to refine position and shooting basics
DTG  Date-Time Group
Dual-cool  Marine that possesses both the parachutist and diver badges
Dummy C ord  Lanyard or tether used to secure a piece of equipment to an anchor
Duty NCO  sentry responsible for patrol and security of a specific area
EAS  End of Active Service
EGA  Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, the emblem of the Marine Corps
Eight Ball  Marine who lacks an aggressive spirit
Einstein  Marine who is found to be responsible for a notable unwise action or plan
Elephant Hat  Pith helmet first issued in 1940, currently worn by rifle range coaches
EM  Enlisted Marine/Man
Embed  to place within, or fix in place
EOD  Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EPD  Extra Punitive Duties
EPW  Enemy Prisoner of War
Fallen An gel  Marine Officer who failed out of flight school
FAP  Fleet Assistance Program
FARP  Forward Area Refueling/Rearming Point or Forward Arming Refueling Point
Fart Sack  cotton mattress cover
FAST  Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team
Fast-mov er  Fast-moving fixed-wing aircraft
Fat Barrel  Round in the chamber, no magazine inserted
Fat-body  overweight recruit or service member
FEBA  Forward Edge of the Battle Area
Felony Cr eek  French Creek area of Camp Lejeune
Fiddler's Green  Imaginary afterlife; paradise.
Field 10  unattractive female service member who becomes desirable after extended time in the field or combat environment
Field Cov er  Campaign Cover, a broad-brimmed felt hat
Field Day  day or portion of day set aside for top-to-bottom cleaning of an area
Field Exp edient  improvisation / make do with what's available
Field Mee t  organized sporting competition
Field Mus ic  drummer, trumpeter, bugler, fifer
Field-Stri p  disassemble a piece of ordnance or weapon for routine cleaning or lubricating
Fifty-cal   M2 Browning machine gun
Fighting H ole  defensive position dug into the ground
Final Duty Station  reference to a Marine's final posting
Fire for Ef fect  indirect fire to range/adjust the rounds that should be fired
Fire Watc h  sentry guarding a person, place, object, or area in a non-combat area
Fire Watc h Medal  National Defense Service Medal
First Lieut enant, Second Award  former 1st Lieutenant promoted ahead of schedule to Captain
First Shirt  company or battery First Sergeant
FITREP  report written detailing proficiency and conduct and fitness for command
Five-jump Chump  one who performs only minimum jumps for the Basic Parachute Insignia
Flak and K evlar  body armor and a helmet respectively
Flak Jacke t  term for ballistic vest or body armor
Float  deployment aboard ship
Float Wid ow  unfaithful wife of a Marine or Sailor deployed aboard a ship
FMC  Fully Mission Capable
FMF Fleet Marine Force
FMTU  Foreign Military Training Unit
FNG  F*cking New Guy / Marine recently graduated recruit training
Fobbie or  Fobbit  Marine who rarely sees combat;
Fortitudin e  former motto of the Marine Corps
Four Fing ers of Death  MRE (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) with four small hot dogs as the main meal
Foxhole  fighting hole as termed by the Army and Marines of the past
FPF Final Protective Fire, last volley sent toward an advancing enemy
FRAGO  Fragmentary Order
FRO  Family Readiness Officer
Frock  authorized to wear the next higher grade before promotion
Frock You  Response to inappropriate request to be promoted prior to schedule
FUBAR  F*cked/Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition/Repair
FUBIJAR  F*ck you Buddy, I'm just a reservist
Full-Bird  Colonel, as opposed to a Lieutenant Colonel
G-2  individual's intellect
Gaff Off  disregard or ignore a person or order
Gagglef*c k  Marines grouped too closely or in an unorganized fashion
Gangway  ship's passageway
Garrison  adjective referring to not being deployed or deployable
Garrison C over  soft green folded cap worn with the service uniform
Gate Fishi ng  off-duty Marine who chats up a girl who may or may not be loitering
Gear  property or equipment
Gear Adrif t  gear found left lying around or unguarded
Geedunk  candy and other sweets
General O rders  List of 11 General Orders for Sentries
Get Some  spirited cry expressing approval and the desire for more or to continue
GI Shower   bathing with limited water
GITMO  US Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Glow Belt  reflective belt used when running on or near hard-surfaced roads
Go-faster s  running shoes or sneakers
Goat Rop e  chaotic and messy situation
Going Hig h and to the Right  losing one's temper or rationality
Gomer or  GOMER  stupid person, from the character Gomer Pyle
Good Coo kie  Good Conduct Medal
Good to G o  difficulties will be overcome; ready; well done or satisfactory
Gook  anything foreign or strange
Gore-Tex  All Purpose Environmental Clothing System (APECS)
Gouge  information or news
Grab-Ass  horseplay, usually wrestling.
Grand Old Man of the Marine Corps  Brevet Brigadier General Archibald Henderson
Grape  Marine's head; "Keep on grab assing and you'll fall and bust your grape!"
Greens  service uniforms in reference to their color
Grid Squa res  marked reference lines on a map
Grinder  parade ground or deck used primarily for drill and/or formations
Ground G uide  person who walks & guides a vehicle to detect and avoid obstacles
Grunt Infantryman
GT Score  Intelligence measure from the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
Guide  Unit guidon-bearer
Gumby Su it  two pieced wet weather gear consisting of a hooded jacket and overalls
Gun Bunn y  Artilleryman
Gun Club  USMC at-large as in "I've been in this gun club longer than you."
Gung ho  Chinese for "work together,"
Gunner  Marine Gunner
Gunny  Gunnery Sergeant
Gyrene  Nickname for Marine; combination of the words "GI" and "Marine"
H&S  Headquarters & Service/Supply
hack  arrest
Haji Arab or Middle Eastern person or object
Half-bird  Lieutenant Colonel
half-mast when the ensign is hoisted to one flag/ensign below the top
HAMS Headquarters & Maintenance Squadron
Hard Char ger term for a junior Marine when he or she completes a difficult task
Hashmark  service stripe for completion of four years of honorable service
Hatch  watertight door
HBT  Herringbone Twill
HDR  Humanitarian Daily Ration
HE  High Explosive
head  bathroom or latrine
Head She d  Command post
Headgear  hats, helmets, caps, etc.
HEAT  High-Explosive Antitank round
Heavy Hat   second-most senior drill instructor in platoon
HEDP  High-Explosive Dual Purpose ammunition
Hell Hole  Hatch in the deck of helicopters used for rappelling and cargo lifting
Helo  Helicopter
High and Tight  common variant of the buzz haircut
High-spee d  New, interesting, or cool
Higher-up s Marines above the rank of E-5 Sergeant
Hillbilly A rmor  improvised vehicle armor
HIMARS  High Mobility Artillery Rocket System
Hippity-h op, mob stop!  Platoon, halt!
HMA Marine Attack Helicopter Squadron
HMH Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron
HMHT Marine Heavy Helicopter Training Squadron
HML Marine Light Helicopter Squadrons
HMLA Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron
HMLAT Marine Light Attack Helicopter Training Squadron
HMM Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron (formerly HMR)
HMMT Marine Medium Helicopter Training Squadron
HMMWV High-Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle
HMR Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron
HMT Marine Helicopter Training Squadron
HMX-1 Marine Helicopter Squadron One
Hollywoo d Marine  Marine who graduated from Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego
Homeslic e  Person
Homestea ding  remaining at one duty station for an extended tour(s)
Hooch  field living quarters
Horse-coc k Sandwich  sandwich or meal created using an unknown meat
Hot-Shit  arrogant person.
House Mo use  recruit tasked with cleaning in drill instructor-only areas
Housewif e  Girlfriend; or sewing kit
HQMC  Headquarters Marine Corps
Hump  carry or lift a load
Hurry up a nd wait  inefficient time management or planning
Huss  to give a helping hand
IAW  in accordance with
ID-Ten-Ta ngo  idiot
IG  Inspector General
ILBE  Improved Load Bearing Equipment
In Countr y  being within a war zone
Inkstick  Pen
Irish Penn ant or IP  loose thread, string, or strap detracting from a perfect appearance
Iron Mike  nautical term for a gyrocompass
IRR  Individual Ready Reserve
IT incentive (physical) training used as a punishment
JAG  Judge Advocate General
Jarhead  pejorative term for a Marine
JAX  Jacksonville, North Carolina
Jesus slip pers government-issue sandals or flip-flops for sanitation in showers
JETDS  Joint Electronics Type Designation System
JEW  Junior enlisted warrior, E-3 and below
JJ DID TIE BUCKLE  Mnemonic for 14 leadership traits: Justice, Judgement, Dependability, Initiative, Decisiveness, Tact, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Bearing, Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Loyalty, Endurance
JOB  Junk On the Bunk, formal inspection of gear
John Way ne  P-38 can opener, small folding blade used to open canned rations
Joker  Military journalist
Jungle Bu nny  Vietnam War
Junk on B unk  Inspection where all uniforms and equipment are displayed on Marine's rack
K or klicks  Kilometer
K-Bay  Marine Corps Base Hawaii.
K-pot  1917-model basin helmet worn between World War I and 1942
KA-BAR  Fighting/utility knife first issued during World War II
Keeper  Cloth loop on the green service blouse holds the cloth belt neatly in place
Kevlar  Helmet made from Kevlar
Keyboard Jockey  Person whose uses a computer for a length of time
Kill  positive affirmation
Kill Hat  junior Drill Instructor who specializing in discipline and punishment
Kin Town  small town located just outside Camp Hansen, Okinawa
Kit another term for the old wb gear (LBE)
Kuni  Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni
LAAD Bn Low-altitude Air Defense Battalion
Lad term for a young Marine
Ladder W ell  stairway or ladder connecting different decks of a ship
Laminate d  perceived semi-permanent state of issue for a normally temporary status.
Lance Coo lie derogatory terms for Lance Corporal
Lance Cor poral Network  joking reference to the gulf between non-NCOs and their superiors
Land of th e big PX  used in reference to CONUS by Marines deployed overseas
Landing G ear  crossed rifles exposed on the rank insignia of Corporals and Sergeants
Lawn Dart  aircraft
LBV  Load Bearing Vest
LCPLIC  Lance Corporal in Charge
Leatherne ck  nickname for Marine
Leg  service member who does not rate to wear the Parachutist Insignia
leggings  leg coverings made of canvas
Liberty  authorized free time ashore or off station
Liberty Lis t  list of Marines entitled to liberty & those on guard during liberty
Liberty Ri sk  Marine with a high risk of getting into trouble on liberty.
Lifer  career service member
Lima Char lie Loud and Clear
Line Com pany  lettered Marine companies
Lipstick Li eutenant  warrant officer, named for the addition of red to lieutenants bars
Lollygag  dawdle or fool about
Long Han dles  long sleeved/legged undershirt/shorts.
Long War  Term for the War on Terrorism
Lost Lieut enant Finder  Hand-held GPS unit
LPCs  Leather Personnel Carriers; combat boots
LPD  Landing Platform/Dock; Amphibious transport dock
LT  Lieutenant
LWH  Lightweight Helmet
LZ  Landing Zone
prefix to the model number of a specific nomenclature of equipment
Ma'am  proper method of addressing female officers.
MABS Marine Air Base Squadron
Mac Mari ne  nickname for Marine
MACG Marine Air Command Group
MACS Marine Air Control Squadron
Mad Max  military vehicle, irregular due to repairs, modifications or extra equipment
Maggie's Drawers  Red flag attached to a pole
MAGTF  Marine Air-Ground Task Force
MAGTFer y  Anything associated with MAGTF-type operations
Major  Captain in command of a ship's Marine detachment
MALS Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron
Mama-sa n  elder Japanese woman, often a maid, cook, or tailor/seamstress
MAMS Marine Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
MARINE  Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Non-Essential
Marine ho use  Security Guard; term for living quarters for Marines
Marine M attress  woman who is thought to be sexually promiscuous with other Marines
MASS Marine Air Support Squadron
Master Gu nny  Master Gunnery Sergeant
MATCS Marine Air Traffic Control Squadron
MATMEP  Maintenance Training Management and Evaluation Program
MCAS Marine Corps Air Station
MCCS  Marine Corps Community Services
MCI  Marine Corps Institute, a distance education program
MCMAP/ MCNinja  Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
MCSF Marine Corps Security Forces
MCT  Marine Combat Training
Meat Gaz er  Urinalysis observer who observes the service member taking test
MEB  Marine Expeditionary Brigade
Med Float Widow unfaithful wife of a Marine or Sailor deployed from the East Coast on a float
MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation
MEF  Marine Expeditionary Force
MEPS  Military Entrance Processing Station
Mess Hall  Cafeteria; chow hall
Messman  Cook
MEU  Marine Expeditionary Unit
MEU(SOC)   Marine Expeditionary Unit
Mickey M ouse Boots  Boots designed for extreme cold weather
Midrats  rations provided for those working late hours
Mike  minute
Mike-mik e  millimeter
Military L eft  Pertaining to the left side
Military Ri ght  Pertaining to the right side
Military Ti me  The time of day on a 24-hour clock
Mini P  Convenience store
MOLLE  Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment
Molly Mar ine  Nickname for World War II era female Marines
Monkey S uit  Slang for the MARPAT uniform
Moonbea m  flashlight
MOPP  Mission Oriented Protective Posture
MOS  Military Occupational Specialty
Mosquito Wings Rank insignia for a Private First Class
Motarded  Displaying excess motivation
Motivator  Term of endearment from a senior to a junior Marine
Moto  Motivated/motivating
Moto Tats  USMC logos or slogan tattoos
MOTS Marine O perational Training Squadrons
MOUT  Military Operation in Urban Terrain
MP  Military Police
MRE  Meal, Ready-to-Eat, standard U.S. field ration
MRE bom b  Bursting plastic bag made from MRE chemical heating pouches
MSG  Marine Corps Security Guard (guards US Embassies)
MT  Motor Transport
MTACS Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron
MTO  Motor Tra nsport Officer
MTV   Modular Tactical Vest, new type of ballistic vest
MTVR  Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement
Mustang Marine Officer that previously served in enlisted ranks.
MWCS Marine Wing Communications Squadron
MWD  Military Working Dog, a trained government canine
MWHS Marine Wing Headquarters squadron
MWSG Marine Wing Support Group
MWSS Marine Wing Support Squadron
Mystery Meat  low quality type of meat patty served at Marine Corps Recruit Depot
National E nsign  A.k.a. colors, national flag
NAVY  Never Again Volunteer Yourself
NBCD  Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Defense
NCIS  Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NCO  Non-commissioned officer: corporal or sergeant
NCOIC  Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge
NJP Non-Judicial Punishment
NMCI  Navy/Marine Corps Intranet
No impact Expression denoting a miss on a weapons range
Non-rate  Junior to the NCO ranks
North Car olina Lawn Dart  Expression denoting the many AV-8 mishaps that took place
NROTC  Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
O-Course  Obstacle course
O-dark thi rty  Very early hours before dawn
OCONUS  Outside Continental United States
OCS  Officer Candidate School
Office Ho urs  Administrative ceremony for legal, disciplinary, and other matters
Officers' C ountry  Living spaces for officers aboard ship
Oki  Okinawa.
Old Asia H and  Person with more than one tour in Asia
Old Man  Very informal nickname for the commanding officer
OMPF  Official Military Personnel File
OOB  straying into an area restricted from use by normal traffic
OOD  Officer Of the Deck
Oorah  Spirited cry used since the mid-20th century
OP  Observation Post, a position used for recon
OQR  Officer Qualification Record
Oscar Mik e  names of the two NATO phonetic alphabet letters O and M
OTV  Outer Tactical Vest
Outside  Civilian life after discharge
Over the Hill  Excessively old
Overhead  Ceiling
P.O.A  Position Of Attention
padre  chaplain
Page 11  administrative remarks concerning a Marine's performance and conduct
PALS  Pouch Attachment Ladder System
Parade De ck  Area set aside for the conduct of parades, drill, and ceremonies
Paradise I sland  Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
Passagew ay  Corridor or hallway.
Passed ov er  Having failed selection for the next higher rank
Pay Grade   DOD system of designating a U.S. serviceperson's pay
PCP  Physical Conditioning Program
PCS  Permanent Change of Station
PFC  Private First Class
PFT  Physical Fitness Test
Phone Wa tch  Duty where a Marine is responsible for answering phones
Phrog  Nickname for CH-46 Sea Knight.
PI  Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
Pickle Sui t  Service "A" uniform
Pinning  Promotion by pinning the new rank insignia onto the MCCUU collar
Pisscutter  Nickname for soft green garrison cap
Pits  Area on a shooting range where the targets are located
Pitting  Incentive training for a large group of recruits
Pizza Box  The Marksman Weapons Qualification Badge
Pizza Stai n  nickname for the National Defense Service Medal
Platoon S ergeant  SNCO executive to the platoon commander
PMCM  equipment that is only partially mission capable due to maintenance needs
PMCS  Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services
PMO  Provost Marshal's Office
Pogey Ro pe  insignia for wear by members of the 5th and 6th Marine Regiments
Pogue  Marine not of the combat arms (infantry)
Poguey Candy or sweets
Police  to correct another Marine
Poncho Li ner  Insulating blanket
Pop Smok e  leave quickly or hastily
Port  Naval term for "left side of ship"
Portholes  military issue eyeglasses
Pos  Radio lingo for position
Possible  Slang term for the highest score possible in marksmanship exercise
Pot Shack  Place where cooking utensils are washed
PowerPoi nt Ranger  Marines who have spent too much time in an office
Prick  equipment bearing the "PRC" JETDS designator
Pro & Con s  Proficiency and Conduct marks
Property Cage  where organizational property storage
PRT Physical Readiness Test
PT  Physical Training
Pucker Fa ctor  High anxiety experienced in tight situations, usually aircrew
Pull Butts  mark and score targets on a shooting range from behind a berm
PX  Post eXchange; Marine Corps Exchange
QRF  Quick Reaction Force
Quarter D eck  location of prominence in a barracks or office
Quarterd ecking  Incentive training by means of repetitive and constant physical exercises
Quarters  bachelor (barracks) or family (government-leased apartments or houses)
Quatrefoi l  4-pointed embroidered pattern at the top of an officer's barracks cover
R/S  Respectfully Submitted
Rack or Sa ck  bed / bunk
Radio Wat ch  Duty monitoring radio networks for relevant traffic
Rah  A shortened version of Ooh-rah
Raider Ca p  cover worn with the M1941 HBT utilities
Rain Lock er  shower
Ranks  Command structure classifications
Ratf*ck  Selecting the best, leaving less desirable options for others
RCO  Rifle Combat Optic
Re-up  Re-enlist
Real Worl d  Civilian life after discharge
Rear Eche lon Pogue  person who chooses to stay behind the lines to avoid danger
Recon  verb to denote stealthy acquisition by theft
Red Leg  Artilleryman
Red Patch  worn by landing support troops to tell shore party from landing troops
Request Mast  Appealing through chain of command to seek grievance satisfaction requester feels not adequately handled at a lower level.
Reverse R aider  Derogatory term for MARSOC Marines
RFI  Request for Information
Roach coa ch  Civilian vehicle allowed on base to sell fast food
Rocks and Shoals  pre-UCMJ code of law for the United States Department of the Navy
ROE  Rules Of Engagement
Rotate  Return home at the end of a deployment
Rubber Bi tch  Name given to the ISO mat
Running L ights  Navigational night lights on a ship
S/F  Abbrevia tion for Semper Fidelis
SACO  Substance Abuse Control Officer
SAFE  Mnemonic for the set up of weapons in small-unit defense, denotes
Safety Bri ef  given by an NCO to junior enlisted Marines prior to being released for liberty
Salt/salty Experienced or well-worn person or object
Sand Mon ster  To bury/hide something in the sand
Sandbox  Iraq or other desert area
SARC  Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
Say Again Request to repeat a statement, question, or order
Sayōnara  goodbye
Schmucka telli  junior Marine
SCIF  Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
scramble d eggs  Gold oak leaf on field grade and officers' cap, visors and cuffs
Scrounge  Appropriate, borrow, or acquire
Scullery  Place where dishes are washed
Scuttlebu tt  Gossip; or a drinking fountain
SDI  Senior Drill Instructor, leader of a recruit platoon
Sea Lawy er  Person who attempts to argue & continually provides explanations
Sea Story  Story, tale, or yarn calculated to impress others
Seabag Dr ag  Manually carrying personal items to new or temporary living quarters
Seabag or  Sea Bag  Duffel bag used to carry one's belongings
Seagoing Bellhop  Marine stationed aboard a ship on sea duty
Secret Sq uirrel  Intelligence personnel or activity
Secure  Stop, cease; or put away and lock.
Semper Fi   Shortened version of "Semper Fidelis"
Semper G umby  Colloquialism denoting tactical flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt
Semper I  Colloquialism denoting self-centered behavior
Semper S ometimes  version of Semper Fi used to deride the part-time Reservists
Shellback  Marine who crossed the line (equator) while on a Naval vessel
Ship Over  Reenlist for an additional period of service
Shit Bag Habitually unkempt or undisciplined Marine
Shit Detai l  an undesirable (usually temporary) assignment
Shit-Brick  useless or ignorant person
Shit-Hot  used to notify something as exceptional or very good
Shitter  bathroom, head, or latrine
Shooter  person whose primary duty involves marksmanship with a rifle or pistol
Shore Par ty  landing support specialists that direct the disposition of troops
Short-tim er  person nearing the completion of his/her present tour or enlistment
Short-tim er's Disease  apathy to duties and regulations from a person nearing EAS
Shove Off  to leave the vicinity
Shower S hoes  rubber sandals to prevent infections from the use of community showers
Sick bay  infirmary or other medical facility aboard ship
Sick Call  Daily period when routine ailments are treated at sick bay.
Sick Call C ommando  person who constantly finds medical reasons to avoid work
Side Strad dle Hop  Jumping Jack.
Sidearm  weapon carried by a sentry under arms
Silver Bull et  rectal thermometer used to check one's temperature
Skate  avoiding work by finding an excuse to be elsewhere
Skid squa dron  Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron
Skipper  term of respect for captain in command of an infantry company
Skivvies  Underwear: T-shirt and drawers
Skuzz  wash a deck or floor with a brush or towel in place of a mop
Skylark  casually frolic or take excess time to complete a task
Slick slee ve  private in the Marine Corps
Slide Bite pinching or abrasions of hand due to holding pistol incorrectly
Slider  hamburger so greasy that it "slides" right through you
Slop chut e  impolite term for restaurant at PX or beer garden
SMAT  Supply maintenance assistance team
Smokey B rown  campaign cover worn by a drill instructors
Smokin' a nd Jokin' mass of Marines acting unproductively
SMSB&BI  Nickname for the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis
Snap In  conduct sighting in & aiming exercises with an unloaded weapon
SNCO  Staff Non-Commissioned Officer
SNCOIC  Staff Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge
SNM  Said Named Marine
Snow Job  Misleading or grossly exaggerated report
Snuffie Junior Marine (Lance Corporal and below)
SOC Special Operations Capable
SOES Station Operations and Engineer Squadron
SOG Sgt (or near rank) Commanding the 'COG' Corporal of the Guard and others
SOTG  Special Operations Training Group
Soup Cool er term used by DIs for other senior person in reference to trainees mouth
Soup San dwich disorganized operation or a gaggle
Spit and P olish  individual or collective military neatness, extreme devotion to the minutiae
Spit-Shin e  employing spit to remove grease and produce a high polish to boots/shoes
Splice the Mainbrace  invitation to drink
Spud Lock er  place where fresh vegetables are stored
Squadbay  living quarters with open rooms and shared head
Square(d)  Away  make neat and regulation appearance
Squid  sailor
SRB  Service Record Book
SSDD  Same Shit, Different Day
Stacking S wivel  Oval link with opening that allows other rifles to be hooked and stacked
Staff NCO  Staff Non-Commissioned Officer
Stage pre-position something
Stand By  command to wait
Starboard  right side of ship
STEAL Stealthily Transport Equipment to Another Location
stick  Squad being transported either via aircraft or ground vehicle
STOL  Short Takeoff/Landing
STOVL  Short Takeoff, Vertical Landing
Suck  mouth
Survey  medical discharge; discharge/retirement for medical reasons
Swab  mop; sailor
Swamp-as s  Unpleasant collection of sweat soaking undergarments
Swinging Di*k  Male Marine
Swoop  make a long trip in a short period of time
Sympathy Chit  Voucher sarcastically authorizing the recipient sympathy from others
T-Rats  tray rations
T/O&E  Table of Operations and Equipment
Taco Rice  taco without the shell served on rice
TAD  Temporary Assigned Duty
TBS  The Basic School (combat training school for new Marine officers)
Terminal Lance  Lance Corporal nearing the end of enlistment and unlikely to be promoted
Terp  interpreter
The Rock  Okinawa
The Suck  miserable situation or place
The Wire  defensive perimeter of a firm base
Thousand -yard stare  unfocused gaze of a battle-weary service member
Thump Gu n  grenade launcher
TIC Troops In Contact
Tie-ties  straps or strings used to tie items to another line
Tight-jaw ed  angry
Tip of the Spear  unit or subunit that enters enemy territory first
Top  nickname for Master Sergeant or Master Gunnery Sergeant
Topside  ship's upper deck
Tore up  broken, messy, unserviceable
Trade-sch ool refers to graduate of one of the Military Academies
TRAM  Tractor, Rubber-tired, Articulated steering, Multi-purpose
Trooper  insult to refer to a Marine
TS Chit  Fictitious small card, punched upon hearing a high-grade very sad story
Two-bloc k  Hoist a flag or pennant to the peak, truck, or yardarm of a staff
Two-digit Midget enlisted Marine with 99 or fewer days remaining on his or her enlistment
UA  Unauthorized Absence (AWOL)
UCMJ  Uniform Code of Military Justice
UD  Unit Diary - system maintaining administrative records for a unit
Un-f**k  to correct a deficiency, usually on a person
Under Ar ms  Status of having a weapon, sidearm
Under Ca nvas  living under temporary sheltering, tent
Under Wa y  to depart or to start a process for an objective
UNQ  unqualified
Unsat  unsatisfactory
USMC  United States Marine Corps
Utilities  field and work uniforms
V/R  Very Respectfully
V/STOL  Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing
VEERP  Voluntary Enlisted Early Release Program
VERTREP  vertical replenishment
VMA Marine Attack Squadron
VMAQ Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
VMAT Marine Attack Training Squadron
VMB Marine Bombing Squadron
VMC Marine Composite Squadron
VMCJ Marine Composite Reconnaissance Squadron
VMD Marine Photographic Squadron
VMF Marine Fighter Squadron
VMF(N) Marine Night Fighter Squadron
VMFA Marine Fighter Attack Squadron
VMFA(A W) Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron
VMFAT Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron
VMFP Marine Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
VMGR Marine Aerial Refueler/Transport Squadron
VMGRT Marine Aerial Refueler/Transport Training Squadron
VMJ Marine Reconnaissance Squadron / Marine Target Towing Detachments
VML Marine Glider Squadron
VMM Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (formerly HMM, HMH & VMFA)
VMMT Marine Medium Tiltrotor Training Squadron (formerly HMMT)
VMO Marine Observation Squadron
VMP Marine Patrol Squadron
VMR Marine Transport Squadron
VMS Marine Scouting Squadron
VMSB Marine Scout Bombing Squadron
VMTB Marine Torpedo Bombing Squadron
VMTD Marine Target Towing Detachment
VMU Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron
VMX Marine Tiltrotor Operational Test & Evaluation Squadron
VTOL  Vertical Take Off/Landing
Walking J ohn  Marine marching in dress blues uniform
War Belt  web belt used to carry canteens, pouches & equipment
War Paint  camouflage face paint
Watch  formal tour of duty of prescribed length
Water Bo wl  Canteen
Water Buf falo 400-gallon potable water tank
WES Wing Engineer Squadron
Wet Dow n  celebration honoring promotion as an officer or to the SNCO ranks
Whiskey L ocker  Supply locker/closet
Wilco  "Will Comply"
Willie Pet e Bag  Waterpro of bag.
Wing Wip er  Aviation person, not a pilot
Winger  Aviation Marine
WIR  Washed-out In Repair; waste incidental to reprocessing
WM  Woman Marine
Wook  female m arine
Wooly Pul ly  green wo ol sweater
Word  orders or information required for all members of a unit to know
Work you r Bolt  resort to special measures in order to attain a particular end
WP/Willi e Pete White Phosphorus munition
WTS Wing Transport Squadron
YATYAS or  YAT YAS  You ain't tracks, You ain't sh*t,  slogan or term for AAV Marines
You-who when officer wants attention of a Junior/Boot & does not know their name
Yut or Yut Yut  motivational saying similar to Oorah
Zero  term used amongst enlisted personnel when referring to officers
Zero  term used to gain the immediate attention of all personnel in the area
Zero-dark thirty  very early hours before dawn
Zero-stup id thirty  early time for which personnel are required to assemble for an activity
ZMQ Marine Barrage Balloon Squadrons
Zoomie  pilot, usually an Air Force pilot