Military Acronyms - All

Acronym Defintion
1MC general announcing system
1MC 1 Main Circuit, Shipboard Public Address System
1NCD 1st Naval Construction Division
1st Civ Div  1st Civilian Division
1st IOC 1st Information Operations Command (Land)
2-D Two-Dimensional
2E Role 2 Enhanced
2LM Role 2 Light Maneuver
2X Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Staff Element
360  Forming a circle to put protection all around (360°)
3-D Three-Dimensional
3M Maintenance and Material Management (3M)
3MC Maintenance Material Management Coordinator
48, 72, 96  Standard liberty periods of two, three, four days
4th Battalion  Derogative for individual or unit lacking toughness
4th Marine Dimension  Derogatory term for the 4th Marine Division
5.56 hickey  Scar or blister resulting from a burn suffered due to hot brass.
5MC 5 Main Circuit, Carrier Flight Deck Address System
618 AOC (TACC) 618 Air Operations Center (Tanker Airlift Control Center)
8 bells  Signal for the end of a four-hour watch
8th & I  Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C.(corner of 8th and I Streets)
A&P analysis and production
A/C aircraft
A/C Aircraft
A/DACG arrival/departure airfield control group
A/E ammunition/explosives
A/S anti-spoofing
A-1 Director of manpower, personnel, and services (Air Force)
A1C Airman First Class
A2 anti-access
A-2 intelligence staff officer (Air Force)
A2C Airman Second Class
A-3 operations directorate (COMAFFOR staff)
A-3 Operations staff officer (Air Force)
A3C Airman Third Class
A-4 director of logistics (Air Force)
A-5 plans directorate (COMAFFOR staff)
A-6 communications staff officer (Air Force)
A-7 director of installations and mission support (Air Force)
AA assessment agent
AA avenue of approach
AA Airman Apprentice
AA&E arms, ammunition, and explosives
AAA antiaircraft artillery
AAA arrival and assembly area
AABB American Association of Blood Banks
AAC activity address code
AACG arrival airfield control group
AADC area air defense commander
AADP area air defense plan
AADS Alaskan Air Defense Sector
AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service
AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service
AAFS amphibious assault fuel system
AAG aeronautical assignment group
AAGS Army air-ground system
AAM air-to-air missile
AAMDC Army air and missile defense command
AAOG arrival and assembly operations group
AAP Allied administrative publication
AAR after action report
AAR after action review
AAR air-to-air refueling area
AATCC amphibious air traffic control center
AAV amphibious assault vehicle
AAW Anti-Air Warcraft
AB air base
AB Aviation Boatswain's Mate
AB Air Base
AB Airman Basic
ABCA American, British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand
ABCS Army Battle Command System
ABCT armored brigade combat team
ABDR Aircraft Battle Damage Repair
ABE Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Launching and Recovery)
ABF Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Fuels)
ABFC advanced base functional component
ABFDS aerial bulk fuel delivery system ABGD air base ground defense
ABH Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Aircraft Handling)
ABI activity-based intelligence
ABL airborne laser
ABLTS amphibious bulk liquid transfer system
ABM Air Battle Manager
Aboard  Personnel being accounted for in a building, such as a classroom
ABP air battle plan
ABU Airman Battle Uniform
ABW Air Base Wing
AC Active Component
AC Air Traffic Controlman
AC2 airspace command and control
ACA airlift clearance authority
ACA airspace control authority
ACA airspace coordination area
ACA Airspace Control Authority
ACB amphibious construction battalion
ACC Air Combat Command
ACC area coordination center
ACC Air Combat Command
ACCE air component coordination element
ACD automated cargo documentation
ACE Allied Command Europe
ACE aviation combat element (USMC)
ACEOI automated communications-electronics operating instructions
ACINT acoustic intelligence
ACL allowable cabin load
ACM airspace coordinating measure
ACO administrative contracting officer
ACO airspace control order
ACOR Alternative Contracting Officer Representative
ACOS assistant chief of staff
ACOT Advanced Communications Officer Training
ACP airspace control plan
ACP Allied communications publication
ACR Armored Cruiser
ACS air-capable ship
ACS airspace control system
ACS American Community Survey
ACSA acquisition and cross-servicing agreement
ACSC Air Command and Staff College
ACT advance civilian team
ACT Allied Command Transformation
ACU assault craft unit
ACW Air Control Wing
AD air defense
AD area denial
AD automatic distribution
AD Aviation Machinist's Mate
ADA air defense artillery
ADA Anti-deficiency Act
ADAFCO air defense artillery fire control officer
ADAM air defense airspace management
ADAM/BAE air defense airspace management/brigade aviation element
ADAMS Allied Deployment and Movement System
ADC air defense commander
ADC area damage control
ADC Aerospace Defense Command
ADC Area Defense Counsel
ADCON administrative control
ADCON Administrative Control
ADCON Administrative Control
ADE airdrop damage estimate
ADIZ air defense identification zone
ADM air defense measure
ADNS Automated Digital Network System
ADOS active duty for operational support
ADP Army doctrine publication
ADP Automated Data Processing
ADP automated data processing
ADP Airman Development Plan
ADPE Automated Data Processing Equipment
ADR airfield damage repair
ADR Airfield Damage Repair
ADRIFT Loose from moorings and out of control; Anything lost or out of hand
ADRP Army doctrine reference publication
ADS air defense section
ADS air defense sector
ADS amphibian discharge site
ADS authoritative data source
ADS Automated Disbursing System
ADSC Active Duty Service Commitment
ADSN Accounting and Disbursing Station Number
ADSW Active Duty Special Work (US Navy Reserve, type of active duty orders, typically 6 months in duration)
ADT active duty for training
ADT Active Duty Training (US Navy Reserve, type of active duty orders, typically more than 30 days but less than 6 months)
ADUSD(TP) Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Transportation Policy
ADVON advanced echelon
ADWC air defense warning condition
ADZ amphibious defense zone
AE aeromedical evacuation
AE assault echelon AECA Arms Export Control Act
AE Aviation Electrician's Mate
AEA Actual Expense Allowance
AEA Actual Expense Authorization
AECT aeromedical evacuation control team
AEF air expeditionary force
AEF Aerospace Expeditionary Force
AEF Air Expenditionary Force
AEG air expeditionary group
AEHF advanced extremely high frequency
AELT aeromedical evacuation liaison team
AEODP allied explosive ordnance disposal publication
AEODPS Automated Explosive Ordnance Disposal Publication System
AEOT aeromedical evacuation operations team
AES Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
AESC aeromedical evacuation support cell AETC Air Education and Training Command
AETC Air Eduction and Training Command
AETF air expeditionary task force
AEW airborne early warning
AEW Air Expeditionary Wing
AF Air Force
AF Air Force (form)
AF amphibious force
AF Aviation Photgrapher's Mate
AF/A2 Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
AF2IC Airforce Command and Control Integration Center
AFA Air Force Academy
AFA Air Force Association
AFAA Air Force Audit Association
AFAM Air Force Achievement Medal
AFAMS Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation
AFAPD Air Force Applications Program Development
AFARN Air Force air request net
AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AFB Air Force base
AFB Air Force Base
AFC Aviation Fire Control
AFCA Air Force Communications Agency
AFCAA Air Force Cost Analysis Agency
AFCAP Air Force contract augmentation program
AFCAT Air Force Catalog
AFCC Air Force Component Commander
AFCEC Air Force Civil Engineer Center
AFCEC Air Force Civil Engineering Center
AFCEE Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment
AFCENT Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment
AFCENT Air Forces Central
AFCESA Air Force Civil Engineering Support Agency
AFCESA Air Force Civil Engineering Support Agency
AFCFM Air Force Career Field Manager
AFCLC Air Force Culture and Learning Center
AFCM Master Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman
AFCM Air Force Commendation Medal
AFDA Air Force doctrine annex
AFDC Air Force Doctine Center
AFDD Air Force doctrine document
AFDW Air Force District of Washington
AFE Armed Forces Entertainment
AFE Aircrew Flight Equipment
AFETS Air Force Engineering and Technical Services
AFFF Aqueous Film Forming Foam
AFFMA Air Force Frequency Management Agency
AFFOR Air Force forces
AFFSA Air Force Financial Services Center
AFFSA Air Force Flight Standards Agency
AFGSC Air Force Global Strike Command
AFH Air Force handbook
AFH Air Force Handbook
AFHRA Air Force Historical Research Agency
AFHSC Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center
AFI Air Force instruction
AFI Air Force Instruction; or as a duty status, awaiting further instructions
AFIA Air Force Inspection Agenct
AFIAA Air Force Intelligence Analysis Agency
AFIAA Air Force Intelligence Analysis Agency
AFICA Air Force Installation Contracting Agency
AFIP Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
AFIS American Forces Information Service
AFIS Air Force Inspection System
AFISRA Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Agency
AFISRA Air Force Intelligence, Survelliance and Reconnaissance Agency
AFIT Air Force Institute of Technology
AFJI Air Force joint instruction
AFLC Air Force Logistics Command
AFLE Air Force liaison element
AFLMA Air Force Logistics Management Agency
AFLOA Air Force Legal Operations Agency
AFMA Air Force Manpower Agency
AFMAN Air Force manual
AFMAN Air Force Manual
AFMC Air Force Materiel Command
AFMC Armed Forces Medical College
AFMC Air Force Material Command
AFME Armed Forces Medical Examiner
AFMES Armed Forces Medical Examiner System
AFMOA Air Force Medical Operations Agency
AFMPC Air Force Military Personnel Center
AFMS Air Force Medical Service
AFMS Air Force Medical Service or Air Force Manpower Standards
AFMSA Air Force Medical Support Agency
AFNIC Air Force Network Integration Center
AFNOC Air Force Network Operations Center
AFNORTH Air Force North
AFNORTH Air Forces Northern
AFNSEPO AirForce National Security Emergency Preparedness Office
AFNWCA Air Force Nuclear Weapons and Counterproliferation Agency
AFO advance force operations
AFOE assault follow-on echelon
AFOG Air Force Operations Group
AFOQT Air Force Officer Qualifing Tese
AFOSI Air Force Office of Special Investigations
AFOSIMAN Air Force Office of Special Investigations manual
AFOTEC Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
AFPAA Air Force Public Affairs Agency
AFPAM Air Force pamphlet
AFPAM Air Force Pamphlet
AFPC Air Force Personnel Center
AFPC Air Force Personnel Center
AFPCA Air Force Pentagon Communications
AFPD Air Force policy directive
AFPD Air Force Policy Directive
AFPEO Air Force Program Executive Office
AFPET Air Force Petroleum Agency
AFPOA Air Force Personnel Operations Agency
AFR Air Force Reserve
AFRAT Air Force Radiation Assessment Team
AFRBA Air Force Boards Agency
AFRC Air Force Reserve Command
AFRC Air Force Reserve Command
AFRCC Air Force Rescue Coordination Center
AFRIMS Air Force Records Information Management System
AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory
AFRL Air Force Research Lab
AFROTC Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps
AFRPA Air Force Real Property Agency
AFRRI Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
AFRTS American Forces Radio and Television Service
AFS Air Force Station
AFSA Air Force Sergeants Association
AFSB afloat forward staging base
AFSB Afloat Forward Staging Base
AFSC Army field support brigade Army Field Support Center
AFSC Air Force Safety Center
AFSC Air Force Specialty Code
AFSC Air Force Systems Command
AFSCN Air Force Satellite Control Network
AFSFC Air Force Security Forces Center
AFSMO Air Force Spectrum Management Office
AFSO 21 Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century
AFSOAC Air Force special operations air component
AFSOAD Air Force special operations air detachment
AFSOAE Air Force special operations air element
AFSOC Air Force Special Operations Command
AFSOC Air Force Special Operations Command
AFSOF Air Force special operations forces
AFSOUTH Air Forces Southern
AFSPC Air Force Space Command
AFSPC Air Force Space Command
AFSTRAT Air Forces Strategic
AFSVA Air Forces Services Agency
AFT Towards the stern (tail) of a ship
AFT Alert Fire Team
AFTAC Air Force Technical Applications Center
AFTD Authorized Federal Travel Directory
AFTO Air Force Technical Order
AFTRANS Air Force Transportation Component
AFTTP Air Force tactics, techniques, and procedures
AFTTP(I) Air Force tactics, techniques, and procedures (instruction)
AFVA Air Force Visual Aids
AFVEC Air Force Virtual Education Center
AFW Air Force Weather
AFWA Air Force Weather Agency
AFWA Air Force Weather Agency
AG Aerographer's Mate
AG (TAG) Adjutant General (The)
AGE Aerospace Ground Equimpent
AGE Ranger An AGE Technician
AGILE Advanced Global Intelligence Learning Environment
AGL Above Ground Level
AGO Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation
AGOW Air Ground Operations Wing
AGS aviation ground support
AGS Aircraft Generation Squadron
AGSM Anti-G Straining Maneuver
AH attack helicopter
AHA alert holding area
AHA Ammunition Holding Area
AHD antihandling device
AI acquisition instruction
AI air interdiction
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIM Airborne Intercept Missile
AIMD aircraft intermediate maintenance department
AIMD 1st Naval Construction Division
AIMD Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (or Detachment)
AIMT air interdiction of maritime targets
AIP aeronautical information publication
AIPD Army Institute for Professional Development
Air Crew  Personnel that work on board any aircraft that can carry a crew
AIRCOR air corridor
AIRSUPREQ air support request
Airwolves HSM-46
AIS automated information system
AIS Automated Information System
AIT automated information technology
AIT automatic identification technology
AIT Advanced Individual Training
AJ anti-jam
AJA annual joint assessment
AJBPO area joint blood program office
AJD allied joint doctrine
AJODWG allied joint operations doctrine working group
AJP Allied joint publication
AK Aviation Storekeeper (outdated; merged into LS rating)
AKIA Enemy Killed in Action
AKRAOC Alaska Region Air Operations Center
ALARA as low as reasonably achievable
ALCF airlift control flight
ALCM air-launched cruise missile
ALCM Air Launched Cruise Missle
ALCOM United States Alaskan Command
ALCON All Concerned
ALCON All cConcerned
ALCT airlift control team
ALD available-to-load date
ALEP amphibious lift enhancement program
ALERTORD alert order
ALICE  All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment
ALL HANDS The entire ship’s company, both Officer and Enlisted
All Hands  Entire ship's personnel, including all officers and enlisted personnel
ALLOREQ allocation request
ALLOTMENT An amount of money a Sailor has coming out of regular pay
ALN ammunition lot number
ALNAV All Navy
ALO air liaison officer
ALO Air Liason Officer
ALOC air line of communications
ALP Allied logistic publication
Alphas Service Alpha uniform from the phonetic letter A
ALPO Assistant Lead Petty Officer
ALS Airman Leadership School
ALSA Air Land Sea Application (Center)
ALSE aviation life support equipment
ALSS advanced logistic support site
ALT acquisition, logistics, and technology
ALTRV altitude reservation
AM amplitude modulation
AM Aviation Structural Machanic
AMC Air Mobility Command
AMC Air Mobility Command
AMC airborne mission coordinator
AMC Air Mobility Command
AMC/SGXM Air Mobility Command/Command Surgeon’s Office
AMCC allied movement coordination center
AMCM airborne mine countermeasures
AMCT air mobility control team
AMD air and missile defense
AMD air mobility division
AMDC air and missile defense commander
AME Aviation Structural Mechanic - Environmental (Air Conditioning, Oxygen, and Ejection Seats), Aviation Mechanical Exception
AMedP allied medical publication
AMEMB American Embassy
AMETL agency mission-essential task list
AMEX American Express
AMH Aviation Structural Mechanic - Hydraulics
AMHS automated message handling system
AMJAMS Automated Militart Justice Analysis and Management System
AMLO air mobility liaison officer
AMMO Troop Munitions Systems Technician AMMO (U.S. Air Force)
AMMRL Aviation Maintenance Material Readiness List
AMMS Airborn Missle Maintenance Squadron Missle Badge
Amn Airman
AMO Assistant Maintenance Officer
AMOC Air and Marine Operations Center (DHS)
AMOG air mobility operations group
AMOS air mobility operations squadron
AMOW air mobility operations wing
AMP analysis of mobility platform
AMP-PAT analysis of mobility platform suite of port analysis tools
AMS Aerial Measuring System (DOE)
AMS air mobility squadron
AMS Asset Management System
AMS Aviation Structural Mechanic - Structures
AMS Academy of Military Science
AMS-TAC Automated Manifesting System–Tactical
AMT aerial mail terminal
AMT Aircraft Metals Technology
AMTRAC  amphibious tractor. Also referred to as "Tracks."
amu atomic mass unit
AMU Aircraft Maintenance Unit
AMW Air Mobility Wing
AMX air mobility express
AMXG Aircraft Maintenance Group
AMXS Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
AMXS Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
AN Airman
AN/VRC Army Navy vehicle radio communications
ANG Air National Guard
ANG Air National Guard
ANGLICO air-naval gunfire liaison company
ANGLICO  Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
ANR Alaskan North American Aerospace Defense Command Region
ANR Alaskan NORAD Region
ANSI American National Standards Institute
Ant Farm  area of an encampment where the radio antennae are placed
ANZUS Australia-New Zealand-United States Treaty
AO action officer
AO air officer
AO area of operations
AO Authorizing Official
AO Area of Operations
AO Aviation Ordnanceman
AO Authorized Outage
AOA amphibious objective area
AOC air operations center
AOC Air and Space Operations Center
AOD air operations directive
AODB air operations database
AOE Fast Combat Support-Supply ship, operated by Military Sealift Command (US Merchant Marines)
AOF azimuth of fire
AOG Army Operations Group
AOG Aircraft On Ground
AOI area of interest
AOL Absent Over Leave
AOR area of responsibility
AOS aircraft on station
AOTR Aviation Operational Threat Response
AOW Auxilliaryman of the Watch
AP allied publication
AP antipersonnel
AP Armed Forces Pacific
AP Armor-Piercing
AP Air Police (Obsolete term; see SF)
APAN All Partners Access Network
APC Agency Program Coordinator
APC Armored Personnel Carrier
APE airfield pavement evaluation
APEX Adaptive Planning and Execution
APF afloat pre-positioning force
APFSDS Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot
APG Advanced Pay Grade
APG Opportunity to advance to a higher pay grade based on previously obtained experience
APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA)
APL antipersonnel land mine
APO Army post office
APO Army Post Office; See Also FPO
APOD aerial port of debarkation
APOE aerial port of embarkation
APP allied procedural publication
APPN Appropriation Number (U.S. Military)
APRT Army Physical Readiness Test (U.S. Army)
APS Army pre-positioned stocks
APS-3 Army pre-positioned stocks-3
APTD aircraft position target designation
APU auxiliary power unit
AR air refueling
AR Army regulation
AR Airman Recruit
ARC air Reserve Components
ARC American Red Cross
ARCENT United States Army Central Command
ARCENT/TUSA US Army Forces Central Command (CENTCOM)/Hq Third US Army (TUSA)
ARCT air refueling control team
ARDEC United States Army Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center
ARFOR Army Forces Accident Response Group (DOE)
ARG amphibious ready group
Argonauts VFA-147
ARI Alcohol Related Incident
ARM air reference measure
ARM anti-radiation missile
ARM Anti-Radar Missile
ARM Anti-Radiation Missile
ARMS Automated Recruit Management System
ARMS Aviation Resource Management System
Army gloves  An individual's hands being inside his or her pockets
ARMY  Ain't Ready to be a Marine Yet
ARNG Army National Guard
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (preceededDARPA)
ARRS Afloat Readiness Reporting System
ARRS Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron (Obsolete Term)
ARS acute radiation syndrome
ARS Air Rescue Squadron (Obsolete Term; see RQS)
ARSOF Army special operations forces
ART Alarm Response Team
ART AEF (Air Expenditionary Force) Reporting Tool
ART Armed or Alarm Response Team
ARTYMET artillery meteorological
ARVN Army of the Repblic of (South) Vietnam
ARW Air Refueling Wing
AS Aviation Support Equipment Technician
AS Air Station
AS Airlift Squadron
As You Were  order to disregard the immediately preceding order
ASA(ALT) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
ASAFA United States Air Force Academy
ASAP as soon as possible
ASAP Army Substance Abuse Program
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ASAT antisatellite weapon
ASAU Air Search and Attack Unit
ASBC Air and Space Basic Course
ASBP Armed Services Blood Program
ASBPO Armed Services Blood Program Office
ASC Army Sustainment Command
ASCC Army Service component command
ASCC Army Service component commander
ASCM Anti-Ship C Missile
ASCOPE areas, structures, capabilities, organizations, people, and events
ASCS air support control section
ASCS air support coordination section
ASD(GSA) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs
ASD(HA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs)
ASD(HD&ASA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs)
ASD(HD&GS) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Homeland Defense and Global Security)
ASD(L&MR) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Materiel Readiness
ASD(NII) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration)
ASD(OEPP) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs
ASD(PA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)
ASD(RA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs)
ASD(S&R) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Strategy and Requirements)
ASD(SO/LIC&IC) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict and Interdependent Capabilities
ASD(SO/LIC) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict
ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations
ASG Allied System for Geospatial Intelligence
ASI Authorized Service Interruption
Asiatic eccentric behavior after serving too long in the Far East
ASIC Air and Space Interoperability Council
ASLT air support liaison team
ASLT Army Spectrum Manager ASMO Army Spectrum Management Office
ASLT assault support landing table ASM air-to-surface missile
ASM Air-to-Surface Missile
ASN(RD&A) Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition
ASOC air support operations center
ASOG air support operations group
ASOS air support operations squadron
ASP ammunition supply point
ASP  Ammunition Supply Point
A-Space Analytic Space
ASPR Office of Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (DHHS)
ASR air support request
ASR Airport Survelliance Radar
ASTB Aviation Selection Test Battery
A-STRIKE Assistant STRIKE Operations Officer (Carrier Scheduler/Planner)
ASUW Anti-Surface Warfare
ASV Anti-Surface Vessel (Airborne Radar)
ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
ASVAB Test administered by the military to determine qualification for enlistment in the Armed Forces
ASVAB waiver  inability to pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
ASW antisubmarine warfare
ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare
ASW Auxiliary
ASWC antisubmarine warfare commander
ASWO Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer
AT antiterrorism
AT Annual Training (US Navy Reserve, type of active duty orders, typically less than 30 days)
AT Aviation Electronics Technician
ATA antiterrorism assistance
ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System
ATAG Assistant to the Adjuctant General
ATC air traffic control
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATC Air Training Corps
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATC Air Training Command
ATCALS Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems
ATCM air traffic control measure
ATCS air traffic control section
ATEP Antiterrorism Enterprise Portal
ATF amphibious task force
ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (DOJ)
ATG Southeast Regional Maintenance Center, Mayport, FL
ATI asset target interaction
ATM Automated Teller Machine
AtN attack the network
ATO air tasking order
ATO antiterrorism officer
ATO Air Tasking Order
ATO Antiterrorism Officer
ATO Aint-Terrorism Officer
ATO Air Tasking Order
ATOC air terminal operations center
ATP advanced targeting pod
ATP allied tactical publication
ATP Army tactical publication
ATP Army technical publication
ATP Army techniques publication
ATRRS Army Training Requirements and Resources System
ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (DHHS)
ATTP Army tactics, techniques, and procedures
AU African Union
AU Air University
AU-ABC Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative
AUF airborne use of force
AUSCANNZUKUS Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States
AUTEC Atantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center
AUXO Auxilliaries Officer
AV asset visibility
AVC Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance (DOS)
AVCAL aviation consolidated allowance list
AVCM Master Chief Avionics Technician
AVGAS aviation gasoline
AVGAS Aviation Gasoline
AVIATION BOATSWAIN'S MATE Aviation Boatswain’s Mates (AB) work with all aspects of naval aircraft from aircraft launch and recovery (ABE) to aircraft fueling (ABF) to aircraft handling (ABH)
AVL anti-vehicle land mine
AVS asset validation system
AW Airlift Wing
AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System
AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System
AWACS A War Against Common Sense
AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System (on E-3 Sentry aircraft)
AWC Air War College
AWCS Assistant Work Center Supervisor
AWG Asymmetric Warfare Group (Army)
AWNIS Allied Worldwide Navigational Information System
AWOL absent without leave
AWOL Absent Without Leave
AWOL Absent Without Leave
AWP Awaiting Parts
AWSTS Corpus Christi, TX
AXO abandoned explosive ordnance
AYE,AYE Response acknowledging the understanding of a command/statement
Aye-Aye  I understand the orders I have received and will carry them out
AYPG Sarcastic way of saying you're not authorized to receive certain information
AZ Aviation Maintenance Administrationman
B Airbase
B/N Bombardier/Navigator; NFO in A-3B Skywarrior, A-5A Vigilante and A-6 Intruder attack aircraft
Back on the Block  Behaving like a civilian.
BAE brigade aviation element
Bag Nasty A-ration brown-bag meal issued to Marines
BAH Basic Allowance for Housing
BAH basic allowance for housing
BAH Basic Allowance for Housing
BAH Basic Allowance for Housing
BAH Basic Allowance for Housing
BALO battalion air liaison officer
BALS berthing and loading schedule
BAM Bad A** Marine
BAMCIS Begin planning Arrange Recon Make the plan Complete the plan Issue the order Supervise (US Marine Corps)
BAMCIS  Begin planning, Arrange recon, Make recon, Complete planning, Issue orders, Supervise
BAQ Basic Allowance for Quarters
BAQ Basic Allowance Quarters
BAQ Bachelor Airman Quarters
BAR Browning Automatic Rifle
Barney-style  Perform strictly according to regulation; idiot proof
BARRACKS A building where Sailors live when ashore
Barracks Bunny  Female Marines are rumored to sleep around in the barracks
Barracks Cover  cap worn with the service uniform & white with the dress uniform
Barracks Rat  one who stays in the barracks instead of going into town
Barracks  on base housing for Marines
BAS basic allowance for subsistence
BAS Basic Allowance for Substitence
BAS  Battalion Aid Station
BASH Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard
Battery Operated Grunt  combat radio operator
Battle Blaze  1st & 2nd Division insignias commemorating Battle of Guadalcanal service
Battle Cats HSL-43
Battle Pin  tie clasp or tie tack
BAU Behavioural Analysis Unit
BB Battleship
BB Counter  Marine handling, storage, issue of ordnance.
bbl barrel (42 US gallons)
BCA border crossing authority
BCC battle control center
BCD battlefield coordination detachment (Army)
BCD Bad Conduct Discharge (aka Big Chicken Dinner)
BCD Battlefield Coordination Detachment
BCD Bad Conduct Discharge (also colloquially known as "Big Chicken Dinner")
BCD  Bad Conduct Discharge
BCG beach control group
BCG Birth Control Glasses (Slang)
BCGs military issue glasses
BCGs Birth Control Glasses
BCL battlefield coordination line
BCM Beyond Capable Maintenance; Equipment status that indicates the item cannot be repaired and must be sent out for rework or disposed
BCOC base cluster operations center
BCOT Basic Communications Officer Training
BCT brigade combat team
BCT Basic Combat Training (U.S. Army)
BCT Brigade Combat Team
BD barge derrick
BDA battle damage assessment
BDAREP battle damage assessment report
BDC blood donor center
BDE brigade
BDE Brigade
BDF Barbados Defense Force (Barbados)
BDOC base defense operations center
BDOC Basic Defense Operations Center
BDR battle damage repair
BDU Battle Dress Uniform
BDU Battle Dress Uniform
BDZ base defense zone
BE basic encyclopedia
Be Beriev (Russian)
BEA Budget Execution Authority
Beans, Bullets, and Band-Aids  basic military supplies
BEAR base expeditionary airfield resources
BEAR basic expeditionary airfield resources
Bear Aces VAW-125
BEB brigade engineer battalion
Beer Garden  social area permitting the consumption of alcohol
BEI biometrics-enabled intelligence
Belay  cancel an order; to stop; to firmly secure a line.
BELOW Downstairs, like the next deck below
Below Decks  area below the surface (deck) of a ship.
BEQ Bachelor Enlisted Quarters
BEQ  Bachelor Enlisted Quarters: usually a barracks.
BESS Basic Enlisted Submarine School
BEWL biometric-enabled watch list
BFM Basic Fighter Maneuvers
BFT Blue Force Tracker
BFT Blue Force Tracking
BG Bodyguard
BGHR By God He's Right
BI battle injury
BIA behavioral influences analysis
BIAR biometric intelligence analysis report
BIAS Battlefield Illumination Assistance System
BICES battlefield information collection and exploitation system (NATO)
BICON double container
BIFS Border Intelligence Fusion Section
Big Green Weenie  Marine has been "screwed over" or cheated by the Marine Corps.
Big Red VPU-1
BII base information infrastructure
BIMA Biometrics Identity Management Agency
Binnacle List  sick list: those excused from duty for health reasons
Bird, Ball & Fish Hook  derogatory term used to describe the Marine Corps Emblem.
BIS Bureau of Industry and Security (DOC)
BIT BystanderIntervention Training
BITC Base Information Transfer Center
BITS Base Information Transfer System
BJOQ Blue Jacket of the Quarter
BJOY Blue Jacket of the Year
BKB blue kill box
Black Aces VFA-41
Black Eagles VAW-113
Black Knights HS-4
Black Knights VFA-154
Black Lions Commander, Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing, Atlantic Fleet
Black Ravens (Expeditionary) VAQ-135
Blackhawks HS-3
Blackjacks HSC-21
BLACKSHOE Non-aviation rate for Enlisted personnel as well as Officers; A “shoe” is a ship driver/Surface Warfare Officer
Blanket Party  Assault where victim's head is covered so the perpetrators can't be id'd
BLCP beach lighterage control point
BLM Bureau of Land Management
Blood stripe  Red band symbolizing blood shed by Marines during the Battle of Chapultepec
Blooper  Grenade launcher
BLOS beyond line-of-sight
Blousing Garters  Correct name for "boot bands."
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics
BLT battalion landing team
BLT  Battalion Landing Team
Blue Blasters VFA-37
Blue Diamonds VFA-146
BLUE NOSE A Sailor who has crossed either the Arctic or Antarctic Circle; Also applies to Officers
Blues or Dress Blues  Marine Blue Dress uniform
Bluetails VAW-123
BLUF Bottom Line Up Front
BLUF Bottom Line Up Front
BLUF  Formation - Bottom Line Up Front
BM ballistic missile
BM beach module
BM Boatswain's Mate
BMCT begin morning civil twilight
BMD ballistic missile defense
BMDS ballistic missile defense system
BMET biomedical electronics technician
BMNT begin morning nautical twilight
BMNT Begin Morning Nautical Twilight
BMOW Boatswain's Mate of the Watch
BMT Basic Military Training
BMT Initial instruction given to new military personnel
BMT Basic Military Training
BMU beachmaster unit
BN battalion
BN Battalion
Bn  battalion
BOA Bank of America
BOA basic ordering agreement
BOATSWAIN'S MATE The oldest rating in the Navy, Boatswain's Mates (BM) are "jack-of-all-trades" Sailors who perform general seamanship duties on board Navy ships
BOC bomb on coordinate
BOG beach operations group
BOHICA Bend Over Here It Comes Again (Slang)
BOHICA Bend Over Here It Comes Again
BOHICA Bend Over, Here it Comes Again
BOL Bupers Online
BONE Nickname for the B-1 Lancer, as in B-One"
boondoggle  trip that serves no purpose
Boot Bands  elastic bands or metal springs rolled into the hem of the trousers
boot camp  training hub for new Marines
Boot  A term for Marines who are new to the Marine Corps
Boots and Utes  utility uniform without the normal uniform blouse, typically used for PT.
BOQ Bachelor Office's Quarters
BOQ Bachelor Officer Quarters
BOQ  Bachelor Officer Quarters: housing for single Marine officers.
BOS base operating support
BOS Base Operating Support
BOS-I base operating support-integrator
BOSS base operating support service
BOT bomb on target
BOT Basic Officer Training
Bounty Hunter VFA-2
BOW The forward part of a ship or boat
Box Nasty A sandwich & snack meal in a cardboard box handed out for long flights
Box-kicker  Marine who works in supply
BP battle position
BPA blanket purchase agreement
BPC building partnership capacity
BPG beach party group
BPLAN base plan
bps bits per second
BPT beach party team
BPZ Below Primary Zone
BQ Bachelor Quarters
BRAC Base Realignment and Closure
BRAC Base Realignment and Closure
BRAC Base Realignment and Closure
BRACE Base Resource and Capability Estimator
Brain Bucket  Helmet
Brain Strap  Elastic strap used for securing eyeglasses
Brain-housing Group  Marine's head or skull
brass  senior officers
brass  shell casings
brass  uniform insignia
BRASS  USMC shooting technique: Breathe, Relax, Aim, Slack, Squeeze
BRAT Born Raised And Transferred (dependent children of military personnel)
BRAT British RegimentAttachedTraveler (British military usage,"child that travels with a soldier"
brat  service member's child
Break-off Session  extraordinarily strenuous or tiring physical activity
Brig Gen Brigadier General
Brig Rat  Marine who has served much brig time
Brig  Military prison on ship or ashore.
BRIGHTWORK Brass or shiny metal kept polished rather than painted
Brightwork  shiny metal that Marines must polish
BRM Base Records Manager
Broadarrows Commander, Carrier Airborne Early Warning Wing, Atlantic Fleet
Broke  Feeling severe fatigue
Broke-d**k  one who does not perform up to standards
Brown-bagger  Marines (usually married) who live off base
BROWNSHOE Aviation personnel
BS Battle Stations
BS On board ship, a location and conditions to respond to when under attack or experiencing an emergency such as a fire
BS The final test at Boot Camp that determines the passage to becoming a US Navy Sailor
BS Bomb Squadron
BSA beach support area
BSA brigade support area
BSA Basic Surface Attack
BSB brigade support battalion
BSC behavioral science consultant
BSI base support installation
BSRP bureau strategic resource plan
BSZ base security zone
BT bathythermograph
BT Boiler Technician
BTB believed-to-be
BTC blood transshipment center
BTU beach termination unit
BTWC Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention
BTZ Below the zone
BU Builder
BUB Battle Update Brief
BUD/S A SEAL training course that develops mental and physical stamina as well as leadership skills
BUD/S Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL
Buddy-f**ker one who disregards a team-member's welfare
BUFF Big Ugly Fat F------ (Slang Nickname for Boeing B-52 Stratofortress)
Bug Juice  insect repellent
BULKHEAD The wall of a ship
Bulkhead  wall of ship
Bulls VFA-81
Bum Scoop  bad information
BUMED Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
BUOY An anchored float used as an aid to navigation or to mark the location of an object
BUPERS Bureau of Naval Personnel
BUPERS Organization served to provide administrative leadership, policy planning and general oversight of the Navy
Burning Man  Marine who is scorched by hot gun casings
Bus Driver  Air Force pilot
BUSANDA Bureau of Supplies and Accounts
Busted  Reduced in rank.
Butt Pack  Small pack fastened to the waist in the back
Butter Bar  Second Lieutenant
BUWEPS Bureau of Naval Weapons
BVR beyond visual range
BVR Beyond Visual Range
BW biological warfare
BW Bomb Wing
BWC Biological Weapons Convention
BX Base Exchange
BX Base Exchange
BX Base Exchange (see AAFES)
BZ buffer zone
BZ spoken "Bravo Zulu", meaning "congratulations, job well done"
BZ Bravo Zulu (Meaning Well Done)
BZO  Battle Sight Zero (calibrated gunsight settings)
C Celsius
C & S  Clean & Sober
C&E communications and electronics
C&LAT cargo and loading analysis table
C1 Command
C2 command and control
C2 Command and Control
C2 Command and Control
C2CRE command and control chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear response element
C2S command and control support
C-2X coalition Intelligence Directorate counterintelligence and human intelligence staff element
C3 command, control, and communications
C3 Command Control and Communication
C3I command, control, communications, and intelligence
C4I command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
C4IR Command Control Communication Computers Intelligence and Recognition
C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Compputers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
C4S command, control, communications, and computer systems
CA Certification Authority
CA chaplain assistant
CA civil administration
CA civil affairs
CA combat assessment
CA coordinating altitude
CA credibility assessment
CA criticality assessment
CA Construction Apprentice
CA Heavy Cruiser (Outdated)
CA Combat Arms
CAA combat aviation advisors
CAA command arrangement agreement
CAAF contractors authorized to accompany the force
CAB commander’s assessment board
CAC common access card
CAC Common Access Card (U.S. DoD, pron. "cac")
CACO  Casualty Assistance Calls/Counseling Officer
CACOM civil affairs command
CAD Canadian air division
CAD contract administration delegation
Cadillacs  boots
CADS containerized ammunition distribution system
CAF Canadian Air Force
CAF combat air forces
CAF commander, airborne/air assault force
CAF commander, amphibious force
CAF Conflict Assessment Framework (USAID)
CAF Combat Air Force
CAFSC Control Air Force Specialty Code
CAG Civil Affairs Group
CAG Civil Affairs Group. Military members assigned to assist civilian governments with restoring infrastructure
CAG Commander, Air Group
CAG Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser
CAGE Commercial and Government Entity
CAGO Contractor-Acquired, Government-Owned
CAI Computer Aided Instruction
CAIS civil authority information support
CAISE civil authority information support element
CAL caliber
CAL critical asset list
CALCM conventional air-launched cruise missile
CALICS communication, authentication, location, intentions, condition, and situation
CALL Center for Army Lessons Learned
Call Out  challenge a person
Cammies  camouflage utility uniform
CAMOC Caribbean Air and Marine Operations Center
Camp Living Room  duty station after discharge; civilian life
Campaign Cover  green campaign hat worn by drill instructors and rifle range personnel
CAMPS Consolidated Air Mobility Planning System
CAMS Core Automated Maintenance System
CAN Computer Network Attack
Cannon Cocker  artilleryman
Cannon Fodder  Marines regarded as expendable
Canoe U.  nickname for US Naval Academy
CANR Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command Region
CANUS Canada-United States
CANUS BDD Canada-United States Basic Defense Document
CAO chief administrative officer
CAO civil affairs operations
CAO controlled asset operation
CAOC combined air operations center
CAOC Combined Air and Space Operations Center
CAP Civil Air Patrol
CAP civil augmentation program
CAP combat air patrol
CAP Civil Air Patrol
CAPI Cryptographic Application Programming Interface
CAPM credibility assessment program manager
CAPT civil affairs planning team
Capt Captain (USMC, US Army, USAF O-3)
CAPT Captain
Capt Captain
Captain's Mast  Office Hours afloat
CAR  Combat Action Ribbon
CARA chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives analytical and remediation activity
CARE Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere(CAREUSA)
CARP computed air release point
CARRY ON An order to resume work or duties
Carry On  order to continue after being interrupted
CARVER criticality, accessibility, recuperability, vulnerability, effect, and recognizability
CAS close air support
CAS Close Air Support
CAS Close Air Support
CAS  Close Air Support
CASEVAC casualty evacuation
CASEVAC Casualty Evacuation
CASEVAC  Casualty Evacuation
CASF contingency aeromedical staging facility
CAST Combat Airman Skills Training
CAST OFF To throw off, to let go, to unfurl
Casual Company  Marines awaiting discharge, training or deployment to a unit
CAT category
CAT civil affairs team
CAT crisis action team
CAT Combat Application Tourniquets
CAT Camper Alert Team (Security Forces, Missle Field Security)
CAT Crisis Action Team
CATF commander, amphibious task force
CATM Combat Arms Training and Maintenance
CAX  Combined Arms Exercise
CB Construction Battalion (Seabees) The Navy community of construction workers
CBA Centrally Billed Account
CBCA Civilian Board of Contract Appeals
CBCP Customs and Border Clearance Program (DOD)
CBCS Combat Communications Squadron
CBG coalition building guide
CBIRF Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force
CBMC Communications Battlespace Management Course
CBMU construction battalion maintenance unit
CBP capabilities-based planning
CBP Customs and Border Protection (DHS)
CBR chemical, biological, and radiological
CBRN chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear
CBRN Chemical Boilogical Radiological Nuclear
CBRN  Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear
CBRNE chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives
CBRNE Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High Yield Explosives
CBSA Canadian Border Services Agency
CbT combating terrorism
CBT Computer Based Training
CBT Computer Based Training
CBU Cluster Bomb Unit
CC component commander
CC critical capability
CC Commander
CCA close combat attack
CCA combat cargo assistant
CCA contract construction agent
CCAF Community Colege of the Air Force
CCAS contingency contract administration services
CCB configuration control board
CCC coalition coordination center
CCD camouflage, concealment, and deception
CCDB consolidated counterdrug database
CCDR combatant commander
CCE Executive Order
CCEB Combined Communications-Electronics Board
CCF First Sergeant
CCG combat communications group
CCG Conuty Cost Group
CCICA command counterintelligence coordinating authority
CCIF Combatant Commander Initiative Fund
CCIP continuously computed impact point
CCIP Continually Calculated Impact Point
CCIR commander’s critical information requirement
CCIR Commanders Critical Information Requirements
CCLI commerce control list item
CCMD combatant command
CCO central control officer
CCO combat cargo officer
CCO container control officer
CCO contingency contracting officer
CCP casualty collection point
CCP consolidated cryptologic program
CCP consolidation and containerization point
CCP Contract City Pair
CCP Casualty Collection Point
CCR closed circuit refueling
CCRP Contiually Calculated Release Point
CCS central control ship
CCS commander’s communication synchronization
CCS core capability set
C-CS communication and computer systems
CCT combat control team
CCT Combat Control
CCTV closed circuit television
CCU  Correctional Custody Unit
CCV Charge Card Vendor
CCW 1980 United Nations Convention on Conventional Weapons
CD compact disc
CD counterdrug
CD customer direct
CD Deputy Commander
CDAT Computerized Dumb A** Tanker (M1 Abrams Crewmen)
C-Day The unnamed day on which a deployment operation begins or is to begin
CDB Career Development Board
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (DHHS)
CDC Central Data Center
CDC Career Development Course
CDD chemical decontamination detachment
CDE collateral damage estimation
CDEMA Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency
CDHAM Center for Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine
CDI cargo disposition instructions
CDIAC Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
CDIP combined defense improvement project
CDIPO counterdrug intelligence preparation for operations
CDM collateral damage methodology
CDO commander, detainee operations
CDO Command Duty Officer
CDOPS counterdrug operations
CDP Combined Defense Plan
CDP commander’s dissemination policy
CDR commander
CDR Commander
CDR Navy Senior Officer Rank (0–5)
CDRAFNORTH Commander, Air Force North
CDRAFSOF Commander, Air Force special operations forces
CDRJSOTF Commander, joint special operations task force
CDRL Contract Data Requirement List
CDRNORAD Commander, North American Aerospace Defense Command
CDRTSOC Commander, theater special operations command
CDRUSAFRICOM Commander, United States Africa Command
CDRUSARNORTH Commander, United States Army, North
CDRUSCENTCOM Commander, United States Central Command
CDRUSCYBERCOM Commander, United States Cyber Command
CDRUSELEMNORAD Commander, United States Element, North American Aerospace Defense Command
CDRUSEUCOM Commander, United States European Command
CDRUSNORTHCOM Commander, United States Northern Command
CDRUSPACOM Commander, United States Pacific Command
CDRUSPACOM Commander United States Pacific Command
CDRUSSOCOM Commander, United States Special Operations Command
CDRUSSOUTHCOM Commander, United States Southern Command
CDRUSSTRATCOM Commander, United States Strategic Command
CDRUSTRANSCOM Commander, United States Transportation Command
CDS Centralized Disbursing System
CDS Chief of Defence Staff (Canada)
CDS container delivery system
CDSO counterdrug support office
CDW Collision Damage Waiver
CE circular error
CE command element (USMC)
CE communications-electronics
CE core element
CE counterespionage
CE critical element
CE Construction Electrician's Mate
CE Civil Engineering
C-E communications-electronics
CEA captured enemy ammunition
CEB combat engineer battalion
CEC civil engineer corps
CEC Civil Engineer Corps
CEC Cooperative Engagement Capability
CEC Officer corps that oversees the construction, renovation, maintenance and building of Navy projects all over the world
CECOM communications-electronics command
CEE captured enemy equipment
CEFT Corporate Electronic Funds Transfer
CEG Combat Evaluation Group
CEHC Counter Explosive Hazards Center (Army)
CELLEX cellular exploitation
CEM Chief Enlisted Manager
CEMIRT civil engineer maintenance, inspection, and repair team
CENTCOM Central Command
CENTRIXS Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System
CEOI communications-electronics operating instructions
CEP Chairman’s Exercise Program
CERF Central Emergency Revolving Fund (UN)
CERFP chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives enhanced response force package
CERP Commanders’ Emergency Response Program
CERT computer emergency response team
CERT contingency engineering response team
CES Consumer Expenditure Survey
CES Civil Engineering Squadron
CEVG Combat Evaluation Group
CEW civilian expeditionary workforce
CEXC combined explosives exploitation cell
CF carrier furnished
CF causeway ferry
CF conventional forces
CF Charlie Foxtrot, Polite form of "Cluster F*ck"
CFA critical factors analysis
CFACC combined force air component commander
CFB Canadian forces base
CFC Combined Forces Command, Korea
CF-COP counterfire common operational picture
CFEPT Career Field Eductation and Training Plan
CFL coordinated fire line
CFLCC coalition forces land component commander
CFO chief financial officer
CFP Communications Focal Point
CFPM causeway ferry power module
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFR Crash Fire Rescue
CFST coalition forces support team
CFT Cockpit Familarization Trainer
CG Coast Guard
CG commanding general
CG Guided Missile Cruiser
CG-652 Coast Guard Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Policy Division
CGCG Coast Guard Cryptologic Group
CGCIS Coast Guard Counterintelligence Service
CGDEFOR Coast Guard defense force
CGI Common Gateway Interface
CGIS United States Coast Guard Investigative Service
CGN Guided Missile Cruiser, Nuclear Powered (outdated)
CGO Company Grade Officer
CGOC Company Grade Officers' Council
CGP Coast Guard publication
CGTTP Coast Guard tactics, techniques, and procedures
CH contingency hospital
CH Cunt Hair (A Unit of Measurement)
CHAIN LCOKER Compartment in which anchor chain is stowed
Chair Force  Derogatory term for the US Air Force.
Chairborne Ranger  Someone who works in an office, (play on airborne)
Chargers HS-14
Chargers HSC-28
Charlie Bravo Cut-Back, or being released early from duty
Charlie Foxtrot Cluster F*ck
Charlies Service "C" uniform
Chaser  Marine assigned prisoner escort duties for a single prisoner or detail of prisoners
CHB cargo-handling battalion
CHC Chief of the Chaplains of the United States Navy
CHCSS Chief, Central Security Service
CHD counterintelligence and human intelligence detachment
CHE cargo-handling equipment
CHE container handling equipment
Check Fire  Stop firing order, due to a safety condition, possible error or mistarget
CHENG Chief Engineer (Surface Only)
Chest Candy  ribbons and medals on a Marine's uniform
chevron  symbols of enlisted ranks above private
Chief Chief Warrant Officer
Chief Proper term of address for Chief Master Sergeant
Chief Used by pilots to informally refer to maintenance personnel, specifically "Crew Chiefs."
China Marines  Marines from the 4th Marine Rgt stationed in Shanghai, China during 1927
Chinese Field Day  field day where every item from a room is removed for cleaning
CHIT Forms used to request taking leave, a day off, etc.
CHIT BOOK Coupon or receipt booklet
Chit  voucher, receipt, letter, or note, entitling the bearer to special treatment
CHMC Chaplain of the United States Marine Corps (always a Navy flag officer)
CHOW HALL (MESS DECK) A place to eat
CHRP contaminated human remains pouch
CHU Containerized Housing Unit
CI civilian internee
CI counterintelligence
CI Counterintelligence, Compliance Inspection
CI/KR critical infrastructure and key resources
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIAP Central Intelligence Agency program
CIB combined information bureau
CIB controlled image base
CIB Combat Infantry Badge
CIC combat information center
CIC Command Intelligence Center
CIC Combat Information Center
CICA counterintelligence coordinating authority
CICO Combat Information Center Officer
CICR counterintelligence collection requirement
CID combat identification
CID  Criminal Investigation Division
CIDNE Combined Information Data Network Exchange
CIE collaborative information environment
CIE cultural intelligence element
CIEA classification, identification, and engagement area
C-IED counter-improvised explosive device
CIF  Consolidated Issue Facility
CIFA counterintelligence field activity
CIL command information library
CIL critical information list
CIL critical item list
CIM civil information management
CIM compartmented information management
CIMIC civil-military cooperation
CIN cargo increment number
CINCLANT Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Forces
CINCPAC Commander-in-chief, Pacific Forces
CIO chief information officer
CIO command intelligence officer
CIOC counterintelligence operations cell
CIOTA counterintelligence operational tasking authority
CIP critical infrastructure protection
CIR Change Implementation Request
CIS common item support
CIS CASREP Information System
CISAR catastrophic incident search and rescue
CISD critical incident stress debriefing
CISM Close in Security Mobile
CISO counterintelligence staff office
CITE computer intrusion technical exploitation
CITP counter-improvised explosive device targeting program
CIVLANT Civilian Life as defined by Atlantic Fleet personnel
CIVMAR civil service mariner
CIVPAC Civilian Life as defined by Pacific Fleet personnel
CIVPOL civilian police
Civvies  Civilian clothing
CIWS Close-In Weapon System
CIWS Close-In Weapon System
CJ-4 combined-joint logistics officer
CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJCSI Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff instruction
CJCSM Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff manual
CJDA critical joint duty assignment
CJE component joint data networks operations officer equivalent
CJEODC combined joint explosive ordnance disposal cell
CJFC combined joint force commander
CJLOTS combined joint logistics over-the-shore
CJMAB Central Joint Mortuary Affairs Board
CJOC Canada Joint Operations Command
CJOTUS Chief Justice of the United States
CJSART Criminal Justice Sector Assessment Rating Tool
CJSMPT Coalition Joint Spectrum Management Planning Tool
CJTF combined joint task force (NATO)
CJTF commander, joint task force
C-JWICS Containerized Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
CL coordination level
CLA landing craft, air cushion launch area
Class As  Service Alpha uniform from the phonetic letter A
Class Six BX-Administered store where beer, wine & liquor is sold at a discounted price with no sales tax
CLASSRON class squadron
CLB combat logistics battalion
CLDP Commercial Law Development Program
CLF combat logistics force
CLF commander, landing force
CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
CLP  Cleaner, Lubricant, Preservative
CLPSB combatant commander logistic procurement support board
CLR combat logistics regiment
CLS contractor logistic support
CLT civil liaison team
Cluster f*ck  Chaotic situation from multiple mistakes or problems in rapid succession
CLZ cushion landing zone
CLZ landing craft, air cushion landing zone
cm centimeter
CM Chairman’s memorandum
CM collection manager
CM combination module
CM countermine
CM cruise missile
CM Construction Mechanic
CM EOR engage on remote
CMA collection management authority
CMAA cooperative military airlift agreement
CMAOC Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Center
CMASF Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
CMAT consequence management advisory team
CMC Commandant of the Marine Corps
CMC Office of Civilian-Military Cooperation (USAID)
CMC Commandant of the Marine Corps or Chaplain of the Marine Corps or Command Master Chief
CMC  Commandant of the Marine Corps
CMCB civil-military coordination board
CMCC combined movement coordination center
CMD cruise missile defense
CMDCM Command Master Chief
CMDCS Command Senior Chief
CMDO command military deception officer
CMDS Computer Misuse Detection System
CME civil-military engagement
CMM Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation (USAID)
CMMA collection management mission application
CMO civil-military operations
CMO collection management office(r)
CMO Chief Medical Officer (term for senior medical officer at Military Entrance Processing Station)
CMO Civil Military Operations
CMOC cargo movement operations center
CMOC civil-military operations center
CMOS cargo movement operations system
CMOS Cargo Movement Operations System (USAF)
CMP contractor management plan
CMPF Commander, Maritime Pre-positioning Force
CMSE Civil-Military Support Element
CMSgt Chief Master Sergeant
CMSgt Chief Master Sergeant
CMS-ID Career Management System-Interactive Detailing
CMST consequence management support team
CN Common Name
CN Constructionman
C-NAF component numbered air force
CNATRA Chief of Naval Air Training
CNAVRES Chief of Navy Reserve
CNBG commander, naval beach group
CNC Crime and Narcotics Center (CIA)
CNCI Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative
CND Computer Network Defense
CND Could not Duplicate
CNE computer network exploitation
CNET Command Naval Education and Training
CNGB Chief, National Guard Bureau
CNIC Commander, Navy Installations Command
CNM classified notice to mariners
CNMI Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
CNMOC Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
CNO Chief of Naval Operations
CNO Chief of Naval Operations
CNO The highest ranking Officer in the US Navy
CNO Computer Network Operations
CNR combat net radio
CNT Counter Narco-Terror
CNWDI critical nuclear weapons design information
CO Certifying Officer
CO commanding officer
CO cyberspace operations
CO Commanding Officer
CO A commissioned Navy Officer in charge of a designated Navy command
CO Commanding Officer
COA course of action
COA Course of Action
Coa Course of Action
COB contingency operating base
COB Chief of the Boat (traditionally found only on submarines; pronounced "cob")
COB  Close Of Business; or Close Order Battle
CoC Code of Conduct
COC combat operations center
COC  Combat Operations Center
COCO contractor-owned, contractor-operated
COCOM combatant command (command authority)
COD carrier onboard delivery
COD combat operations division
COD Carrier Onboard Delivery
CODELS Congressional Delegations
COE common operating environment
COE concept of employment
COEDMHA Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (USPACOM)
COF chief of fires
COF conduct of fire
COG center of gravity
COG continuity of government
COG  Corporal Of the Guard
COI community of interest
COI Critical Operational Issues
COIC counter-improvised explosive device operations integration center
COIC Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Operations/Intelligence Integration Center (JIEDDO)
COIN counterinsurgency
COL Certifying Officer Legislation
Col Colonel
Col Colonel
COLA Cost of Living Allowance
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
COLDS cargo offload and discharge system
COLISEUM community on-line intelligence system for end-users and managers
Colonel  Proper means of addressing Lt. Colonels and Colonels
COLORS Raising and lowering of the National Ensign, the American flag and organization flags
COLPRO collective protection
COLS concept of logistic support
COLT combat observation and lasing team
COM chief of mission
COM Collection Operations Management
COMACCLOGWING Commander, Airborne Command and Control Logistics Wing
COMAFFOR Commander, Air Force forces
COMAFFOR Commander, Air Force Forces
COMAFSOAC Commander, Air Force Special Operations Air Component
COMALOC commercial air line of communications
COMARFOR Commander, Army forces
COMATG PAC Commander, Afloat Training Group Pacific
COMCAM combat camera
COMCMRON ONE Commander, Mine Countermeasures Squadron Two
COMCMRON THREE Mine Countermeasures Division Thirty-One
COMCMRON TWO Mine Countermeasures Division Eleven
COMCVW Commander, Carrier Air Wing
COMDESGRU Commander, Destroyer Group
COMDESRON Commander, Destroyer Squadron
COMDESRON Commander, Destroyer Squadron 21
COMDESRON Commander, Destroyer Squadron 23
COMDESRON Commander, Destroyer Squadron 7
COMDESRON FOURTEEN Regional Support Organization
COMDESRON NINE Commander, Destroyer Squadron 9
COMDESRON ONE Commander, Destroyer Squadron 1
COMDESRON SIX Commander, Destroyer Squadron Fourteen
COMDESRON THREE ONE Commander, Destroyer Squadron 31
COMDESRON TWO Commander, Amphibious Group Two
COMDESRON TWO-EIGHT Commander, Destroyer Squadron Twenty-Six
COMDESRON TWO-SIX Commander, Destroyer Squadron Two
COMDESRON TWO-TWO Commander, Surface Warfare Development Group
COMDTINST Commandant of the Coast Guard instruction
COMEODGRU ONE Commander, Explosive Ordinance Disposal Group 1
COMEODGRU TWO Fleet Integrated Logistics Activity, Portsmouth, VA
COMESG THREE Commander, Expeditionary Strike Group Three
COMEWTGPAC Commander, Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Pacific
COMEX Commence Exercise
COMEXSTRKGRU SEVEN Commander, Expeditionary Strike Group 7
COMFAIRMED Tactical Support Center
COMFAIRWESTPAC Commander, Fleet Air, Western Pacific
COMFLTCYBERCOM Commander, Fleet Cyber Command
COMHELSEACOMBATWINGPAC Commander, Helicopter Sea Combat Wing, Pacific
COMHSLWINGPAC Commander, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Light Wing, Pacific
COMHSWINGPAC Commander, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Wing, Pacific
COMINEWARCOM Commander, Mine Warfare Command
COMINEWARCOM Commander, Mine Countermeasures Squadron One
COMINT communications intelligence
COMINT Communcations Intelligence
COMINT Communications Intelligence
COMLANTAREACOGARD Commander, Coast Guard Atlantic Area
COMLANTFLT Commander, US Atlantic Fleet
COMMARFOR Commander, Marine Corps forces
COMMINDIV ELEVEN Commander, Mine Countermeasures Division 11
COMMO Communications Officer
COMNAVAIRES Commander, Naval Air Force, Reserve
COMNAVAIRFOR (also CNAF) Commander, Naval Air Forces
COMNAVAIRLANT (also CNAL) Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic
COMNAVAIRPAC Commander, Naval Air Force Pacific
COMNAVAIRPAC Commander, Naval Air Force, United States Pacific Fleet
COMNAVBEACHGRU ONE Commander, Naval Beach Group 1
COMNAVBEACHGRUP TWO Navy Cargo Handling Battalion West
COMNAVELSG Commander, Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group
COMNAVESFOR Commander, Navy Reserve Forces
COMNAVFOR Commander, Navy forces
COMNAVIRPAC Commander, Naval Air Force, United States Pacific Fleet
COMNAVMETOCCOM Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
COMNAVSEASYSCOM Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
COMNAVSECGRU Commander, Naval Security Group
COMNAVSURFGRU MIDPAC Commander, Naval Surface Group Mid-Pacific
COMNAVSURFGRU PACNORWEST Commander, Naval Surface Group Pacific North-West
COMNAVSURFGRU TWO Commander, Destroyer Squadron 6
COMNAVSURFLANT Commander, Naval Surface Force, Atlantic
COMNAVSURFLANT Commander, Destroyer Squadron 28
COMNAVSURFPAC Commander, Naval Surface Force, Pacific
COMNAVSURFWARDEVGRU Commander, Surface Warfare Development Group
COMNCWGRU ONE Naval Coastal Warfare Group One
COMNCWGRU TWO Commander, Mine Warfare Command
COMNET communications network
Comp Gen Comptroller General of the United States
COMPACAF Commander, Pacific Air Forces
COMPACAREACOGARD Commander, Coast Guard Pacific Area
COMPACFLT Commander, Pacific Fleet (Formerly CINCPACFLT)
COMPACFLT Commander, United States Pacific Fleet
COMPACFLT Commander, United States Pacific Fleet
COMPASS Computerized Movement Planning and Status System
COMPATRECONGRU Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Group
COMPATRECONWING Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing
COMPHIBGRU TWO Commander, Amphibious Squadron 2
COMPHIBRIN ELEVEN Commander, Amphibious Squadron 11
COMPHIBRON EIGHT Commander, Naval Beach Group 2
COMPHIBRON FIVE Commander, Amphibious Squadron 5
COMPHIBRON FOUR Commander, Amphibious Squadron 6
COMPHIBRON ONE Commander, Amphibious Squadron 1
COMPHIBRON SEVEN Commander, Amphibious Squadron 7
COMPHIBRON SIX Commander, Amphibious Squadron 8
COMPHIBRON THREE Commander, Amphibious Squadron 3
COMPHIBRON TWO Commander, Amphibious Squadron 4
COMPTUEX Composite Training Unit Exercise
COMREGSUPPGRU Commander, Regional Support Organization
COMSC Commander, Military Sealift Command
COMSCINST Command instruction
COMSEC communications security
COMSEC Communication Security
COMSEC Communications Security
COMSTAT communications status
COMSTRATCOMWINGONE Commander, Strategic Communications Wing One
COMSTRKFIGHTWINGPAC Commander, Strike Fighter Wing Pacific
COMSUBDEVRON TWELVE Commander, Submarine Group 10
COMSUBFOR Commander, Submarine Forces
COMSUBGRU TEN Commander, Submarine Squadron 16
COMSUBGRU TWO Commander, Submarine Squadron 2
COMSUBLANT Commander Submarine Force, United States Atlantic Fleet
COMSUBLANT Commander, Naval Air Force, United States Atlantic Fleet
COMSUBLANT Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic
COMSUBLANT Commander, Submarine Group 2
COMSUBPAC Commander Submarine Force, United States Pacific Fleet
COMSUBPAC Commander, Submarine Force, United States Pacific Fleet
COMSUBPAC Commander, Submarine Force, US Pacific Fleet
COMSUBPAC Commander, Submarine Forcem United States Pacific Fleet
COMSUBPRU SEVEN Commander, Submarine Group 7
COMSUBRON EIGHT Commander, Submarine Development Squadron 12
COMSUBRON ELEVEN Commander, Submarine Squadron 11
COMSUBRON FIFTEEN Commander, Submarine Squadron 15
COMSUBRON FIVE Commander, Submarine Squadron 5
COMSUBRON FOUR Commander, Submarine Squadron 6
COMSUBRON NINE Commander, Submarine Squadron 9
COMSUBRON NINETEEN Commander, Submarine Squadron 19
COMSUBRON ONE Commander, Submarine Squadron 1
COMSUBRON SEVEN Commander, Submarine Squadron 7
COMSUBRON SEVENTEEN Commander, Submarine Squadron 17
COMSUBRON SIX Commander, Submarine Squadron 8
COMSUBRON SIXTEEN Commander, Submarine Squadron 20
COMSUBRON THREE Commander, Submarine Squadron 3
COMSUBRON TWENTY Naval Air Force, United States Atlantic Fleet
COMSUBRON TWO Commander, Submarine Squadron Four
COMSURFPAC Commander, Naval Surface Force, United States Pacific Fleet
COMSURFWARDEVGRU Commander, Regional Support Group
COMTACGRU Commander, Tactical Air Control Group
COMTACGRU ONE Commander, Tactical Air Control Group 1
COMTAG MIDPAC Commander, Afloat Training Group Mid-Pacific
COMTAG PACNORWEST Commander, Afloat Training Group Pacific North-West
COMTAG WESTPAC Commander, Afloat Training Group West Pacific
COMTENTHFLT Commander, Tenth Fleet
COMTRAWING Commander, Training Air Wing
COMUSFLTFORCOM Commander, United States Fleet Forces Command
COMUSPACFLT Commander, United States Pacific Fleet
COMVAQWINGPAC Commander, Electronic Attack Wing, Pacific
CONCAP construction capabilities contract (Navy)
CONCAP construction capabilities contract program
CONEX container express
CONOPS concept of operations
CONOPS Concepts of Operations
CONOPS Concept of Operations
CONPLAN concept plan
CONPLAN operation plan in concept format
CONR Continental United States North American Aerospace Defense Command Region
CONS Contracting Squadron
CONUS Continental United States
CONUS Continental United States
CONUS ContinentalUnited States(U.S. military, pron. "cone-us")
CONUS Continental United States
CONUS COLA Continental United States Cost of Living Allowance
CONUS  Continental United States
CONUSA ContinentalUnited StatesArmy (numbered Armies of U.S. military)
COOP continuity of operations
COP common operational picture
COP Combat Out Post
Cop Term for Air Force Security Forces Personnel
COR Contracting Officer Representative
COR contracting officer representative
CORDS (U.S. Military, Vietnam Era)
Corfams  Uniform dress shoes
CORIVRON Coastal Riverine Squadron
Corpsman  Navy hospital corpsman attached to a Marine unit
CORTRAMID Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen
COS Chief of Staff
CoS Chief of Staff
COS (also CoS) Flag Officer's Chief of Staff
COSMIC North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) security category
COSR combat and operational stress reactions
COT commanding officer of troops
COT Commissioned Officer Training
COT Commissioned Officer Training
COTS cargo offload and transfer system
COTS Commercial Off the Shelf
COTS commercial off-the-shelf
Cougars VAQ-139
Cover & Alignment  Proper gap next to, in front of, and behind memberof a formation
Cover  headgear protection from enemy fire
CP Change Proposal
CP collection point
CP command post
CP contact point
CP control point
CP counterproliferation
CP Check Point (Usually Numbered i.e. "CP1")
CPD combat plans division
CPF Civilian Personnel Flight
CPG Contingency Planning Guidance
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPL Corporal (U.S. Army and Marine Corps E-4)
CPO Chief Petty Officer
CPO Chief Petty Officer
CPOM Chief Petty Officer's Mess
CPT Captain (US Army O-3)
CPTS Comptroller Squadron
CPU central processing unit
CPX Command Post Exercise
CQB Close Quarters Battle
CQB or CQC  Close Quarters Battle/Combat
CR Change Request
CR civil reconnaissance
CR critical requirement
CR Contruction Recruit
CRA Continuing Resolution Authority
CRA Coordinating Review Authority
CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet
C-RAM counter-rocket, artillery, mortar
CRBM close-range ballistic missile
CRC Civilian Response Corps (DOS)
CRC coastal riverine company
CRC control and reporting center
CRC crisis reaction center
CRC CONUS Replacement Center (a military processing center atFort Benning,Georgia, US)
CRD chemical reconnaissance detachment
CRE contingency response element
CREAPER Communications and Radar Electronic Attack Planning Effectiveness Reference
CREO Career Reenlistment Objectives
CREW counter radio-controlled improvised explosive device electronic warfare
Crew Chief Generally used as an informal slang term for Aerospace Maintenance Personnel, AFSC 2A5.
Crew Chief More formally used to refer to an individual in charge of an aircraft maintenance related task requiring multiple people.
Crew-Served  crew-served weapon
CRF coastal riverine force
CRF contingency response force
CRG contingency response group
CRG Coastal Riverine Group
CRIF cargo routing information file
CRL Certificate Revocation List
CRM collection requirements management
CRM comment resolution matrix
CrM crisis management
CRMx collection requirements matrix
CRO combat rescue officer
CRO Combat Rescue Officer
CRO COMSEC Responsible Officer
CROP common relevant operational picture
CRRC combat rubber raiding craft
CRS coastal riverine squadron
CRS Computerized Reservation System
CRSG country reconstruction and stabilization group
CRSP centralized receiving and shipping point
CRT chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives response team
CRT contingency response team
CRTS casualty receiving and treatment ship
Cruise  deployment aboard ship; or enlistment period
CRW contingency response wing
CS call sign
CS circuit switch
CS combat support
CS critical source
CS Culinary Specialist
CS Communications Squadron
CS  2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile
CSA combat support agency
CSADD Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions
CSAF Chief of Staff of the Air Force
CSAR combat search and rescue
CSAR Combat Search and Rescue
CSAR Combat Search and Rescue
CSB contracting support brigade
CSB (MEB) combat support brigade (maneuver enhancement brigade)
CSC convoy support center
CSC International Convention for Safe Containers
CSC Combat Systems Coordinator
CSC Command Senior Chief
CSC Culinary Specialist Chief
CSC Central Security Control
CSCS country-specific security cooperation section
CSE combat support equipment
CSE contingency support element
CSE cyberspace support element
CSEC Computerized Self Evaluation Checklist
CSEL combat survivor evader locator
CSEL command senior enlisted leader
CSG carrier strike group
CSG cryptologic services group
CSG Cryptologic Support Group
CSIP contract support integration plan
CSL cooperative security location
CSM Command Sergeant Major (U.S. Army E9 highest Army enlisted rank))
CSMC Combat Systems Maintenance Center
CSNP causeway section, non-powered
CSO Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (DOS)
CSO Center for Special Operations (USSOCOM)
CSO contractor support to operations
CSO Combat Systems Officer
CSOOW Combat Systems Officer of the Watch
CSOR contract statement of requirement
CSOSS Combat Systems Operational Sequencing Systems
CSP campaign support plan
CSP career sea pay
CSP causeway section, powered
CSP contracting support plan
CSS Central Security Service (NSA)
CSS combat service support
CSS Commander's Support Staff
CSSA combat service support area
CSSAMO combat service support automation management office
CSSB combat sustainment support battalion
C-SSE consolidated satellite communications system expert
CSSM contracted support synchronization matrix
CSST combat service support team
CSW coordinate seeking weapons
CT computed tomography
CT counterterrorism
CT country team
CT Counter-Terrorism Team
CT Cryptologic Technician
CTA common table of allowance
CTAF counterterrorism analytical framework
CTBT Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty
CTC cargo transfer company (USA)
CTD Civilian Travel Determination
CTDB combating terrorism database
CTEP combined training and education plan
CTF commander, task force
CTF counter threat finance
CTF IAMD commander, task force integrated air and missile defense
CTFP Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program
CTI Cryptologic Technician Interpretive
CTI Navy linguists tasked to gather highly classified intelligence information for the Navy’s top-level decision makers using foreign language skills
CTIP combating trafficking in persons
CTKB combating terrorism knowledge base
CTL candidate target list
CTM Cryptologic Technician Maintenance
CTN countering threat networks
CTN Cryptologic Technician Networks
CTP common tactical picture
CTR cooperative threat reduction
CTR Close Target Reconnaissance
CTR Cryptologic Technician Collection
CTS commodity tracking system
CTS Contingency Tracking System
CTS controlled technical services
CTT Cryptologic Technician Technical
CTU commander, task unit
CTW Constructed Travel Worksheet (formerly Constructive)
C-UAS counter-unmanned aircraft system
CUB Commander Update Brief
CUI Common User Interface
CUI controlled unclassified information
CUI Combined Unit Inspection
CUL common-user logistics
CULT common-user land transportation
Cumshaw  something given as a favor or gift
CUP OF JOE A cup of coffee
CV aircraft carrier
CV critical vulnerability
CVN aircraft carrier, nuclear
CVN Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier
CVN Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier (Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear)
CVN-68 USS Nimitz
CVN-70 USS Carl Vinson
CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln
CVN-73 USS George Washington
CVN-74 USS John C. Stennis
CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan
CVS commercial vendor services
CVT criticality-vulnerability-threat
CV-TSC Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing Weapons School, Atlantic Fleet
CVW carrier air wing
CVW Carrier Air Wing
CW chemical warfare
CW continuous wave
CWA chemical warfare agent
CWC Chemical Weapons Convention
CWC composite warfare commander
CWG Counter deception working group
CWMD countering weapons of mass destruction
CWO Chief Warrant Officer
CWO Chief Warrant Officer
CWP causeway pier
CWT customer wait time
CY calendar year
CZN Nuclear-poweredAirshipCarrier
D & D  Drunk and Disorderly
D&D denial and deception
D&F determinations and findings
D&M detection and monitoring
D*ckbeaters Term referring to one's hands. Often yelled by MTIs in the form of "pin those D*ckbeaters to your side!"
D/CIA Director, Central Intelligence Agency
D/T/ID detect/track/identify
D3A decide, detect, deliver, and assess
DA Department of the Army
DA direct action
DA Directorate for Mission Services (DIA)
DA double agent
DA Defense Attache
DA&M Director of Administration and Management
DAA designated approving authority
DAADC deputy area air defense commander
DAAS defense automatic addressing system
DAB Defense Acquisition Board
DAC Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) counterintelligence and security activity
DAC Development Assistance Committee (OECD)
DAC Discretionary Access Control
DAC Department of the Army Civilian
DACAS digitally aided close air support
DACBT Dissimilar Air Combat Training
DACG departure airfield control group
DADS Defense Accounting and Disbursing System
DAF Department of the Air Force
DAFL directive authority for logistics
DAFSC Duty Air Force Specialty Code
DAGR Defense Advanced GPS Receiver
Daijoubu  OK, Japanese for "don't worry"
Daily 7 or Daily 16  preliminary warmup for other, more strenuous physical training
DAL defended asset list
DALIS Disaster Assistance Logistics Information System
DALS downed aviator locator system
Dambusters VFA-195
DAO defense attaché́ office
DAPA Drug and Alcohol Programs Advisor
DAR Defense Acquisition Regulation
Dark Green/Light Green  reference to a Marine's skin color
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DART disaster assistance response team DAS deep air support (USMC)
DART Dumbass Radio Troop
DAS Date Arrived Station
DASC direct air support center
DASC(A) direct air support center (airborne)
DASD(PS) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Program Support)
DATT defense attaché́
DAWIA Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act
DBA Dirtbag Airman (An Airman who does not represent the Air Force Core Values)
DBDB digital bathymetric database
DBDB-V digital bathymetric database variable
DBIDS Defense Biometric Identification System
DBMS Data Base Management System
DBMS Defense Business Management System
DBSMC Defense Business Systems Management Committee
DBSS Defense Blood Standard System
DBT design basis threat
DC Deputies Committee
DC direct current
DC dislocated civilian
DC Damage Controlman
DC3 Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center
DC3 Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center
DCA Defense Cooperation Agreements
DCA defensive counterair
DCA Damage Control Assistant
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCAG Deputy Air Wing Commander (see CAG)
DCAM Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) customer assistance module
DCAPES Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segments
DCC Damage Control Center
DCCC defense collection coordination center
DCE defense coordinating element
D-cell deployment cell
DCGS distributed common ground/surface system
DCGS-A distributed common ground system-Army
DCGS-MC distributed common ground/surface system Marine Corps
DCHA Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance (USAID)
DCHC Defense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center
DCI defense critical infrastructure
DCI Director of Central Intelligence
DCID Director of Central Intelligence directive
DCIP Defense Critical Infrastructure Program
DCISE Defense Industrial Base Collaborative Information Sharing Environment
DCJTF deputy commander, joint task force
DCM defense collection manager
DCM Deputy chief of mission
DCMA Defense Contract Management Agency
DCMA Defense Contract Management Agency
DCME Defense Collection Management Enterprise
DCNO Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
DCO debarkation control officer
DCO Defense Connect Online
DCO defense coordinating officer
DCO defensive cyberspace operations
DCO Damage Control Officer (Chief Engineer) or Direct Commission Officer
DCO Defensive Cyber Operations
DCO-IDM defensive cyberspace operations - internal defensive measures
DCO-RA defensive cyberspace operations response actions
DCP data collection plan
DCP Defense Continuity Program
DCP detainee collection point
DCPO Damage Control Petty Officer
DCRF defense chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear response force
DCS Defense Collaboration Services
DCS deputy chief of staff
DCTC Defense Combating Terrorism Center
DCW Defense Collection Watch (DIA)
DD Department of Defense (form)
DD deputy director
DD Destroyer
DD214 Certificate of release or discharge from Active Duty
DD214 DD Form 214
DDA deputy development advisor
D-Day The unnamed day on which operation begins or is to begin
DDC Defense Distribution Center
DDE Defense Logistics Agency distribution expeditionary
DDED defense distribution expeditionary depot
DDG Guided Missile Destroyer
DDI Director of Defense Intelligence
DDL digital data link
DDM Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Mapping
DDMS Deputy Director for Military Support (NRO)
DDN Defense Data Network
DDOC Deployment and Distribution Operations Center (USTRANSCOM)
DDP detailed deployment plan
DDR disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration
DDR Radar Picket Destroyer
DDS Deployable Disbursing System
DDSBn deployment and distribution support battalion
DDSM Defense Distinguished Service Medal
DDST deployment and distribution support team
DE decedent effects
DE directed energy
DE Destroyer Escort
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration (DOJ)
DEAD Destruction fo Enemy Air Defenses
Dead Horse  to draw advance pay out of the normal pay cycle
DEARAS Department of Defense Emergency Authorities Retrieval and Analysis System
DEBX Defense Electronic Business Exchange
DeCA Defense Commissary Agency
DECK The floor
deck  floor or surface of the earth
DEEP SIX To dispose of or throw away
Deep Six  dispose of by throwing overboard ship.
DEERS Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DEERS Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System
DEFSMAC Defense Special Missile and Aerospace Center
DEL deployable equipment list
DEP delayed entry program
DEP Delayed Entry Program
DEP Program that allows recruits to join the Navy but postpone reporting for duty for up to a year
Dependent A non-military spouse and/or children, entitled to a DD 1173 Military Dependent ID Card
Dependent Non-Military family member of a service member
DEPORD deployment order
DEROS Date Estimated Return from Overseas
DEROS Date Estimated Return from OverSeas
DERP Defense Environmental Restoration Program
DES deception event schedule
DESC Defense Energy Support Center
DESDIV Destroyer Division
DESRON Destroyer Squadron
DEST domestic emergency support team
Detachment  portion of a unit sent independently of its parent organization
Deuce Gear  standard issue web gear, combat gear, or field equipment
Deuce  number two in unit or equipt. names; the senior intelligence officer or unit
DEVGRU the United States naval special warfareDevelopment Group
DEVGRU Naval Special Warfare Development Group, formerly (and informally still) SEAL Team SIX
Devil Doc Navy hospital corpsman attached to the Marines
Devil Dog nickname for Marines
Devil Nuts  regional variation of devil dog and nickname for Marines
Devil Pup  nickname for a Marine's child(ren)
DEW directed-energy warfare
DF dangerous fallout
DF direction finding
DFAC Dining Facility (U.S. Military)
DFAC Dining Facility
DFARS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DFC detention facility commander
DFE Defense Intelligence Agency forward element
DFE Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center forward element
DFM Diesel Fuel Marine (F-76), standard Navy bunker fuel
DFRIF Defense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet
DFSP defense fuel support point
DG defense guidance
DGAF  Doesn't/Don't Give A F*ck
DGC Data General Corporation
DGT designated ground target
DHA detainee holding area
DHB Defense Health Board
DHE defense human intelligence executor
DHE-M Defense Human Intelligence Enterprise-manual
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services
DHM defense human intelligence manager
DHP Defense Health Program
DHS Defense Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Service
DHS Department of Homeland Security
DI Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Directorate for Analysis
DI DIA Directorate for Intelligence Production
DI Hut  Office for drill instructors in a platoon's squad bay
DI  Drill Instructor
DI&E data integration and exploitation
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
DIAM Defense Intelligence Agency manual
Diamondbacks VFA-102
DIAP Defense Intelligence Analysis Program
DIAR Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) regulation
DIB defense industrial base
DIB defense institution building
DID Defense Intelligence Digest
Diddy Bop  Poor performance in close order drill
DIDO designated intelligence disclosure official
DIE deception intelligence estimate
DIEB Defense Intelligence Executive Board
Diet Recruit boot camp recruit deemed overweight according to regulations
DIFC Defense Intelligence Fusion Centre
Digis  digital camouflage such as MARPAT
DIGO Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation (Australia)
DII Defense Information Infrastructure
DIJE Defense Intelligence Joint Environment (United Kingdom)
Dime Out  reveal incriminating information about a person
DIMOC Defense Imagery Management Operations Center
DINFAC Dining Facility (U.S. Military)
DINFOS Defense Information School
DINSTAAR Danger is No Stranger to An AGE Ranger (see AGE)
DIO defense intelligence officer
DIPF defense intelligence priorities framework
DIRI Defense Institution Reform Initiative
DIRINT Director of Intelligence (USMC)
DIRLAUTH direct liaison authorized
DIRMOBFOR director of mobility forces
DIRNSA Director, National Security Agency
DIRNSA Director of the National Security Agency
DIRSPACEFOR Director of space forces (USAF)
DISA Defense Information Systems Agency
DISA Defense Information Systems Agency
DISA-LO Defense Information Systems Agency - liaison officer
DISN Defense Information Systems Network
Disneyland East  Marine Corps Headquarters at Arlington, Virginia
DISO deception in support of operations security
DISR Department of Defense Information Technology Standards Registry
DITSCAP DoD IT Security Certification and Accreditation Process
DJ-7 Director, Joint Staff Directorate for Joint Force Development
DJIOC Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center
DJS Director, Joint Staff
DL Destroyer Leader (outdated)
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DLA Dislocation Allowance
DLA Dislocation Allowance
DLA Money provided to Sailors to aid in moves from one duty station to another
DLB Dead Letter Box
DLD digital liaison detachment
DLEA drug law enforcement agency
DLG Guided Missile Destroyer Leader (outdated)
DLGN Nuclear-powered Guided Missile Destroyer Leader (outdated)
DLIS Defense Logistics Information Service
DLM defense logistics manual
DLMS Defense Logistics Management System
DLQ deck landing qualification
DLSA Defense Legal Services Agency
DM docking module
DM Destroyer Minelayer (Outdated)
DM Illustrator Draftsman
DMA Defense Media Activity
DMDC defense management data center
DMDC Defense Manpower Data Center
DMDC Defense Manpower Data Center
DME Depot Maintenance Enterprise
DMEA Defense Microelectronics Activity
DMHRSi Defense Medical Human Resources System - internet
DMHS Defense Message Handling System
DMI An inspection of bed making, folding and stowing of gear
DMI Departmental Material Inspection
DMIGS Domestic Mobile Integrated Geospatial-Intelligence System
DMLSS Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support
DMM Defense Travel Administration Manual
DMMPO Defense Medical Materiel Program Office
DMORT Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team
DMS Defense Message System
DMSM Defense Meritorious Service Medal
DMSO Defense Modeling and Simulation Office
DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DMSP Defense Meterogical Satelite Program
DMT disaster management team (UN)
DMZ demilitarized zone
DMZ Demilitarized Zone
DN Distinguished Name
DNA deoxyribonucleic acid
DNBI disease and nonbattle injury
DNC digital nautical chart
DND Department of National Defence (Canada)
DNDO Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DHS)
DNI Director of National Intelligence
DNI Director of Naval Intelligence
DNIF Duties Not Including Flying
DO Disbursing Officer
DOA days of ammunition
DOA Dead on arrival
DOB date of birth
DOC Department of Commerce
DOC Department of State
DOC designed operational capability
DOCNET Doctrine Networked Education and Training
DOD Department of Defense
DOD Department of Defense
DOD Federal department in charge of organizing and supervising all agencies related directly to national defense, specifically the Armed Forces
DOD (also DoD) Department of Defense
DoDAAC Department of Defense Activity Address Code
DoDAF Department of Defense Architactural Framework
DODD Department of Defense directive
DoDFMR Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation
DODFMR Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation
DODI Department of Defense instruction
DODIC Department of Defense identification code
DoDIC Department of Defense Identification Code
DODIIS Department of Defense Intelligence Information System
DODIN Department of Defense information network
DODM Department of Defense manual
DODS-CWMD Department of Defense Strategy for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction
DOE Department of Energy
DOE Date of Enlistment
DOEHRS Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Reporting System
DOEHRS Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System
Dog & Pony  display, demo or appearance by Marines for the pleasure of someone else
Doggie  enlisted member of the United States Army
DOHA Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals
DOI Department of the Interior
DOJ Department of Justice
DOL Department of Labor
Dollar Ride A pilot's first flight in an airframe
DOMEX document and media exploitation
DOMs Disruptive Pattern Material
DON Department of the Navy
DON Department established by Congress to provide support and leadership to the US Navy
DoN Department of the Navy
DON Department of the Navy
Donkey Dick  jerry can fuel spout
Doolie nickname for a first year Air Force Academy (AFA) cadet
DOP Drop-Off Point
Dope  Data On Previous Engagements
DOR Date of Rank
DOS days of supply
DOS denial of service
DOT Department of Transportation
DOTEO Department of Transportation emergency organization
DOTMLPF doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities
DOTMLPF-P doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities, and policy
Double Dip Full-time Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard personnel when in a dual status and receiving income from two sources
DOWG deception operations working group
DOX-T direct operational exchange-tactical
DP decisive point
DP displaced person
DPA danger pay allowance
DPA Defense Production Act
DPAA Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Agency
DPAP Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy
DPAS Defense Priorities and Allocation System
DPC deception planning cell
DPC Defense Planning Committee (NATO)
DPG Defense Planning Guidance
DPI desired point of impact
DPICM  Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions
DPIP departing initial point
DPKO Department of Peacekeeping Operations (UN)
DPM dissemination program manager
DPMO Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office
DPO Defense Press Office
DPO distribution process owner
DPPDB digital point positioning database
DR dead reckoning
DR disaster relief
DR Discrepancy Report
Dragon Whales HSC-84
Dragonslayers HS-15
DRB Discipline Review Board
Drill Hat  Drill Instructor, who specializes in the instruction of close order drill
Drill  procedures and methodology of handling weapons and moving troops about in an orderly fashion
DRL Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DOS)
DRMOed  dispose of an item at the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO)
DRMS Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service
DRO departmental requirements officer
DRRS Defense Readiness Reporting System
DRRS-N Defense Readiness Reporting System - Navy
DRS detainee reporting system
DRSN Defense Red Switched Network
DRSN Defense Red Switch Network
DRT decontamination and reconnaissance team
DRT Dead Right There; wounded in such a way as to indicate immediate and/or unavoidable death
DRT often used as a sarcastic form of the civilian acronymDOA(Dead On Arrival)
DRU Direct Reporting Unit
Drug Deal  obtain supplies, equipment or services outside official channels via barter
Dry fire  firing weapon without using ammo to refine position and shooting basics
DS direct support
DS Directorate for Management and Chief Information Officer (DIA)
DS Directory Server
DSC Defense Supply Center
DSC defensive space control
DSC dual-status commander
DSCA Defense Security Cooperation Agency
DSCA defense support of civil authorities
DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System
DSCS Defense Satelite Communications System
DSD Developmental Special Duty
DSE direct support element
DSF deployable specialized force
DSF District Stability Framework (USAID)
DSG Defense Strategic Guidance
DSG Defense Strategic Guidance
DSM decision support matrix
DSN Defense Switched Network
DSN Defense Switched Network
DSO Defense Spectrum Organization
DSO defensive systems officer
DSP Defense Support Program
DSPD defense support to public diplomacy
DSPD Defense Support to Public Diplomacy
DSR defense strategy review
DSRSG Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General
DSS Defense Security Service
DSS Distribution Standard System
DSS/ALOC direct support system/air line of communications
DSSCS Defense Special Security Communications System
DSSM Defense Superior Service Medal
DSSO defense sensitive support office
DSSR Department of State Standardized Regulation
DSSR Department of State Standardized Regulations
DST decision support template
DST Defense Logistics Agency support team
DST deployment support team
DST district support team
DSTS-G Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) Satellite Transmission Services - Global
DT Directorate for MASINT and Technical Collection (DIA)
DT Dental Technician
DT Enlisted Sailor tasked with assisting Navy Dentists in providing dental care to Navy personnel and their families
DT Development Team
DTA Defense Travel Administrator
DTA dynamic threat assessment
DTA MT DTA Maintenance Tool
DTAM defense terrorism awareness message
DTC defense transportation coordination
DTC Defense Travel Center
DTCI Defense Transportation Coordination Initiative
DTD Deployable Training Division
DTD detailed troop decontamination
DTED digital terrain elevation data
DTG  Date-Time Group
DTIB Defense Travel Improvement Board
DTIP Disruptive Technology Innovations Partnership (DIA)
DTIRP Defense Treaty Inspection Readiness Program
DTMO Defense Travel Management Office
DTO drug trafficking organization
DTO Daily Tasking Order
DTOD Defense Table of Official Distances
DTR Defense Transportation Regulation
DTR Defense Travel Region
DTR 6 Defense Travel Region 6
DTRA Defense Threat Reduction Agency
DTRA Defense Threat Reduction Agency
DTS Defense Transportation System
DTS Defense Travel System
DTS Defense Travel System
DTSA Defense Technology Security Administration
DTSC Defense Travel Steering Committee
DTST Defense Travel System-Tailored (sites without TMC and/or financial connectivity)
DTWR defense terrorism warning report
DU depleted uranium
Dual-cool  Marine that possesses both the parachutist and diver badges
Dummy Cord  Lanyard or tether used to secure a piece of equipment to an anchor
DURC dual-use research of concern
DUSD deputy under Secretary of Defense
DUSD (CI&S) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Counterintelligence and Security
DUSD(L&MR) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Materiel Readiness
Dusty Dogs HS-11
Duty NCO  sentry responsible for patrol and security of a specific area
DV Distinguished Visitor
DV Visiting civilian equivalents such as GS-15, SES or politically-appointed or elected government officials
DV Visiting enlisted personnel in pay grade E-9, visiting officer personnel in pay grades O-6 through O-10
DVA Department of Veterans Affairs
DVD digital video device
DVIDS Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System
DVOQ Distinguished Visiting Officers Quarters
DVQ Distinguished Visitors Quarters
DWAS Defense Working Capital Accounting System
DWAS Defense Working Capital Fund Accounting System
DWC Deputy Wing Chaplain
DWT deadweight tonnage
DZ drop zone
DZ Drop Zone
DZC drop zone controller
DZST drop zone support team
E total probable error
E&E Escape and Evade
E3 electromagnetic environmental effects
EA electronic attack
EA emergency action
EA executive agent
EA Elecronic Attack
EAC emergency action committee
EAD earliest arrival date
EAD Extended Active Duty
EADRU Euro-Atlantic disaster response unit
EADS Eastern Air Defense Sector
EADS Eastern Air Defense Sector
EAES expeditionary aeromedical evacuation squadron
EAF expeditionary airfield
Eagles VFA-115
EAM emergency action message
EAOS Date at which one’s Naval service has been officially completed
EAOS End of Active Obligated Service
EAOS End of Active Obligated Service
EAP emergency action plan
EAPC Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council
EAS Electronic Access System
EAS  End of Active Service
EASTPAC eastern Pacific Ocean
Easyriders HSL-37
EAWS Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist
EBS environmental baseline survey
EC electronic combat
ECC engineer coordination cell
ECC evacuation control center
ECES expeditionary civil engineer squadron
ECHA Executive Committee for Humanitarian Affairs (UN)
ECHO European Commission Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection
ECM electromagnetic countermeasures
ECM electronic countermeasures
ECM Electronic Counter Measures
ECN Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network
ECO electronic combat officer
ECOSOC Economic and Social Council (UN)
ECP entry control point
ECP Entry Control Point
ECP Entry Control Point
ECPN Electronic Commerce Processing Node
ECRC Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center
ECS expeditionary combat support
EDA Economic Development Administration (DOC)
EDA excess defense articles
EDCSA Effective Date of Change of Strength Accountability
EDI electronic data interchange
EDI-PI Electronic Data Interchange - Personal Identifier
EDMC Engineering Department Master Chief (Submarines)
EDO Engineering Duty Officer
EEA environmental executive agent
EEBD emergency escape breathing device
EEBD Emergency Escape Breathing Device]
EECT end evening civil twilight
EED electro-explosive device
EED emergency-essential designation
EEDAC emergency essential Department of the Army civilian
EEE emergency and extraordinary expense
EEFI essential element of friendly information
EEI essential element of information
EELV Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle
EENT end of evening nautical twilight
EEO equal employment opportunity
EER enlisted employee review
EET Exercise Evaluation Team
EEZ exclusive economic zone
EFAC emergency family assistance center
EFMP Exceptional Family Member Program
EFP explosively formed projectile
EFT electronic funds transfer
EGA  Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, the emblem of the Marine Corps
EGAT Bureau of Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade (USAID)
EGI Embedded GPS/Inertial Navagation
EGM Earth Gravity Model
eGPL Enhanced Geospatial Product Library (USAF)
EH explosive hazard
EHCC explosive hazards coordination cell
EHDB explosive hazard database
EHF extremely high frequency
EHO environmental health officer
EHRA environmental health risk assessment
EHRS Electronic Health Records (Software)
EHSA environmental health site assessment
EHT explosive hazard team
EI environmental information
EI Engineering and Installation
EI Engineering & Installation
EI SIT Engineering and Installation Site Implementation Team
EID electrically initiated device
EIDWS Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist
Eight Ball  Marine who lacks an aggressive spirit
Eightballers HSC-8
Einstein  Marine who is found to be responsible for a notable unwise action or plan
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EIS Engineering and Installation Squadron, Environmental Impact Statement
EIS Engineering & Installation Squadron
eJMAPS electronic Joint Manpower and Personnel System
EJPME enlisted joint professional military education
ELCAS elevated causeway system
ELCAS(M) elevated causeway system (modular)
Elephant Hat  Pith helmet first issued in 1940, currently worn by rifle range coaches
ELINT electronic intelligence
ELINT Electronic Intelligence
ELINT Electronic Signals Intelligence
ELIST enhanced logistics intratheater support tool
ELT emergency locator transmitter
EM electromagnetic
EM emergency management
EM Electrician's Mate
EM Emergency Management
EM  Enlisted Marine/Man
EMAC emergency management assistance compact
EMALL electronic mall
Embed  to place within, or fix in place
EMBM electromagnetic battle management
Embrace the Suck Slang used among junior enlisted referencing they have little say in undesirable decisions
EMC electromagnetic compatibility
EMCON emission control
EMCON Emissions Control
EMD expeditionary military information support detachment
EME electromagnetic environment
EMEDS expeditionary medical support
EMEDS Expeditionary Medical Support
EMF expeditionary medical facility
EMI electromagnetic interface
EMI electromagnetic interference
EMI Extra Military Instruction
EMI Extra Military Instruction
EMIO expanded maritime interception operations
EMO Electronics Material Officer
EMOE electromagnetic operational environment
EMP electromagnetic pulse
EMS electromagnetic spectrum
EMS emergency medical services
EMSC electromagnetic spectrum control
EMSEC Emission Security
EMSM electromagnetic spectrum manager
EMT emergency medical treatment
EMT expeditionary military information support team
EMU expeditionary medical unit
EMV electromagnetic vulnerability
EN Engineman
ENJJPT Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training
ENL Enlisted
ENL Rank achieved by Sailors who have completed the minimum educational requirement of a high school diploma
ENLISTED The general work force of the Navy and Navy Reserve
ENS Ensign
ENSIGN The rank of an Officer between Chief Warrant Officer and Lieutenant Junior Grade
EO electro-optical
EO executive order
EO Equipment Operator
EO Equal Opportunity
EOB electromagnetic order of battle
EOB electronic order of battle
EOB enemy order of battle
EOC emergency operating center
EOC emergency operations center
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EOCA explosive ordnance clearance agent
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EOD Technicians tasked to safely dispose of explosive materials
EOD Explosive Ordiance Disposal
EOD  Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EODB explosive ordnance disposal bulletin
EODESU explosive ordnance disposal expeditionary support unit
EODGRU explosive ordnance disposal group (Navy)
EODMU explosive ordnance disposal mobile unit
EODMU-1 explosive ordnance disposal mobile unit one
EODT&T explosive ordnance disposal technology and training
EODTEU explosive ordnance disposal training and evaluation unit
EODTIC Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technical Information Centre (NATO)
EO-IR electro-optical-infrared
EO-IR electro-optical-infrared countermeasure
EOOW Engineering Officer of the Watch
EOS End of Service
EOS Enclosed Operating Space
EOSS Engineering Operational Sequencing Systems
EP electronic protection
EP emergency preparedness
EP emergency procedures
EP excess property
EP Electronic Protection
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPA evasion plan of action
EPBS expeditionary prime base engineer emergency force squadron
EPC Emergency Procurement Committee
EPD  Extra Punitive Duties
EPF expeditionary fast transport
EPH emergency planning handbook
EPIC El Paso Intelligence Center
EPIRB emergency position-indicating radio beacon
EPLO emergency preparedness liaison officer
EPR Enlisted Performance Report
EPU expeditionary port unit
EPW enemy prisoner of war
EPW Enemy Prisoner of War
EPW  Enemy Prisoner of War
ERC emergency relief coordinator
ERC exercise related construction
ERCC Engine Run Crew Change
ERDC Engineer Research and Development Center
ERG Emergency Response Guidebook
ERO Engine Running Onload/Offload
ERPSS En Route Patient Staging System
ERS Engineroom Supervisor
ERT emergency response team (FEMA)
ERT engineer reconnaissance team
ERU emergency response unit
ERV Emergency Rendezvous
ERW explosive remnants of war
ES electronic warfare support
ES executive secretariat
ES expeditionary salvage
ESAC Electromagnetic-Space Analysis Center (NSA)
ESB engineer support battalion
ESC expeditionary sustainment command
ESD expeditionary transfer dock
ESF Economic Support Fund
ESF emergency support function
ESG executive steering group
ESG expeditionary strike group
ESM expeditionary site mapping
ESMRM explosives safety munitions risk management
ESO environmental science officer
ESO Expeditionary Support Organization (DFAS)
ESOH environmental, safety, and occupational health
ESORTS Enhanced Status of Resources and Training System
ESP engineer support plan
E-Space Electromagnetic-Space
ESR external supported recovery
ESSENCE Electronic Surveillance System for Early Notification of Community-based Epidemics
EST embarked security team
ESWS Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist
ET electronics technician
ET Electronics Techinician
ETA estimated time of arrival
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD estimated time of departure
ETF electronic target folder
ETM essential tasks matrix
ETO Emergency Transportation Operations (DOT)
ETS Estimated Termination of Service
ETSS extended training service specialist
ETX end of text
EU European Union
EUCOM European Command
EUSC effective United States controlled
EUSCS effective United States-controlled ships
EV WHS Enhanced View Web Hosting Service
E-Var Electronic Visitor Access Request
EVC evasion chart
EVE equal value exchange
EW early warning
EW electronic warfare
EW Electronic Warfare (Comprises EA, EP)
EW Electronic Warfare
EW Electronic Warfare
EWC electronic warfare cell
EWCA electronic warfare control authority
EWCC electronic warfare coordination cell
EWE electronic warfare element
EWG electronic warfare group
EWO electronic warfare officer
EWO Electronic Warefare Officer
EWS Engineering Watch Supervisor
EWTS Enterprise Web Training System
EWWG electronic warfare working group
EXECSEC executive secretary
Exfil Exfiltration (Opposite of infiltration; exiting undetected)
EXORD execute order
EXU1 Expeditionary Exploitation Unit One
EXW Expeditory Warfare
EZ exchange zone
F Fahrenheit
F&ES fire and emergency services
F/AD force/activity designator
F/MC Fleet (or Force) Master Chief
F2T2EA find, fix, track, target, engage, and assess
F3EAD find, fix, finish, exploit, analyze, and disseminate
FA feasibility assessment
FA field artillery
FA Field Artillery
FA Force Structure Allowance
FA Fireman Apprentice
FA Fitness Assessment
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (DOT)
FAA Foreign Assistance Act
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAAO Federal Aviation Administration order
FAB Forward Air Base
FAC forward air controller
FAC An individual who directs the action of military aircraft engaged in close air support of land forces
FAC Forward Air Controller
FAC Forward Air Controller
FAC(A) forward air controller (airborne)
FAC/A Forward Air Controller/Airborne
FACE forward aviation combat engineering
FACT field advance civilian team
FACT field assessment and coordination team
FADM force allocation decision matrix
FAH final attack heading
FAH foreign affairs handbook
FAIP First Assignment Instructor Pilot
FAK First Aid Kit
Fallen Angel  Marine Officer who failed out of flight school
FALOP Forward Area Limited Observing Program
FAM Functional Area Manager
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization (UN)
FAO foreign area officer
FAP  Fleet Assistance Program
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation
FAR formal assessment report
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation
FARC flyaway recompression chamber
FARC Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
FARP forward arming and refueling point
FARP  Forward Area Refueling/Rearming Point or Forward Arming Refueling Point
Fart Sack  cotton mattress cover
Farts and darts Clouds and dars embroidery found on field grade and general officers' service cap visors
FAS Field Advisory Service
FAS Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA)
FAS frequency assignment subcommittee
FASCAM family of scatterable mines
FAST fleet antiterrorism security team
FAST Snugly secured
FAST  Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team
FASTDATA Fund Administration and Standardized Document Automation
Fast-mover  Fast-moving fixed-wing aircraft
Fat Albert Nickname used for the C-5A Galaxy until revoked by USAF as “derogatory”
Fat Barrel  Round in the chamber, no magazine inserted
Fat-body  overweight recruit or service member
FATHOM A unit of length equal to 6 feet used for measuring the depth of water
FB forward boundary
FBCB2 Force XXI Battlefield Command Brigade and Below
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation (DOJ)
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service
FC final coordination
FC fires cell (Army)
FC floating causeway
FC Fire Controlman
FCA Foreign Claims Act
FCAC Functional combatant commander
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCDIT Surface Warfare Officers School Command Newport, RI
FCDSSA Fleet Combat Direction Systems Support Activity
FCE forward command element
FCF Functional Check Flight
FCO federal coordinating officer
FCP functional campaign plan
FCPCP Fleet Computer Programming Center of the Pacific
FCPOM First Class Petty Officer's Mess
FCT firepower control team
FD first draft
FD from temporary duty
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FDC fire direction center
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDO flexible deterrent option
FDO flight deck officer
FDO foreign disclosure officer
FDO Flight Deck Officer
FDP forward distribution point
FDPMU forward-deployable preventive medicine unit
FDR foreign disaster relief
FDTA Finance Defense Travel Administrator
FE fires element
FEA front-end analysis
FEBA forward edge of the battle area
FEBA Forward Edge of the Battle Area
FEBA  Forward Edge of the Battle Area
FEC facilities engineering command
FEI forensic-enabled intelligence
Felony Creek  French Creek area of Camp Lejeune
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS)
FEP foreign excess property
FEPP foreign excess personal property
FES fire emergency services
FEST foreign emergency support team
FEST forward engineer support team
FET facility engineer team
FEZ fighter engagement zone
FFA free-fire area
FFC force fires coordinator
FFCC force fires coordination center (USMC)
FFE field force engineering
FFE flame field expedient
FFE Fire for Effect
FFIR friendly force information requirement
FFP fresh frozen plasma
FFP Office of Food for Peace (DOS)
FFT friendly force tracking
FGO Field Grade Officer
FGS final governing standard
FGS Force Generation Service (UN)
FH fleet hospital
FHA Bureau for Food and Humanitarian Assistance
FHA foreign humanitarian assistance
FHP force health protection
FHWA Federal Highway Administration (DOT)
FI foreign intelligence
FICA Federal Insurance Contribution Act
FICEURLANT Fleet Intelligence Center Europe & Atlantic
FID foreign internal defense
Fiddler's Green  Imaginary afterlife; paradise.
FIDO Fire Direction Officer
FIE fly-in echelon
FIE foreign intelligence entity
Field 10  unattractive female service member who becomes desirable after extended time in the field or combat environment
Field Cover  Campaign Cover, a broad-brimmed felt hat
FIELD DAY Full-blown cleaning, sort of like spring cleaning in overdrive
Field Day  day or portion of day set aside for top-to-bottom cleaning of an area
Field Expedient  improvisation / make do with what's available
Field Meet  organized sporting competition
Field Music  drummer, trumpeter, bugler, fifer
Field-Strip  disassemble a piece of ordnance or weapon for routine cleaning or lubricating
Fifty-cal   M2 Browning machine gun
Fighting Checkmates VF-213
Fighting Hole  defensive position dug into the ground
Fighting Marlins VP-40
Fighting Redcocks VFA-22
Fighting Totems VP-69
Fighting Vigilantes VFA-151
FIGMO Frig it I Got My Orders
Final Duty Station  reference to a Marine's final posting
FinCEN Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Fini Flight A pilot's last flight in the aircraft before he/she leaves a squadron, a wing, or retires from the Air Force
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard
Fire for Effect  indirect fire to range/adjust the rounds that should be fired
Fire Watch Medal  National Defense Service Medal
Fire Watch  sentry guarding a person, place, object, or area in a non-combat area
Firebees Helicopter Sea Combat Weapons School Atlantic
FIRST LIEUTENANT The Officer responsible to the XO for the deck department/division aboard ship
First Lieutenant, Second Award  former 1st Lieutenant promoted ahead of schedule to Captain
First Shirt  company or battery First Sergeant
FIS Foreign Intelligence Service
FIS Fire Inhibit Swtich
FISINT foreign instrumentation signals intelligence
FISINT Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence
FISS foreign intelligence and security services
FIST fire support team
FIST Fire Support Team
Fist of the Fleet VFA-25
FISTer Member of a Fire Support Team
FIST-V Fire Support Team Vehicle
FitRep Fitness Report
FITREP  report written detailing proficiency and conduct and fitness for command
FITW Federal Income Tax Withholding
Five-jump Chump  one who performs only minimum jumps for the Basic Parachute Insignia
FLAG OFFICER Any commissioned Officer in pay grade 0–7 or above
Flak and Kevlar  body armor and a helmet respectively
Flak Jacket  term for ballistic vest or body armor
FLC fleet intelligence support team
FLC fleet logistics center
Fleet Angels HSC-22
FLETC Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (DHS)
FLIP flight information publication
FLIR forward-looking infrared
FLITE federal legal information through electronics
FLO/FLO float-on/float-off
Float Widow  unfaithful wife of a Marine or Sailor deployed aboard a ship
Float  deployment aboard ship
FLOT forward line of own troops
FLOT Forward Line of Troops
FLOTUS First Lady of the United States (U.S. - See POTUS)
FLPP Foreign Language Profeciency Pay
FLS forward logistic site
FLSG force logistic support group
FLTCYBERCOM Fleet Cyber Command (Navy)
FLTSAT fleet satellite
FLTSATCOM fleet satellite communications
FLTSURGTM EIGHT Fleet Surgical Team 8
FLTSURGTM FOUR Fleet Surgical Team 4
FLTSURGTM SEVEN Fleet Surgical Team 7
FLTSURGTM SIX Fleet Surgical Team 6
FLTSURGTM TWO Fleet Surgical Team 2
Flying Eagles VFA-122
FM field manual (Army)
FM financial management
FM force module
FM frequency modulation
FM Field Marshal; More Commonly "Field Manual"
FM Financial Management Controller
FM/A functional manager for analysis
FMA foreign materiel acquisition
FMC Fully Mission Capable
FMC Fully Mission Capable
FMC  Fully Mission Capable
FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
FMF foreign military financing
FMF Fleet Marine Force
FMF Fleet Marine Force
FMF Fleet Marine Force
FMFP foreign military financing program
FMO frequency management office
FMO functional manager office
FMP foreign materiel program
FMR Financial Management Regulation
FMRs Fair Market Rents
FMS force module subsystem
FMS foreign military sales
FMS Field Maintenance Squadron
FMS Foreign Mission Sales
FMSS Field Medical Service School
FMTS Fourth Estate Manpower Tracking System
FMTU  Foreign Military Training Unit
FMV full motion video
FN foreign nation
FN Fireman
FNG Frickin New Guy
FNG  F*cking New Guy / Marine recently graduated recruit training
FNMOD Fleet Numerical Meteorological and Oceanographic Detachment
FNS foreign nation support
FO forward observer
FO Forward Observer
FO Foxtrot Oscar (US/UK Forces)
FOA Field Operating Agency
FOB forward operating base
FOB Forward Operating Base
Fobbie or Fobbit  Marine who rarely sees combat;
FOC full operational capability
FOD field operations division
FOD foreign object damage
FOD Foreign Object Damage (U.S.)
FOD Foreign Object Debris(U.S.)
FOD Foreign Object Damage (Debris and Detection also used in some cases)
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FOP Form of Payment
FORCE fuels operational readiness capability equipment (Air Force)
FORSCOM United States Army Forces Command
Fortitudine  former motto of the Marine Corps
FOS forward operating site
FOS full operational status
FOUO for official use only
FOUO For Official Use Only
Four Cans of Freedom Nickname for the C-130 Hercules
Four Fan Trash Can Nickname for the C-130 Hercules
Four Fingers of Death  MRE (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) with four small hot dogs as the main meal
FOV field of view
Foxhole  fighting hole as termed by the Army and Marines of the past
FP firing point
FP force protection
FP force provider
FPA foreign policy advisor
FPCON force protection condition
FPD force protection detachment
FPD foreign post differential
FPF final protective fire
FPF Final Protective Fire, last volley sent toward an advancing enemy
FPLP Federal Premiere Lodging Program
FPO fleet post office
FPO Fleet Post Office; See Also APO
FPOC focal point operations center
FPS Federal Protective Service (DHS)
FPWG force protection working group
FR Fireman Recruit
FRA Federal Railroad Administration (DOT)
FRAGO  Fragmentary Order
FRAGORD fragmentary order
FRC forward resuscitative care
FRC Fleet Readiness Center
FRED Fricking Ridiculous Economic Disaster (term for the C-5 Galaxy)
FRMAC Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center (DOE)
FRN force requirement number
FRO flexible response option
FRO  Family Readiness Officer
Frock You  Response to inappropriate request to be promoted prior to schedule
Frock  authorized to wear the next higher grade before promotion
FRRS frequency resource record system
FRS Fleet Replacement Squadron (Formerly RAG)
FRTP fleet response training plan
FS Fighter Squadron
FSA Family Separation Allowance
FSA fire support area
FSA Food Service Attendant
FSB fire support base
FSB forward staging base
FSB Force Shaping Board
FSC fire support cell
FSC fire support coordinator (USMC)
FSCC fire support coordination center (USMC)
FSCL fire support coordination line
FSCM fire support coordination measure
FSCOORD fire support coordinator (Army)
FSE fire support element
FSEM fire support execution matrix
FSF foreign security forces
FSI Foreign Service Institute
FSN foreign service national
FSO Financial Services Officer
FSO fire support officer
FSO Food Service Officer
FSP functional support plan
FSR field service representative
FSRT fatality search and recovery team
FSS fast sealift ship
FSS fire support station
FSS Forse Support Squadron
FSSP fuel system supply point
FST fire support task
FSTE Foreign Service Tour Extension
FSW feet of seawater
ft feet
ft foot
FT Fire Control Technician
ft3 cubic feet
FTAC First Term Airman's Center
FTN force tracking number
FTN Forget the Navy (Polite Form)
FTN Full-Time Navy (Humorous Form)
FTO foreign terrorist organization
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FTR Federal Travel Regulation
FTS Full-time Support (full-time, active-duty personnel in US Navy Reserve)
FTS Flying Training Squadron
FTU Formal Training Unit
FTUS Full Time Unit Specialist
FTW Flying Training Wing
FUBAR Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition or Fouled Up Beyond All Repair
FUBAR Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
FUBAR  F*cked/Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition/Repair
FUBIJAR  F*ck you Buddy, I'm just a reservist
Full-Bird  Colonel, as opposed to a Lieutenant Colonel
FW fixed-wing
FW Fighter Wing
FWA fraud, waste, and abuse
FWC fleet weather center
FY fiscal year
FY1 current fiscal year
FY2 budget year
FY3 program year
FY4 out year
FY5 out year
FYDP Future Years Defense Program
FYI For Your Information
FYSA For Your Situational Awareness
FYSA For Your Situational Awareness
G/VLLD ground/vehicle laser locator designator
G1 General Staff Level office for Personnel and Manpower (Division and Above)
G-1 Army or Marine Corps component manpower or personnel staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff)
G2 General Staff Level office for Military Intelligence (Division and Above)
G-2 Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
G-2 Army or Marine Corps component intelligence staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff)
G-2  individual's intellect
G-2X Army counterintelligence and human intelligence staff element
G3 General Staff Level office for Operations and Plans (Division and Above)
G-3 Army or Marine Corps component operations staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff)
G-3 assistant chief of staff, operations
G4 General Staff Level office for Logistics (Division and Above)
G-4 Army or Marine Corps component logistics staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff)
G-4 Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics
G5 General Staff Level office for Military/Civil Affairs (Division and Above)
G-5 assistant chief of staff, plans
G6 General Staff Level office for Signal and Communication (Division and Above)
G-6 Army or Marine Corps component command, control, communications, and computer systems staff officer
G-6 assistant chief of staff for communications
G-6 signal staff officer (Army)
G7 General Staff Level office for Training and Exercises (Division and Above)
G-7 Army component information operations staff officer
G-7 assistant chief of staff, information engagement
G8 General Staff Level office for Force Development and Analysis (Division and Above)
G9 General Staff Level office for Civil Operations (Division and Above)
GA geospatial analyst
GA Group Authorization
Gaff Off  disregard or ignore a person or order
GAFS General Accounting and Finance System
GAFS General Accounting Financial Systems
Gagglef*ck  Marines grouped too closely or in an unorganized fashion
GALLEY The kitchen
GAMSS Global Air Mobility Support System
GANGWAY An opening in the bulwark or lifeline that provides access to a brow or accommodation ladder
GANGWAY when shouted means to get out of the way
Gangway  ship's passageway
GAO Government Accountability Office
GAR gateway access request
Garrison Cover  soft green folded cap worn with the service uniform
Garrison  adjective referring to not being deployed or deployable
GARS Global Area Reference System
GARS Government Administrative Rate Supplement
Garudas (Expeditionary) VAQ-134
GAT governmental assistance team
Gate Fishing  off-duty Marine who chats up a girl who may or may not be loitering
GATES Global Air Transportation Execution System
GATES Global Air Transportation Execution System
Gauntlets VAQ-136
GBL government bill of lading
GBR ground-based radar
GBS Global Broadcast Service
GBS Global Broadcast System
GBS Global Broadcast Service
GBU Guided Bomb Unit
GC general counsel
GC Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War
GC Guidance and Control
GCC geographic combatant commander
GCC Global contingency construction
GCCC global contingency construction contract
GCCMAC Global Contingency Construction Multiple Award Contract (Navy)
GCCS Global Command and Control System
GCCS (Pronounced geeks/giks) Global Command and Control System
GCCS-A Global Command and Control System-Army
GCCS-I3 Global Command and Control System-Integrated Imagery and Intelligence
GCCS-J Global Command and Control System-Joint
GCCS-M Global Command and Control System-Maritime
GCCS-M Global Command and Control System-Maritime
GCE ground combat element (USMC)
GCI ground control intercept
GCIC Global Cyberspace Integration Center
GCLM Ground Launched Cruise Missle
GCM global container manager
GCM Global Information Grid (GIG) Content Management
GCP global campaign plan
GCP ground commander’s pointer
GCP-CWMD Global Campaign Plan for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction
GCS ground control station
GCSC global contingency service contract
GCSMAC Global Contingency Services Multiple Award Contract (Navy)
GCSS Global Command Support System
GCSS-J Global Combat Support System-Joint
GDF Guidance for Development of the Force
GDIP General Defense Intelligence Program
GDP global defense posture
GDP gross domestic product
GDS Global Distribution System
GDSS Global Decision Support System
GDT Ground Control Station
GDT Ground Data Terminal
GE general engineering
Gear Adrift  gear found left lying around or unguarded
GEAR LOCKER A storage room
Gear  property or equipment
GEEDUNK Candy, gum or cafeteria, sometimes called pogey bait
Geedunk  candy and other sweets
GEF Guidance for Employment of the Force
GEM Global Information Grid (GIG) Enterprise Management
GEN General
Gen General
General Orders  List of 11 General Orders for Sentries
GENTEXT general text
GEO geosynchronous Earth orbit
GEOINT geospatial intelligence
GEOLOC geographic location
GEOREF geographic reference
Get Some  spirited cry expressing approval and the desire for more or to continue
GETS Geospatial Intelligence Enterprise Tasking, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination Services
GEX Global Exchange
GFE government-furnished equipment
GFM global force management
GFM global freight management
GFMAP Global Force Management Allocation Plan
GFMB Global Force Management Board
GFMIG Global Force Management Implementation Guidance
GFP government-furnished property
GFS global fleet station
GFS government-furnished support
GHz gigahertz
GI geomatics and imagery
GI Government Issue
GI Shower  bathing with limited water
GI&S geospatial information and services
GIANT Global Positioning System Interference and Navigation Tool
GIBCO geospatial-intelligence base for contingency operations
GICNT Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism
GIE global information environment
GIG Global Information Grid
GIGO Garbage In Garbage Out
GIMS Geospatial Intelligence Information Management Services
GIO Geospatial Intelligence Organisation (New Zealand)
GIP gridded installation photograph
GIS geographic information system
GITMO  US Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
GL government-leased
Gladiators VFA-131
GLCM ground-launched cruise missile
GLD ground liaison detachment
GLINT gated laser intensifier
GLO ground liaison officer
GLOC ground line of communications
G-LOC G-Induced Loss of Consciousness
Glow Belt  reflective belt used when running on or near hard-surfaced roads
GLTD ground laser target designator
GM Gone Mersault
GM Gunner's Mate
GMD ground-based midcourse defense
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GMI general military intelligence
GMLRS Global Positioning System Multiple Launch Rocket System
GMP global maritime partnership
GMR Government Meal Rate
GMSC Global Mission Support Center (USSOCOM)
GMTI ground moving target indicator
GNA Global Information Grid (GIG) Network Assurance
GNC Guidance and Control
GNCC global network operations center
GND Global Information Grid (GIG) Network Defense
GNSC global network operations support center
GNSS global navigation satellite system
GNZ Geospatial Intelligence New Zealand
GO government-owned
GO General Officer
GO General Officer
GO/FO general officer/flag officer
Goat Rope  chaotic and messy situation
GOCO Government Owned, Contractor Operated
GOCO Government Owned, Contractor Operated
Go-fasters  running shoes or sneakers
GOGO Government Owned, Government Operated
Going High and to the Right  losing one's temper or rationality
Golden Dragons VFA-192
Golden Eagles VP-9
Golden Falcon HS-2
Golden Hawks VAW-112
Golden Swordsmen VP-47
Golden Warriors VFA-103
Gomer or GOMER  stupid person, from the character Gomer Pyle
Good Cookie  Good Conduct Medal
Good to Go  difficulties will be overcome; ready; well done or satisfactory
Gook  anything foreign or strange
Gore-Tex  All Purpose Environmental Clothing System (APECS)
GOTS government off-the-shelf
Gouge  information or news
GOV Government Owned Vehicle
Gp Group
GPC geospatial planning cell
GPC government purchase card
GPC Government Purchase Card
GPD gallons per day
GPE geospatial intelligence preparation of the environment
GPEC Global Posture Executive Council
GPL Geospatial Product Library
GPM gallons per minute
GPM global pallet manager
GPMG General Purpose Machine Gun
GPMIC Global Patient Movement Integration Center
GPMJAB Global Patient Movement Joint Advisory Board
GPMRC Global Patient Movement Requirements Center
GPOI Global Peace Operations Initiative
GPS Global Positioning System
GPS Global Positioning System
GPS Global Positioning System
GPSOC Global Positioning System Operations Center
GPW Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War
GQ General Quarters (Call to Battle Stations)
Grab-Ass  horseplay, usually wrestling.
GRAD AND GO A Boot Camp graduate who leaves for the next duty station three hours after graduation
Grand Old Man of the Marine Corps  Brevet Brigadier General Archibald Henderson
Grandmasters HSM-70
Grape  Marine's head; "Keep on grab assing and you'll fall and bust your grape!"
Gray Knights VP-46
Gray Wolves VAQ-142
Greens  service uniforms in reference to their color
Greyhawks VAW-121
GRG gridded reference graphic
Grid Squares  marked reference lines on a map
Grinder  parade ground or deck used primarily for drill and/or formations
GRL global reach laydown
GROOVE Geospatial Requirements One-Stop Visualization Environment
Ground Guide  person who walks & guides a vehicle to detect and avoid obstacles
GROUND TACKLE The equipment used in mooring or anchoring a ship
Grunt Infantryman
GS general service
GS general support
GS General Schedule
GSA General Services Administration
GSA General Services Administration
GSA General Services Administration
GSE ground support equipment
GSE Gas Turbine Systems Technician - Electrical
GSE Ground Support Equipment
GSM Gas Turbine Systems Technician _Mechanic
GSO general services officer
GSORTS Global Status of Resources and Training System
GSR general support-reinforcing
GSR ground surveillance radar
GSSC global satellite communications (SATCOM) support center
GST geospatial support team
GT Score  Intelligence measure from the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
GTA Government Transportation Account
GTA graphic training aid
GTAS ground-to-air signals
GTC Government Travel Card
GTCC Government Travel Charge Card
GTL gun-target line
GTM global transportation management
GTN Global Transportation Network
GTR Government Transportation Request
G-TSCMIS Global Theater Security Cooperation Management Information System
GUI Graphical User Interface
Guide  Unit guidon-bearer
Gumby Suit  two pieced wet weather gear consisting of a hooded jacket and overalls
Gun Bunny  Artilleryman
Gun Club  USMC at-large as in "I've been in this gun club longer than you."
Gung ho  Chinese for "work together,"
Gunner  Marine Gunner
Gunny  Gunnery Sergeant
Gunslingers VFA-106
GWOT Global War On Terrorism
GWS Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field
GWS Sea Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded, Sick, and Shipwrecked Members of the Armed Forces at Sea
Gyrene  Nickname for Marine; combination of the words "GI" and "Marine"
H&S headquarters and service
H&S  Headquarters & Service/Supply
HA holding area
HA humanitarian assistance
HA Hospital Apprentice
HAAMS High Altitude Airdrop Missions
HAART Humanitarian Assistance Rapid Response Team
HAC human intelligence analysis cell
HACC humanitarian assistance coordination center
hack  arrest
HAF Headquarters Air Force
HAHO High Altitude High Opening
HAHO High Altitude, High Opening
Haji Arab or Middle Eastern person or object
Half-bird  Lieutenant Colonel
half-mast when the ensign is hoisted to one flag/ensign below the top
HALO High Altitude Low Opening (Airborne)
HALO High Altitude, Low Opening
HAMS Headquarters & Maintenance Squadron
Hanger "#" A nonexistent hangar (e.g., if there are 4 hangars, then it would be Hangar 5); heard most often over radios as slang code for latrine/bathroom/Porta John. Example: "Get me to Hangar 5!"
HAP Homeowners Assistance Program
HAP humanitarian assistance program
HARC human intelligence analysis and reporting cell
Hard Charger term for a junior Marine when he or she completes a difficult task
HARM High Speed Anti-Radiation Missle
HARM Host Aviation Resource Management
Hashmark  service stripe for completion of four years of honorable service
HAST humanitarian assistance survey team
Hatch  watertight door
Hawg Nickname for the A-10 Thunderbolt II
HAZCON Hazardous Condition
HAZMAT hazardous materials
HBCT heavy brigade combat team
HBL Holiday Block Leave
HBT  Herringbone Twill
HC Directorate for Human Capital (DIA)
HC humanitarian coordinator
HC Chaplain Headquarters
HCA head of contracting activity
HCA humanitarian and civic assistance
HCCC harbormaster command and control center
HCO helicopter control officer
HCS helicopter coordination section
HD harbor defense
HD homeland defense
HDC harbor defense commander
HDC helicopter direction center
HDCU harbor defense command unit
HDM humanitarian demining
HDO humanitarian demining operations
HDR humanitarian daily ration
HDR  Humanitarian Daily Ration
HDTC Humanitarian Demining Training Center
HE high explosives
HE High Explosive
HE  High Explosive
HEAD Restroom
Head Shed  Command post
head  bathroom or latrine
Headgear  hats, helmets, caps, etc.
HEAT High Explosive Anti-Tank Warhead
HEAT  High-Explosive Antitank round
Heavy Hat  second-most senior drill instructor in platoon
HEDP  High-Explosive Dual Purpose ammunition
HEDSUPPACTLANT Headquarters, Support Activity Atlantic
HEI high explosives incendiary
Hell Hole  Hatch in the deck of helicopters used for rappelling and cargo lifting
HELO Hellicopter
Helo  Helicopter
HEMP high-altitude electromagnetic pulse
HEO highly elliptical orbit
HEP High Explosive, Plastic
HEPA high efficiency particulate air
HERF hazards of electromagnetic radiation to fuels
HERO hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance
HERP hazards of electromagnetic radiation to personnel
HESH High Explosive Squash Head (British anti-tank round)
HEWSweb Humanitarian Early Warning Service
HF high frequency
HFA human factors analysis
HFP hostile fire pay
HHB Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
HHC headquarters and headquarters company
HHC Headquarters and Headquarters Company
HHG Household Goods
HHQ higher headquarters
HHT Headquarters and Headquarters Troop
HIA Held in Abeyance
HIC humanitarian information center
HIDACZ high-density airspace control zone
HIFLD homeland infrastructure foundation-level data
HIFR helicopter in-flight refueling
High and Tight  common variant of the buzz haircut
Higher-ups Marines above the rank of E-5 Sergeant
High-speed  New, interesting, or cool
Hillbilly Armor  improvised vehicle armor
HIMAD high-to-medium-altitude air defense
HIMARS High Mobility Artillery Rocket System
HIMARS  High Mobility Artillery Rocket System
HIMEZ high-altitude missile engagement zone
Hippity-hop, mob stop!  Platoon, halt!
HIRTA high intensity radio transmission area
HIU humanitarian information unit (DOS)
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
HM Enlisted Sailor tasked with assisting Navy Medical Officers in providing medical care to Navy and Marine Corps personnel and their families
HM Hospital Corpsman
HMA humanitarian mine action
HMA Marine Attack Helicopter Squadron
HMCS helmet-mounted cueing system
HMFIC Head Man Frickin' In Charge – colloquialism for the highest-ranking person present
HMFIC Head Man In Charge
HMH Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron
HMHT Marine Heavy Helicopter Training Squadron
HMIRS Hazardous Material Information Resource System
HML Marine Light Helicopter Squadrons
HMLA Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron
HMLAT Marine Light Attack Helicopter Training Squadron
HMM Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron (formerly HMR)
HMMT Marine Medium Helicopter Training Squadron
HMMWV high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HMMWV High-Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle
HMMWV High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Pronounced Humvee)
HMOD harbormaster operations detachment
HMR Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron
HMT Marine Helicopter Training Squadron
HMX-1 Marine Helicopter Squadron One
HN host nation
HN Hospitalman
HNC host-nation coordination
HNCC host nation coordination center
HNS host-nation support
HNSCC host-nation support coordination cell
HNSF host-nation security forces
HO Historian's Office
HOB height of burst
HOC human intelligence operations cell
HOC humanitarian operations center
HOCC humanitarian operations coordination center
Hollywood Marine  Marine who graduated from Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego
HOM head of mission
Homeslice  Person
Homesteading  remaining at one duty station for an extended tour(s)
HOMSEC Homeland Security
Hooch  field living quarters
Horse-cock Sandwich  sandwich or meal created using an unknown meat
HOSTAC helicopter operations from ships other than aircraft carriers (USN publication)
Hot-Shit  arrogant person.
House Mouse  recruit tasked with cleaning in drill instructor-only areas
Housewife  Girlfriend; or sewing kit
HPC Historic Properties Custodian
HPM high-power microwave
HPT high-payoff target
HQ headquarters
HQ Headquarters
HQCOMDT headquarters commandant
HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army HQMC Headquarters, Marine Corps
HQMC  Headquarters Marine Corps
HR helicopter request
HR hostage rescue
HR Hosptial Recruit
Hr.Ms His/Her Dutch Majesty's Ship(Dutch Royal Navy ship)
HRAP Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program
HRB high-risk billet
HRC high-risk-of-capture
HRC Human Resources Command
HRF homeland response force HRI high risk of isolation
HRO humanitarian relief organizations
HRP high-risk personnel
HRP human remains pouch
HRT health response team
HS health services
HS helicopter antisubmarine (Navy)
HS homeland security
HS Helicopter Squadron, Anti-Submarine Warfare (HS-4 Black Knights)
HSC helicopter sea combat (Navy)
HSC Homeland Security Council
HSCWSL Airborne Mine Countermeasures Weapons System Training School
HSCWSP Helicopter Sea Combat Weapons School Pacific
HSD health service delivery
HSI hyperspectral imagery
HSI Office of Homeland Security Investigations (DHS)
HSIN Homeland Security Information Network (DHS)
HSIP Homeland Security Infrastructure Program
HSM Humanitarian Service Medal
HSMWSL Commander, Helicopter Sea Combat Wing, Atlantic Fleet
HSPD Homeland Security Presidential directive
HSS health service support
HST high-speed transport
HSV high-speed vessel
HT Hull Maintenacne Technical
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
HTS HARM Targeting System
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPD Hypertext Transfer Protocol Daemon
HUA Heard, Understood, Acknowledged
HUAW Hurry Up and Wait
HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development
HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development
HUD Head's Up Display
HUMINT human intelligence
HUMINT Human Intelligence
HUMINT Human Intelligence
Hump  carry or lift a load
HUMRO humanitarian relief operation
Hurry up and wait  inefficient time management or planning
Huss  to give a helping hand
HVA high-value asset
HVAA high-value airborne asset
HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
HVCDS high-velocity container delivery system
HVI high-value individual
HVI High Value Individual
HVT high-value target
HVT High Value Target
HW hazardous waste
HYT High Year Tenure
Hz hertz
I&A Identification and Authentication
I&A Office of Intelligence and Analysis (DHS)
I/R IR integrated planning team
I/R IR Integrated Product Team
I/R IR Intelligence planning team internment/resettlement
I/T interpreter and translator
I2 identity intelligence
I2SP identity intelligence support packet
I2WD Intelligence and Information Warfare Division (Army)
IA imagery analyst
IA implementing arrangement
IA individual augmentee
IA information assurance
IA Information Assurance
IAA incident area assessment
IAA incident awareness and assessment
IADS integrated air defense system
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency (UN)
IAF Indian Air Force
IAF Israeli Air Force
IAM inertially aided munition
IAMD integrated air and missile defense
IAMM Individual Augmentation Manpower Management
IAMSAR International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue manual
IAP incident action plan
IAP integrated assessment and planning
IAP international airport
IAP In Assignment Processing
IAPP Interagency Partnership Program
IAS International Assistance System
IASC Inter-Agency Standing Committee (UN)
IAVA Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert
IAVA Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert
IAVM information assurance vulnerability management
IAW in accordance with
IAW In Accordance With
IAW In Accordance With
IAW  in accordance with
IBA Individually Billed Account
IBB International Broadcasting Bureau
IBCT infantry brigade combat team
IBET integrated border enforcement team
IBOP International Balance of Payments
IBS Integrated Booking System
IBS integrated broadcast service
IBS Integrated Broadcast System
IBS-I Integrated Broadcast Service-Interactive
IBS-S Integrated Broadcast Service-Simplex
IBT Internet-Based Training
IBT/CBT Internet-Based Training and Computer-Based Training
IC incident commander
IC intelligence community
IC Interior Communications Electrician
IC/EXCOM Intelligence Community Executive Committee
IC3 integrated command, control, and communications
ICAF Interagency Conflict Assessment Framework (DOS)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAT interagency conflict assessment team
ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile
ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missle
ICBRN-R international chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear response
ICC information coordination center
ICC Intelligence Coordination Center (USCG)
ICC International Criminal Court
ICD intelligence community directive
ICDS improved container delivery system
ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS)
ICE Indiviual Carrying Equipment
ICEPP Incident Communications Emergency Policy and Procedures
ICF intelligence contingency funds
ICIS integrated consumable item support
ICITAP International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (DOJ)
ICJ International Court of Justice
ICM image city map
ICO In Case Of (or In Care Of)
ICODES Integrated Computerized Deployment System
ICP intertheater communications security package
ICP inventory control point
ICR Intelligence Collection Requirements
ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross
ICS incident command system
ICS integrated country strategy
ICS intelligence community standard
ICT information and communications technology
ICU intensive care unit
ICVA International Council of Voluntary Agencies
ICW In Conjunction With
ICW in coordination with
ID identification
ID identifier
ID initiating directive
ID Identification
ID 10 T Problem A problem that is created by an "idiot"
ID/IQ indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity
IDAD internal defense and development
IDENT Automated Biometric Identification System (DHS)
IDF indirect fire
IDL integrated distribution lane
IDL International Date Line
IDM improved data modem
IDP imagery derived product
IDP imminent danger pay
IDP internally displaced person
IDRA infectious disease risk assessment
IDSRS Integrated Defense Source Registration System
IDT Inactive Duty Training
ID-Ten-Tango  idiot
IE Incidental Expenses
IED improvised explosive device
IED Improvised Explosive Device
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEM installation emergency management
IER information exchange requirement
IFAK Individual First Aid Kit
IFC intelligence fusion center
IFE In-Flight Emergency
IFF identification, friend or foe
IFF Identification Friend or Foe
IFF Identification Friend or Foe
IFF Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals
IFFCC Integrated Flight and Fire Control Computer
IFO integrated financial operations
IFO intermediate fuel oil
IFP integrated force package
IFR instrument flight rules
IFRC International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
IFS Introductory Flight Screening
IFT Introductory Flight Training
IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle
IG inspector general
IG Inspector General (US Military)
IG Inspector General
IG  Inspector General
IGC Integrated Data Environment/Global Transportation Network Convergence
IGL intelligence gain/loss
IHC international humanitarian community
IHO industrial hygiene officer
IHO Industrial Hygiene Officer
IHS international health specialist
IICT Interagency Intelligence Committee on Counterterrorism
IIP Bureau of International Information Programs (DOS)
IIP interagency implementation plan
IIR intelligence information report
ILAB Bureau of International Labor Affairs (DOL)
ILBE  Improved Load Bearing Equipment
ILO in lieu of
ILO International Labor Organization (UN)
ILOC integrated line of communications
ILS integrated logistic support
ILS Instrument Landing System
ILT Instruction Led Training
IM information management
IM intermediate module
IMA individual mobilization augmentee
IMAAC Interagency Modeling and Atmospheric Assessment Center
IMC instrument meteorological conditions
IMDG international maritime dangerous goods (UN)
IMDS Integrated Maintenance Database System
IMET international military education and training
IMF International Monetary Fund (UN)
IMF Intermediate Maintenance Facility
IMINT imagery intelligence
IMINT Imagery Intelligence
IMM integrated materiel management
IMM intelligence mission management
IMO information management officer
IMO International Maritime Organization
IMP information management plan
IMP inventory management plan
IMPP integrated mission planning process
IMPT integrated mission planning team
IMRL individual material requirements list
IMRL Individual Material Readiness List
IMS information management system
IMS interagency management system
IMS Interagency Management System for Reconstruction and Stabilization
IMSP information management support plan
IMTF integrated mission task force
IN Infantry
In Country  being within a war zone
INCLE International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement (DOS)
IND improvised nuclear device
indians HS-6
INDRAC Interagency Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction Database of Responsibilities, Authorities, and Capabilities
INFLTREP inflight report
INFOCON information operations condition
Inkstick  Pen
INL Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (DOS)
INLS improved Navy lighterage system
INM international narcotics matters
INMARSAT international maritime satellite
INOP Inoperativ/Inoperable
INOSC Integrated Network Operations and Security Center
INR Bureau of Intelligence and Research (DOS)
INS inertial navigation system
INSARAG International Search and Rescue Advisory Group
INSCOM United States Army Intelligence and Security Command
INSCOM United States Rmy Intelligence and Security Command
INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
InterAction American Council for Voluntary International Action
INTERPOL international police
INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization
IO information operations
IOB intelligence oversight board
IOC Initial Operational Capability
IOC Initial Operational Capability
IOCB information operations coordination board
IOIC Information Operations Integration Course
IOII information operations intelligence integration
IOM International Organization for Migration
IOSS Interagency Operations Security Support Staff
IOW information operations wing
IOWG information operations working group
IP initial point
IP initial position
IP intelligence planning
IP Internet protocol
IP Irish Pennant - A loose thread of a Naval or Marine Uniform
IP Information Operations
IP Insturctor Pilot
IPA intelligence production agency
IPB intelligence preparation of the battlespace
IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace
IPC integration planning cell
IPC interagency planning cell
IPC interagency policy committee
IPDP inland petroleum distribution plan
IPDS inland petroleum distribution system (Army)
IPE individual protective equipment
IPG isolated personnel guidance
IPI indigenous populations and institutions
IPOE intelligence preparation of the operational environment
IPP impact point prediction
IPR in-progress review
IPR F plan approval in-progress review
IPS Integrated Planning System (DHS)
IPT Integrated Process Team
IPT Interim Polar System
IR incident report
IR information requirement
IR infrared
IR intelligence requirement
IR pointer infrared pointer
IRA Provisional Irish Republican Army
IRAC Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee (DOC)
IRBM intermediate-range ballistic missile
IRC information-related capability
IRCM infrared countermeasures
IRCM internet relay chat
Irish Pennant or IP  loose thread, string, or strap detracting from a perfect appearance
Iron Mike  nautical term for a gyrocompass
Ironman VQ-3
IRR Individual Ready Reserve
IRR  Individual Ready Reserve
IRS Internal Revenue Service
IRSCC interagency remote sensing coordination cell
IRT In Reference To
IRTPA Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act
IS information superiority
IS information system
IS Intelligence Squadron
ISA individual Service augmentee
ISA international standardization agreement
ISAC information sharing and analysis center
ISAF International Security Assistance Force
ISB intermediate staging base
ISDDC Integrated Mission Support for Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
ISDM information dissemination management
ISE information sharing environment
ISG isolated soldier guidance
ISI2R identify, separate, isolate, influence, and reintegrate
ISIL Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Island Knights HSC-25
ISN Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation (DOS)
ISN internment serial number
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISO isolation
ISO Inter School Code
ISOPAK International Organization for Standardization package
ISOPREP isolated personnel report
ISR intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
ISR Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
ISR Intelligence, Surveilance, and Reconnaissance
ISR WG Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Wing
ISRD intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance division
ISRLO intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance liaison officer (USAF)
ISS in-system select
IST Information System Technician
ISU internal airlift or helicopter slingable container unit
IT information system technician
IT information technology
IT incentive (physical) training used as a punishment
IT Information Technology
IT Naval community made up of communications experts who process, transmit and analyze a wide variety of data
ITA International Trade Administration (DOC)
ITA Invitational Travel Authorization
ITF intelligence task force (DIA)
ITL intelligence task list
ITO installation transportation officer
ITS Information Technology Submarines
ITT Information, Tickets, and Travel
ITU International Telecommunications Union
ITV in-transit visibility
ITW/AA integrated tactical warning and attack assessment
IV intravenous
IW irregular warfare
IWC information operations warfare commander
IWG intelligence working group
IWG interagency working group
IWW inland waterway
IWWS inland waterway system
IYAAWAT If You Ain't Ammo, You're Waitin' On Them
IYAAYAS If You Ain't AMMO, You Ain't sh*t
IYAAYAS If You Ain't Ammo, You Sh*t
J-1 manpower and personnel directorate of a joint staff
J-2 intelligence directorate of a joint staff
J-2E joint force exploitation staff element
J-2X joint force counterintelligence and human intelligence staff element
J-3 operations directorate of a joint staff
J-31 Joint Force Coordinator (Joint Staff)
J-35 future operations cell
J-39 DDGO Joint Staff, Deputy Director for Global Operations
J-4 logistics directorate of a joint staff
J-5 plans directorate of a joint staff
J-6 communications system directorate of a joint staff
J-7 engineering staff section of a joint staff
J-7 Joint Staff Directorate for Joint Force Development
J-7 operational plans and interoperability directorate of a joint staff
J-7 training directorate of a joint staff
J-8 force structure, resource, and assessment directorate of a joint staff
J-8 Joint Staff Directorate for Force Structure, Resource, and Assessment
J-9 civil-military operations directorate of a joint staff
JA judge advocate
JA Judge Advocate (General)
JA Judge Advocate
JA/ATT joint airborne and air transportability training
JA/ATT Joint Airborne/Air Transportability Training
JAARS Joint After-Action Reporting System
JAAT joint air attack team
JAC joint analysis center
JACCE joint air component coordination element
JACE joint air coordination element
JACK BOX Access box to sound-powered phone circuitry
JACS joint automated communication-electronics operating instructions system
JADOC Joint Air Defense Operations Center (NORAD)
JADOCS Joint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System
JAG judge advocate general
JAG Judge Advocate General
JAG Corps that provides legal services and advice in all legal matters involving the Navy or the Command
JAG Judge Advocate General
JAG Judge Advocate General's Corps, US Navy
JAG  Judge Advocate General
JAGIC joint air-ground integration center
Jaguars HSM-40
JAMMS Joint Asset Movement Management System
JAOC joint air operations center
JAOC Joint Air and Space Operations Center
JAOP joint air operations plan
Jarhead  pejorative term for a Marine
JARN joint air request net
JASSM joint air-to-surface standoff missile
JAT joint assessment team
JATO Jet-Assisted Take Off
JATO Jet-Assisted Take-Off
JAX  Jacksonville, North Carolina
JBD Jet Blast Deflector (Carriers)
JBPO joint blood program office
JCA joint capability area
JCASO Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office (DLA)
JCC joint collaboration cell
JCC joint contracting center
JCC joint cyberspace center
JCCA joint combat capability assessment
JCCC Joint Combat Camera Center
JCCC joint communications control center
JCCSE Joint Continental United States Communications Support Environment
JCEOI joint communications-electronics operating instructions
JCET joint combined exchange training
JCEWR joint coordination of electronic warfare reprogramming
JCEWS joint force commander’s electronic warfare staff
JCISA Joint Command Information Systems Activity
JCIU joint counterintelligence unit
JCMA joint communications security monitoring activity
JCMB joint collection management board
JCMEB joint civil-military engineering board
JCMEC joint captured materiel exploitation center
JCMEC Joint Captured Materiel Exploitation Center (DIA)
JCMO joint communications security management office
JCMOTF joint civil-military operations task force
JCMS Joint Construction Management System
JCN joint communications network
JCN joint communications node
JCRM Joint Capabilities Requirements Manager
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCSB joint contracting support board
JCSE joint communications support element
JCSE Joint Communications Support Element (USTRANSCOM)
JD Joint Determination
JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition
JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition
JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition
JDAT joint deployable analysis team
JDD joint doctrine distribution
JDDC joint doctrine development community
JDDE joint deployment and distribution enterprise
JDDOC joint deployment and distribution operations center
JDDT joint doctrine development tool
JDEC joint document exploitation center
JDEIS Joint Doctrine, Education, and Training Electronic Information System
JDET joint distribution enabling team
JDIGS Joint Digital Information Gathering System
JDISS joint deployable intelligence support system
JDN joint data network
JDN joint doctrine note
JDNC joint data network operations cell
JDNO joint data network operations officer
JDOMS Joint Director of Military Support
JDPC Joint Doctrine Planning Conference
JDPI joint desired point of impact
JDPO joint deployment process owner
JDTC Joint Deployment Training Center
JECC Joint Enabling Capabilities Command (USTRANSCOM)
JED Joint Education and Doctrine
JEDD Joint Education and Doctrine Division
JEEP Just Enough Essential Parts
JEEP Just Educated Enough to Post (Security Forces)
JEEP Just Enough Education to Pass
JEEP Just Entering Electronic Principals
JEFF Joint Expeditionary Forensic Facility (Army)
JEIM Jet Engine Intermediate Maintenance
JEL Joint Electronic Library
JEL+ Joint Electronic Library Plus
JEMB joint environmental management board
JEMSMO joint electromagnetic spectrum management operations
JEMSO joint electromagnetic spectrum operations
JENM joint enterprise network manager
JEODOC joint explosives ordnance disposal operations center
JEODTF joint explosives ordnance disposal task force
JEP Joint Exercise Program
JEPES Joint Engineer Planning and Execution System
Jesus slippers government-issue sandals or flip-flops for sanitation in showers
JET joint expeditionary team
JET Joint Operation Planning and Execution System editing tool
JETDS Joint Elcectronics Type Designation System
JETDS  Joint Electronics Type Designation System
JEW  Junior enlisted warrior, E-3 and below
JEWC Joint Electronic Warfare Center
JEWCS Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff (NATO)
JEZ joint engagement zone
JFACC joint force air component commander
JFACC Joint Forces Air Component Commander
JFAST Joint Flow and Analysis System for Transportation
JFC joint force commander
JFCC joint functional component command
JFCC NW Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare
JFCC-GS Joint Functional Component Command for Global Strike
JFCC-IMD Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile Defense
JFCC-ISR Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (USSTRATCOM)
JFCC-Space Joint Functional Component Command for Space (USSTRATCOM)
JFCH joint force chaplain
JFE joint fires element
JFHQ joint force headquarters
JFHQ–NCR Joint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region
JFHQ–State joint force headquarters-state
JFLCC joint force land component commander
JFM joint functional manager
JFMC joint fleet mail center
JFMCC joint force maritime component commander
JFMO joint frequency management office
JFO joint field office
JFO joint fires observer
JFP joint force provider
JFP Joint Frequency Panel (MCEB)
JFRG II joint force requirements generator II
JFS joint force surgeon
JFSOCC joint force special operations component commander
JFTEX Joint Task Force Execise
JFTR joint Federal travel regulations
JFUB joint facilities utilization board
JGWE joint global warning enterprise
JHNS Joint Hometown News Service
JHSV joint high-speed vessel
JHSV Joint High Speed Vessel
JIA joint individual augmentation
JIA joint individual augmentee
JIACG joint interagency coordination group
JIATF joint interagency task force
JIATF-S Joint Interagency Task Force-South
JIATF-W Joint Interagency Task Force-West
JIC joint information center
JICC joint interface control cell
JICO joint interface control officer
JIDC joint interrogation and debriefing center
JIDO Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (DTRA)
JIEE Joint Information Exchange Environment
JIEP joint intelligence estimate for planning
JIMB joint information management board
JIMPP joint industrial mobilization planning process
JIO joint interrogation operations
JIOC joint intelligence operations center
JIOCPAC Joint Intelligence Operations Center, Pacific
JIOC-SOUTH Joint Intelligence Operations Center, South
JIOC-TRANS Joint Intelligence Operations Center–Transportation (USTRANSCOM)
JIOWC Joint Information Operations Warfare Center
JIPCL joint integrated prioritized collection list
JIPOE joint intelligence preparation of the operational environment
JIPTL joint integrated prioritized target list
JIS joint information system
JISE joint intelligence support element
JITC Joint Interoperability Test Command
JITF-CT Joint Intelligence Task Force for Combating Terrorism
JIVU Joint Intelligence Virtual University
JJ DID TIE BUCKLE  Mnemonic for 14 leadership traits: Justice, Judgement, Dependability, Initiative, Decisiveness, Tact, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Bearing, Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Loyalty, Endurance
JKnIFE Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization Knowledge and Information Fusion Exchange
JLCC joint lighterage control center
JLCC joint logistics coordination center
JLE joint logistics environment
JLEnt joint logistics enterprise
JLLIS Joint Lessons Learned Information System
JLLP Joint Lessons Learned Program
JLOA joint logistics over-the-shore operation area
JLOC joint logistics operations center
JLOTS joint logistics over-the-shore
JLRC joint logistics readiness center
JLSB joint line of communications security board
JLSE joint legal support element
JLSG joint logistic support group
JMAC Joint Mortuary Affairs Center (Army)
JMAO joint mortuary affairs office
JMAR joint medical asset repository
JMAT joint medical analysis tool
JMC joint movement center
JMCC joint meteorological and oceanographic coordination cell
JMCG joint movement control group
JMCO joint meteorological and oceanographic coordination organization
JMD joint manning document
JMEEL joint mission-essential equipment list
JMEM Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual
JMET joint mission-essential task
JMETL joint mission-essential task list
JMIC joint modular intermodal container
JMICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System mobile integrated communications system
JMIE joint maritime information element
JMIP joint military intelligence program
JMISTF joint military information support task force
JMITC Joint Military Intelligence Training Center
JMMT joint military mail terminal
JMO joint maritime operations
JMO joint meteorological and oceanographic officer
JMO joint munitions office
JMOC joint medical operations center
JMP joint manpower program
JMPA joint military postal activity
JMPAB Joint Materiel Priorities and Allocation Board
JMPS Joint Mission Planning System
JMPT Joint Medical Planning Tool
JMRR Joint Monthly Readiness Review
JMTCA joint munitions transportation coordinating activity
JMUA Joint Meritorious Unit Award
JMWG joint medical working group
JNCC joint network operations control center
JNMS joint network management system
JNSC Joint Navigation Warfare Center Navigation Warfare Support Cell
JNWC Joint Navigation Warfare Center
JO Journalist (obsolete), Junior Offier
JOA joint operations area
JOAF joint operations area forecast
JOAP Joint Oil Analysis Program
JOB  Junk On the Bunk, formal inspection of gear
JOC joint operations center
JOCC joint operations command center
JOERAD joint spectrum center ordnance electromagnetic environmental effects risk assessment database
JOG joint operations graphic
John Wayne  P-38 can opener, small folding blade used to open canned rations
Joker  Military journalist
Jolly Rogers VFA-105
JON Job Order Number
JOPES Joint Operation Planning and Execution System
JOPES Joint Operation Planning and Execution System
JOPG joint operations planning group
JOPPA joint operation planning process for air
JOSE Joint Operations Security Support Element (Joint Staff)
JOTC joint operations tasking center
JP joint publication
JP4 jet propulsion fuel, type 4
JP5 jet propulsion fuel, type 5
JP-5 J Jet Propellant no. 5, standard Navy jet fuel (F-44, AVCAT)
JP8 jet propulsion fuel, type 8
JPAC joint planning augmentation cell
JPAC Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command
JPADS joint precision airdrop system
JPAG Joint Planning Advisory Group
JPARR joint personnel accountability reconciliation and reporting
JPASE joint public affairs support element
JPASE Joint Public Affairs Support Element (USTRANSCOM)
JPATS Joint Primary Air Training System
JPC joint postal cell
JPEC joint planning and execution community
JPED joint personal effects depot
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
JPERSTAT joint personnel status and casualty report
JPG joint planning group
JPME joint professional military education
JPME Joint Professional Military Education
JPMRC joint patient movement requirements center
JPN joint planning network
JPO joint petroleum office
JPO joint Program Office
JPOC joint personnel operations center
JPOC joint planning orientation course
JPP joint planning process
JPPC joint personnel processing center
JPPT Joint Primary Pilot Training
JPRA Joint Personnel Recovery Agency
JPRC joint personnel recovery center
JPSE Joint Planning Support Element (USTRANSCOM)
JPTTA joint personnel training and tracking activity
JRC joint reconnaissance center
JRCC joint reception coordination center
JRERP Joint Radiological Emergency Response Plan
JRFL joint restricted frequency list
JRIC joint reserve intelligence center
JRIP Joint Reserve Intelligence Program
JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council
JRRB joint requirements review board
JRS joint reporting structure
JRSOI joint reception, staging, onward movement, and integration
JRTC joint readiness training center
JS Joint Staff
JSA joint security area
JSAM Joint Service Achievement Medal
JSAM Joint Service Achievement Medal
JSAP Joint Staff action processing
JSC joint security coordinator
JSC Joint Spectrum Center
JSCC joint security coordination center
JSCM Joint Service Commendation Medal
JSCP Joint Strategic Campaign Plan
JSDS Joint Staff doctrine sponsor
JSETS Joint Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking Electronic Tracking System
JSF joint support force
JSF Joint Strike Fighter
JSF Joint Strike Fighter
JSHO joint shipboard helicopter operations
JSIR joint spectrum interference resolution
JSIVA Joint Staff Integrated Vulnerability Assessment
JSME joint spectrum management element
JSO joint security operations
JSOA joint special operations area
JSOAC joint special operations air component
JSOACC joint special operations air component commander
JSOC joint special operations command
JSOC Joint Special Operations Command
JSOTF joint special operations task force
JSOU Joint Special Operations University
JSOW Joint Standoff Weapon
JSPA joint satellite communications panel administrator
JSPAC joint special operations aviation component
JSPOC Joint Space Operations Center
JSPS Joint Strategic Planning System
JSR joint strategy review
JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
J-STARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System on the E-8 JSTARS aircraft
JSTO joint space tasking order
JSUPT Joint Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training
JTA joint technical architecture
JTAC joint terminal attack controller
JTAIC Joint Technical Analysis and Integration Cell (Army)
JTAR joint tactical air strike request
JTB Joint Transportation Board
JTCB joint targeting coordination board
JTCC joint transportation coordination center
JTCOIC Joint Training Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Operations Integration Center
JTD joint table of distribution
JTF joint task force
JTF Joint Task Force
JTF Joint Task Force
JTF The combination of more than one military service
JTF-AK Joint Task Force-Alaska
JTFCEM joint task force contingency engineering management
JTF-CM joint task force - consequence management
JTF-CS Joint Task Force-Civil Support
JTF-GNO Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations
JTF-HD Joint Task Force-Homeland Defense
JTF-MAO joint task force - mortuary affairs office
JTF-N Joint Task Force-North
JTF-PO joint task force-port opening
JTF-State joint task force-state
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
JTL joint target list
JTLM joint theater logistics management
JTMD joint table of mobilization and distribution
JTMD Joint Terminology Master Database
JTMS joint theater movement staff
JTMS joint training master schedule
JTP joint test publication
JTP joint training plan
JTR Joint Travel Regulations
JTS Joint Training System
JTSCC joint theater support contracting command
JTTF joint terrorism task force
JTWG joint targeting working group
JU Joint Tactical Information Distribution System unit
JUH-MTF Joint User Handbook-Message Text Formats
JUIC joint unit identification code
Jungle Bunny  Vietnam War
Junk on Bunk  Inspection where all uniforms and equipment are displayed on Marine's rack
JUO joint urban operation
JUON joint urgent operational need
JVB joint visitors’ bureau
JWAC Joint Warfare Analysis Center
JWG joint working group
JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
k thousand
K or klicks  Kilometer
Ka Kurtz-above band
KA-BAR  Fighting/utility knife first issued during World War II
KATUSA Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army
K-Bay  Marine Corps Base Hawaii.
KBO Keep Buggering On
kbps kilobits per second
Keeper  Cloth loop on the green service blouse holds the cloth belt neatly in place
Kestrels VFA-137
Kevlar  Helmet made from Kevlar
Keyboard Jockey  Person whose uses a computer for a length of time
kg kilogram
KIA Killed in Action
Kill Hat  junior Drill Instructor who specializing in discipline and punishment
Kill  positive affirmation
Kin Town  small town located just outside Camp Hansen, Okinawa
KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid
KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid
KISS Keep It Simple Stupid
Kit another term for the old wb gear (LBE)
K-Kill catastrophic kill
KLE key leader engagement
km kilometer
Knighthawks VFA-143
KO Contracting Officer
KP Kitchen Police or Kitchen Patrol
kph kilometers per hour
K-pot  1917-model basin helmet worn between World War I and 1942
KQ ID tactical location identifier
kt kiloton(s)
kt knot (nautical miles per hour)
Ku Kurtz-under band
Kuni  Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni
kW kilowatt
LA lead agent
LA legal adviser
LAAD Low Altitude Defense
LAAD Bn Low-altitude Air Defense Battalion
LAD latest arrival date
LAD launch area denied
Lad term for a young Marine
LADDER A device to move personnel from one level to another; Stairs
Ladder Well  stairway or ladder connecting different decks of a ship
Laminated  perceived semi-permanent state of issue for a normally temporary status.
LAN local area network
Lance Coolie derogatory terms for Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal Network  joking reference to the gulf between non-NCOs and their superiors
Lancers VAQ-131
Land of the big PX  used in reference to CONUS by Marines deployed overseas
Landing Gear  crossed rifles exposed on the rank insignia of Corporals and Sergeants
LANTCOM Atlantic Command
LAPES Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System
LARC lighter, amphibious resupply, cargo
LARC-V lighter, amphibious resupply, cargo, 5 ton
LASH lighter aboard ship
LATN Low Altitude Tactical Navigation
LAV light armored vehicle
LAV Land Artillery Vehicle
Lawn Dart Nickname for the F-16 Fighting Falcon or any other fast, pointy nosed, single engine fighter aircraft
Lawn Dart  aircraft
LAWS Laser Weapon System
lb pound
lbs. pounds
LBV  Load Bearing Vest
LC legal counsel
LC line of departure
LC low-order explosives
LCAC landing craft, air cushion
LCADS low-cost aerial delivery system
LCAP Logistics Compliance Assment Program
LCC amphibious command ship
LCC land component commander
LCC lighterage control center
LCDR Lieutenant Commander
LCDR Lieutenant Commander
LCE logistics combat element (USMC)
LCM landing craft, mechanized
LCM letter-class mail
LCM life-cycle management
LCO landing craft air cushion control officer
LCP lighterage control point
LCPL Lance Corporal (US Marine)
LCPLIC  Lance Corporal in Charge
LCPO Leading Chief Petty Officer
LCS landing craft air cushion control ship
LCU landing craft, utility
LD light damage
LDA limited depository account
LDO laser designator operator
LDO Limited Duty Officer
LDR low data rate
LDTA Lead Defense Travel Administrator
LE law enforcement
LEA law enforcement agency
LEAP Language Enabled Airman Program
Leatherneck  nickname for Marine
LEAVE Authorized absence, like vacation
LEC lead environmental component
LED light emitting diode
LEDET law enforcement detachment (USCG)
Leg  service member who does not rate to wear the Parachutist Insignia
LEGAT legal attaché́
leggings  leg coverings made of canvas
LEIP Law Enforcement Intelligence Program (USCG)
LEMP low-altitude electromagnetic pulse
LEO law enforcement operations
LEO low Earth orbit
LEP law enforcement professional
LES Leave and Earnings Statement
LES Leave and Earnings Statement
LES Leave and Earnings Statement
L-EWE land-electronic warfare element
LF landing force
LFA lead federal agency
LFOC landing force operations center
LFORM landing force operational reserve material
LFSP landing force support party
LG deputy chief of staff for logistics
LG Logistics Group
LGB laser-guided bomb
LGB Laser-Guided Bomb
LGM laser-guided missile
LGM loop group multiplexer
LGOP Little Group of Paratroopers
LGW laser-guided weapon
LHA amphibious assault ship (general purpose)
LHD amphibious assault ship (multipurpose)
LHD Amphibious Helicopter Dock
LHS Amphibious Helicopter Assault (Amphibious Class Ship)
LIBERTY Permission to leave the base, usually for not more than 48 hours
Liberty Bells VAW-115
Liberty List  list of Marines entitled to liberty & those on guard during liberty
Liberty Risk  Marine with a high risk of getting into trouble on liberty.
Liberty  authorized free time ashore or off station
LICWO Leisure in Conjunction with Official Travel
LIDAR light detection and ranging
LIFELINE Lines erected around the weather decks of a ship to prevent personnel from falling or being washed over the side
Lifer  career service member
LIFT Lead In Fighter Training
Lima Charlie Loud and Clear
LIMDIS limited distribution
LIMFAC Limiting Factor
LIN Line Item Numbers
Linda Lovelace Reference to the G-5 Galaxy Aircraft, because it kneels and takes it from both ends
Line Company  lettered Marine companies
LIPS Logistics Information Processing System
Lipstick Lieutenant  warrant officer, named for the addition of red to lieutenants bars
LJDAM laser-guided joint direct attack munition
LKA Amphibious Cargo Attack
LL lessons learned
LLLTV low-light level television
LLTR low-level transit route
LMARS Logistics Metrics Analysis Reporting System
LMR Land Mobile Radio
LMSR large, medium-speed roll-on/roll-off
LN lead nation
LN local national
LNI Library of National Intelligence
LNO liaison officer
LO/LO lift-on/lift-off
LO/RO lift-on/roll-off
LOA letter of assist
LOA letter of authorization
LOA letter of offer and acceptance
LOA Line of Accounting
LOA logistics over-the-shore operation area
LOA Letter of Admonishment
LOA Letter of Appreciation
LOAC law of armed conflict
LOAC Law of Armed Conflict
LOAL lock-on after launch
LOBL lock-on before launch
LOC line of communications
LOC Letter of Counseling
LOD line of departure
LOE letter of evaluation
LOE line of effort
LOG logistics
LOGCAP logistics civil augmentation program (Army)
LOGI Logistics NCOIC (Squadron, Group, Wing)
LOI letter of instruction
Lollygag  dawdle or fool about
LOMEZ low-altitude missile engagement zone
Long Handles  long sleeved/legged undershirt/shorts.
Long War  Term for the War on Terrorism
LOO line of operation
LOR launch on remote
LOR Letter of Reprimand
LOS line of sight
Lost Lieutenant Finder  Hand-held GPS unit
LOTS logistics over-the-shore
LOWAT Low Altitude Training
LOX liquid oxygen
LP Listening Post
LP/OP Listening Post Observation Post
LPC Leather Personnel Carrier (boot)
LPCs  Leather Personnel Carriers; combat boots
LPD amphibious transport dock
LPD low probability of detection
LPD Amphibious Platform Dock (Amphibious Class Ship)
LPD  Landing Platform/Dock; Amphibious transport dock
LPI low probability of intercept
LPO Leading Petty Officer
LPOD Last Plane On Deck
LPS Living Pattern Survey
LPV Live Process Verification
LQA Living Quarters Allowance
LRA Local Registration Authority
LRAD Long Range Acoustic Device
LRC logistics readiness center
LRF laser range finder
LRN Laboratory Response Network (DHHS)
LRO lighterage repair officer
LRP load and roll pallet
LRS Logistics Readiness Squadron
LRST long-range surveillance team
LRT logistics response time
LS Logistics Specialist
LSA logistic support analysis
LSA logistics supportability analysis
LSC lead Service for contracting
LSCC lead Service for contracting coordination
LSD dock landing ship
LSE landing signalman enlisted
LSE logistic support element
LSO landing signals officer
LSO Landing Signal Officer
LSO Naval Aviators specifically trained to facilitate the safe recovery of aircraft aboard aircraft carriers
LSP Lodging Success Program
LSS laser spot search
LSS logistics support system
LSS low, slow, and Small
LSSS logistics support, supplies, and services
LST laser spot tracker
LSV logistics support vessel
LT long ton
LT Lieutenant
LT Lieutenant
LT Familiar term for a Lieutenant, Second or First; used by those under his/her command
Lt Col Lieutenant Colonel
Lt Gen Lieutenant General
LT  Lieutenant
LTC or Lt Col Lieutenant Colonel
LTD laser target designator
LTF logistics task force
LTG or Lt Gen Lieutenant General
LTIOV latest time information is of value
LTJG Lieutenant, Junior Grade
LTJG Lieutenant Junior Grade
LTL laser-to-target line
LUP Lying-Up Point
LUT Limited User Test
LV Local Voucher
LWH  Lightweight Helmet
LWOP Leave Without Pay
LZ landing zone
LZ Landing Zone
LZ  Landing Zone
M million
prefix to the model number of a specific nomenclature of equipment
M&E monitoring and evaluation
M&IE Meals and Incidental Expenses
MA mortuary affairs
MAA (also MA) Master-at-Arms
MAAG military assistance advisory group
Ma'am  proper method of addressing female officers.
MAAP master air attack plan
MABS Marine Air Base Squadron
MAC mobility assault company
MAC Military Airlift Command
Mac Marine  nickname for Marine
MACB multinational acquisition and contracting board
MACCS Marine air command and control system
MACG Marine air control group
MACG Marine Air Command Group
MACOM Major Command (Army)
MACP mortuary affairs collection point
MACRMS mortuary affairs contaminated remains mitigation site
MACS Marine air control squadron
MACS Marine Air Control Squadron
MACV/SOG Military Assistance Command Vietnam / Special Operations Group
Mad Foxes VP-8
Mad Max  military vehicle, irregular due to repairs, modifications or extra equipment
MAF mobility air forces
MAF Mobility Air Force
MAG Marine aircraft group
MAG maritime assessment group
MAG military assignment group
Maggie's Drawers  Red flag attached to a pole
MAGTF Marine air-ground task force
MAGTF ACE Marine air-ground task force aviation combat element
MAGTF  Marine Air-Ground Task Force
MAGTFery  Anything associated with MAGTF-type operations
MAJ Major
Maj Major
Maj Gen Major General
MAJCOM Major Command (Air Force)
MAJCOM major command (USAF)
MAJCOM Major Command
Major  Captain in command of a ship's Marine detachment
MALS Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron
MALS Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron
MALT Monetary Allowance in Lieu of Transportation
Mama-san  elder Japanese woman, often a maid, cook, or tailor/seamstress
MAMS Marine Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
MANPADS man-portable air defense system
MANPADS Man-Portable Air Defense System
MAOC-N Maritime Analysis and Operations Center-Narcotics
MAP Military Advisory Pannel
MAP Military Assistance Program
MARAD Maritime Administration
MARAD RRF Maritime Administration Ready Reserve Force
MARCENT Marine Corps Central Command
MARCORLOGCOM Marine Corps Logistics Command
MARCORSYSCOM Marine Corps Systems Command (U.S. Military)
MARDIV Marine division
MARE Major Accident Response Exercise
MARFOR Marine Corps forces
MARFORRES Marine Forces Reserve (U.S. Marine Corps)
MARFORSTRAT United States Marine Corps Forces, United States Strategic Command
MARINCEN Maritime Intelligence Center
Marine house  Security Guard; term for living quarters for Marines
Marine Mattress  woman who is thought to be sexually promiscuous with other Marines
Marine TACC Marine Corps tactical air command center
MARINE  Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Non-Essential
MARLE Marine liaison element
MARLINSPIKE A life-size model ship where recruits practice mooring, line handling, putting out to sea and other aspects of basic seamanship
MARO mass atrocity response operations
MARPOL International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
MARS Military Auxiliary Radio System
MARSOC United States Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command
MARSOC Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command
MARSOF Marine Corps special operations forces
MARTS Mortuary Affairs Reporting and Tracking System
MAS maritime air support
MASCAL mass casualty
MASF mobile aeromedical staging facility
MASINT measurement and signature intelligence
MASINT Measurement and Signature Intelligence
MASLO measurement and signature intelligence liaison officer
MASNs Multiple Accountable Station Numbers
MASS Marine Air Support Squadron
MAST mobile ashore support terminal
Master Gunny  Master Gunnery Sergeant
MATCS Marine Air Traffic Control Squadron
MATMEP  Maintenance Training Management and Evaluation Program
MATS Military Air Transport Service (disestablished command, superseded by MAC and then AMC)
MAV Micro Air Vehicle
MAVNI Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest
MAW Marine aircraft wing
MAW Maximum Allowable Weight
MAXORD maximum ordinate
MBA Military Bus Agreement
Mbps megabytes per second
MBT Main Battle Tank
MC Military Committee (NATO)
mc mission-critical
mc mobile communications
MC Mass Communication Specialist
MC 326/2 ″NATO Medical Support Principles and Policies″, approved by Military Committee, second revision
MC/FI mass casualty/fatality incident
MC4EB Military Command, Control, Communications and Computers Executive Board
MCA mail control activity
MCA military civic action
MCA movement control agency
MCAG maritime civil affairs group
MCAS Marine Corps air station
MCAS Marine Corps Air Station
MCAST maritime civil affairs and security training
MCAT maritime civil affairs team
MCB movement control battalion
MCC Marine component commander
MCC military coordinating committee
MCC military counterintelligence collections
MCC mission control center
MCC mobility control center
MCC movement control center
MCCDC Marine Corps Combat Development Command
MCCS Marine Corps Community Services
MCCS  Marine Corps Community Services
MCD medical crew director
MCDP Marine Corps doctrinal publication
MCEB Military Communications-Electronics Board
MCEITS Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Service
MCEN Marine Corps Enterprise Network
MCESG Marine Corps Embassy Security Group
MCI multinational communications integration
MCI  Marine Corps Institute, a distance education program
MCIA Marine Corps Intelligence Activity
MCIO military criminal investigative organization
MCIOC Marine Corps Information Operations Center
MCIP Marine Corps interim publication
MCIP military customs inspection program
MCISRE Marine Corps Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Enterprise
MCM maneuver control measure
MCM Manual for Courts-Martial
MCM military committee memorandum (memorandum issued in the name of the Chairman)
MCM mine countermeasures
MCMAP/MCNinja  Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
MCMC mine countermeasures commander
MCMDIV ELEVEN Commander, Mine Countermeasures Squadron Three
MCMDIV THIRTY-ONE Commander, South Central Regional Maintenance Center
MCMO medical civil-military operations
MCMOPS mine countermeasures operations
MCMREP mine countermeasure report
MCMRON mine countermeasures squadron
MCO major combat operation
MCO Mapping Customer Operations (Defense Logistics Agency)
MCO Marine Corps order
MCO Miscellaneous Charge Order
MCO Material Control Officer
MCOO modified combined obstacle overlay
MCPO Master Chief Petty Officer
MCPON Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (pronounced "Mick Pon")
MCPON The senior most Enlisted member of the US Navy
MCRP Marine Corps reference publication
MCS modular causeway system
MCSB Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion
MCSF Marine Corps Security Forces
MCSFR Marine Corps Security Force Regiment
MCT movement control team
MCT  Marine Combat Training
MCTOG Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group
MCTP Marine Corps tactical publication
MCWL Marine Corps Warfighting Lab
MCWP Marine Corps warfighting publication
MCX Marine Corps Exchange
MD missile defense
MD moderate damage
MDA maritime domain awareness
MDA Missile Defense Agency
MDBS blood support medical detachment
MDCO Military Department counterintelligence organization
MDDOC Marine air-ground task force deployment and distribution operations center
MDG Medical Group
MDM maritime defense measure
MDMA methylenedioxymethamphetamine
MDO military deception officer
MDRO mission disaster response officer
MDS Message Dissemination Subsystem
MDS mobile diving and salvage
MDS Mission Design Series of aircraft
MDSS II Marine air-ground task force Deployment Support System II
MDSU mobile diving and salvage unit
ME/C medical examiner and/or coroner
MEA munitions effect assessment
MEA munitions effectiveness assessment
Meat Gazer  Urinalysis observer who observes the service member taking test
MEB maneuver enhancement brigade
MEB Marine expeditionary brigade
MEB  Marine Expeditionary Brigade
Med Float Widow unfaithful wife of a Marine or Sailor deployed from the East Coast on a float
MEDCC medical coordination cell
MEDCOM US Army Medical Command
MEDCOM (DS) medical command (deployment support) (Army)
MEDEVAC medical evacuation
MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation
MedEvac Medical Evacuation
MEDINT medical intelligence
MEDLOG medical logistics (USAF AIS)
MEDLOG support medical logistics support
MEDNEO medical noncombatant evacuation operation
MEF Marine expeditionary force
MEF  Marine Expeditionary Force
MEJA Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act
MEO medium Earth orbit
MEO military equal opportunity
MEO Military Equal Opportunity
MEP mobile electric power
MEPS Military Entrace Processing Station
MEPS Military Entrance Processing Station
MEPS Station where recruits take the ASVAB, physical exam, select a rating and take the Oath of Enlistment
MEPS Military Entrance Processing Station
MEPS  Military Entrance Processing Station
Merlins HSC-3
MESF maritime expeditionary security force
MESFC maritime expeditionary security force commander
MESO maritime expeditionary security operations
MESS DECK The crew’s dining area
MESS DUTY A 90-day obligated duty working on the mess decks when first reporting aboard (aka MESS-CRANK’N)
Mess Hall  Cafeteria; chow hall
Messman  Cook
MET mobile environmental team
METCON control of meteorological information (roughly translated from French)
METL mission-essential task list
METL Mission Essential Task Listing
METOC meteorological and oceanographic
METSAT meteorological satellite
METT-T mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available-time available
METT-TC mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available-time available and civil considerations (Army)
METWATCH meteorological watch
MEU Marine expeditionary unit
MEU  Marine Expeditionary Unit
MEU(SOC)  Marine Expeditionary Unit
MEVA mission essential vulnerable area
MEZ missile engagement zone
MF mobile facility
MFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MFC multinational force commander
MFE mobile field exchange
MFLC Military and Family Life Counselor
MFO multinational force and observers
MFT Mobile Fire Team
MG Machine Gun
MG Major General
MGRS military grid reference system
MGW maximum gross weight
MHA Military Housing Area
MHD maritime homeland defense
MHE materials handling equipment
MHO Military Housing Offices
MHS maritime homeland security
MHS Military Health System
MHz megahertz
MI military intelligence
MI movement instructions
Mi Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant (Russian)
MI Military Intelligence
MIA missing in action
MIA Missing In Action
MIB Military Intelligence Board
MIC Multinational Interoperability Council
MICAP Mission Incapable
Mickey Mouse Boots  Boots designed for extreme cold weather
MICT Management Internal Control Toolset
MICV Machanized Infantry Combat Vehicle
MIDAS model for intertheater deployment by air and sea
MIDB modernized integrated database
MIDB modernized intelligence database
MIDN Midshipman
MIDRATS Midnight Rations
Midrats  rations provided for those working late hours
MID-WATCH The midnight watch, the most dreaded watch because one loses the most sleep out of the rotation
MIF Maneuver Item File
MiG Type of Russian Fighter Aircraft
Mighty Shrikes VFA-94
Mike  minute
Mike-mike  millimeter
MILAIR military airlift
MILALOC military air line of communications
MILCO minelike contact
MILCON military construction
MILCON Military Construction
MILDEC military deception
MILDEC Military Deception
MILDEP Military Department
Military Left  Pertaining to the left side
Military Right  Pertaining to the right side
Military Time  The time of day on a 24-hour clock
MILSATCOM military satellite communications
MILSPEC military specification
MILSTAMP military standard transportation and movement procedures
MIL-STD military standard
MILSTRAP military standard transaction reporting and accounting procedure
MILSTRIP military standard requisitioning and issue procedure
MILSTRIP Military Standard Requistioning and Issue Procedure
MILTECH military technician
MILU multinational integrated logistic unit
MILVAN military van (container)
MIMP Mobilization Information Management Plan
Mini P  Convenience store
MIO maritime interception operations
MIOC maritime interception operations commander
MIP military intelligence program
MIPOE medical intelligence preparation of the operational environment
MIPR military interdepartmental purchase request
MIR multisensor imagery reconnaissance
MIRCS mobile integrated remains collection system
MIS Management Information System
MIS military information support
MISG military information support group
MISO military information support operations
MISREP mission report
MIST military information support team
MISTF military information support task force
MITAM mission tasking matrix
MIW mine warfare
MIWC mine warfare commander
MIWG multinational interoperability working group
MJLC multinational joint logistic center
MK Machinery Technician
MK Mark
M-Kill mobility kill
MLA mission load allowance
MLEA Maritime Law Enforcement Academy
MLEM Maritime Law Enforcement Manual
MLG Marine logistics group
MLI munitions list item
MLMC medical logistics management center
MLP mobile landing platform
MLR Management Level Review
MLRS multiple launch rocket system
MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System
MLS multilevel security
MLSA mutual logistics support agreement
MLW mean low water
MM Machinist's Mate
MMAC military mine action center
MMCO Maintenance/Material Control Officer
MMCPO Maintenance Master Chief Petty Officer
MMFD Miles and Miles of Frickin' Desert (unofficial report in Gulf War)
MMG Department of Defense Master Mobilization Guide
MMS marine mammal system
MNC multinational corporation
MNCC multinational coordination center
MNEODCC multinational explosives ordnance disposal control center
MNF multinational force
MNFACC multinational force air component commander
MNFC multinational force commander
MNFLCC multinational force land component commander
MNFMCC multinational force maritime component commander
MNFSOCC multinational force special operations component commander
MNJLC multinational joint logistics component
MNL master net list
MNL multinational logistics
MNLC multinational logistic center
MNS mission needs statement
MNTF multinational task force
MO Maintenance Officer (pronounced "Moe")
MOA memorandum of agreement
MOA Military Operating Area
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOAB Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, also known as "Mother Of All Bombs"
MOAB Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb/Mother of all Bombs
MOAC Mother of All Coffee (Green Bean Coffee)
MOB main operating base
MOB mobilization
MOB Main Operating Base
MOBCOM Mobile Command
MOBREP military manpower mobilization and accession status report
MOBREP mobilization report
MOC maritime operations center
MOC media operations center
MOD ministry of defense
Mod model
MOD modification
MODA ministry of defense advisor
MOE measure of effectiveness
MOEI measure of effectiveness indicator
MOG maximum (aircraft) on ground
MOGAS motor gasoline
MOLLE  Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment
Molly Marine  Nickname for World War II era female Marines
MOMAT mobility matting
Monkey Suit  Slang for the MARPAT uniform
Moonbeam  flashlight
MOOTW Military Operations Other that War
MOP measure of performance
MOP memorandum of policy
MOPP mission-oriented protective posture
MOPP Mission Oriented Protective Posture
MOPP  Mission Oriented Protective Posture
MOR Method of Reimbursement
MOS military occupational specialty
MOS Maintenance Operation Squadron
MOS  Military Occupational Specialty
MOSC meteorological and oceanographic operations support community
Mosquito Wings Rank insignia for a Private First Class
Mosquito Wings Nickname for the Airman rank insignia
Motarded  Displaying excess motivation
Motivator  Term of endearment from a senior to a junior Marine
Moto Tats  USMC logos or slogan tattoos
Moto  Motivated/motivating
MOTR maritime operational threat response
MOTS Marine Operational Training Squadrons
MOU memorandum of understanding
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MOUT Military Operations in Urban Terrain
MOUT  Military Operation in Urban Terrain
MOVREP movement report
MP military police (Army and Marine)
MP multinational publication
MP  Military Police
MPA maritime patrol aircraft
MPA mission planning agent
MPA Main Propulsion Assistant
MPA Military Patrol Craft (P-3 Orion, etc.)
MPAT military patient administration team
MPAT Multinational Planning Augmentation Team
MPDS Military Planning Data Allowance
MPE/S maritime pre-positioning equipment and supplies
MPF maritime pre-positioning force
MPF Military Personnel Flight
MPFUB maritime pre-positioning force utility boat
mph miles per hour
MPICE measuring progress in conflict environments
MPNTP Master Positioning Navigation and Timing Plan
MPO military post office
MPP maritime procedural publication
MPP Military Personnel Policy
MPR maritime patrol and reconnaissance
MPS maritime pre-positioning ship
MPS Military Planning Service (UN)
MPS Military Postal Service
MPSA Military Postal Service Agency
MPSRON maritime pre-positioning ships squadron
MR milliradian
MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected
MRAT medical radiobiology advisory team
MRBM medium-range ballistic missile
MRDB Material Readiness Database
MRE Meal Ready to Eat
MRE Meal Ready to Eat
MRE bomb  Bursting plastic bag made from MRE chemical heating pouches
MRE  Meal, Ready-to-Eat, standard U.S. field ration
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
MRO mass rescue operation
MRO materiel release order
MRO medical regulating office
MRO medical regulating officer
MRR minimum-risk route
MRS measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT) requirements system
MRT maintenance recovery team
MRX mission readiness exercise
MRX Mission Rehearsal Exercise
MS Microsoft
MS Missle Squadron
MSA Maritime Security Act
MSC major subordinate command
MSC Military Sealift Command
MSC Medical Service Corps
MSC Navy Officer Corps consisting of health-care administrators, optometrists, pharmacists, scientists and other specialized practitioners
MSCA military support to civilian authorities
MSCAT maritime security center augment team
MSCO Military Sealift Command Office
MSD mobile security division
MSDC+ Marine Science Diving Club
MSE mission support element
MSF mission support force
MSF mobile security force
MSG Marine security guard
MSG message
MSG Master Sergeant (US Army E-8)
MSG Message
MSG Mission Support Group
MSG  Marine Corps Security Guard (guards US Embassies)
MSGID message identification
MSgt Master Sergeant (USAF E-7)
Msgt Master Sergeant
MSHARPP mission, symbolism, history, accessibility, recognizability, population, and proximity
MSI modified surface index
MSIC Missile and Space Intelligence Center
MSIC multispectral imagery
MSL mean sea level
MSL military shipping label
MSME Medical Standarde Management Element
MSO map support office
MSO maritime security operations
MSO military source operation
MSO military strategic objective
MSO military support operations
MSOAG Marine special operations advisor group
MSOC Marine special operations company
MSOR Marine Special Operations Regiment
MSOR Maritime Security Program
MSP mission support plan
MSPA main supply route
MSPA Missing Service Personnel Act
MSR mission support request
MSRP mission strategic resource plan
MSRT Maritime Security Response Team (USCG)
MSS Mission Support Squadron
MSST maritime safety and security team
MST mission support team
MSW Main Seawater System
MT Bn motor transport battalion
MT  Motor Transport
MTAB Military Technical Acceptance Board
MTAC Multiple Threat Alert Center (DON)
MTACS Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron
MTCR Missile Technology Control Regime
mtDNA mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid
MTF medical treatment facility
MTF military information support operations task force
MTI Military Training Instructor
MTL Military Training Leader
MTN multi-tactical data link network
MTO mission type order
MTO  Motor Transport Officer
MTOE Modified Table of Organizational Equipment
MTON measurement ton
MTP Marine tactical publication
MTP mission tasking packet
MTS Marine tactical system
MTS Movement Tracking System
MTS Master Training Specialist
MTS+ Movement Tracking System Plus
MTV   Modular Tactical Vest, new type of ballistic vest
MTVR  Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement
MTW major theater war
MU Musician
Mud Hen Nickname for the F-15E Strike Eagle
MUOS Mobile Users Object System
MUSE mobile utilities support equipment
Mustang Marine Officer that previously served in enlisted ranks.
MV merchant vessel
MW Missle Wing
MWC Missile Warning Center (NORAD)
MWCS Marine Wing Communications Squadron
MWD military working dog
MWD  Military Working Dog, a trained government canine
MWG mobilization working group
MWHS Marine Wing Headquarters squadron
MWR morale, welfare, and recreation
MWR Morale, Welfare and Recreation
MWS Major Weapons System
MWSD Marine wing support detachment
MWSG Marine wing support group
MWSG Marine Wing Support Group
MWSS Marine wing support squadron
MWSS Marine Wing Support Squadron
MWT modular warping tug
MX Maintenance
MXG Maintenance Group
MXS Maintenance Squadron
Mystery Meat  low quality type of meat patty served at Marine Corps Recruit Depot
N-2 Director of Naval Intelligence
N-2 Navy component intelligence staff officer
N-6 Director of Naval Communications Networks
NA5CRO non-Article 5 crisis response operation (NATO)
NAB Naval Amphibious Base
NAC North Atlantic Council (NATO)
NAD 83 North American Datum 1983
NADR nonproliferation, antiterrorism, demining, and related programs
NAE Navy acquisition executive
NAEC-ENG Naval Air Engineering Center - Engineering
NAF nonappropriated funds
NAF numbered air force
NAF Naval Air Facility
NAF Numbered Air Force
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
NAI named area of interest
NALC Navy ammunition logistics code
NALCOMIS Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System
NALE naval and amphibious liaison element
NALSS naval advanced logistic support site
NAMS National Air Mobility System
NAR nonconventional assisted recovery
NAR notice of ammunition reclassification
NARAC national atmospheric release advisory capability
NARAC National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center (DOE)
NARP Nuclear Weapon Accident Response Procedures
NAS naval air station
NAS Naval Air Station
NAS Naval Air Station
NAS JRB Naval Air Station/Joint Reserve Base
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASIC National Air and Space Intelligence Center
National Ensign  A.k.a. colors, national flag
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATOPS Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization
NATOPS Naval Air Training and Operational Procedure Standardization
Nav Navigator, now known as a Combat Systems Officer
NAVAIDS navigational aids
NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command
NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command
NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command
Naval Air Station Lemoore, California Carrier Air Wing Fourteen
NAVCARGOBN ONE Fleet Surgical Team Two
NAVCENT Naval Forces Central Command (U.S. Navy)
NAVCOMP Comptroller of the Navy
NAVCYBERFOR Navy Cyber Forces
NAVEDTRA Chief of Navy Education and Training
NAVELSG Navy expeditionary logistics support group
NAVEODTECHDIV Naval Explosives Ordnance Disposal Technology Division
NAVFAC Naval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVFAC Naval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVFAC EXWC Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center
NAVFACENGCOM Naval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVFLIGHTDEMRON Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels)
NAVFOR Navy forces
NAVMAT Naval Material Command
NAVMILPERSCOM Navy Military Personnel Command
NAVMTO Navy Material Transportation Office
NAVOCEANO Naval Oceanographic Office
NAVOCEANO Naval Oceanographic Office
NAVSAT navigation satellite
NAVSCOLEOD Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal
NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command
NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command
NAVSEAINST Naval Sea Systems Command instruction
NAVSECGRUACT Naval Security Group Activity
NAVSOC Naval Satellite Operations Center
NAVSOC naval special operations command
NAVSOF Navy special operations forces
NAVSPACECOM Naval Space Command
NAVSPECWARCOM Naval Special Warfare Command
NAVSTA Naval Station
NAVSUBASE Naval Submarine Base
NAVSUP Naval Supply Systems Command
NAVSUP Naval Supply Systems Command
NAVTRA Chief of Naval Training
NAVWAR navigation warfare
NAVY RESERVE Reserve component of the US Navy in which part-time Sailors and Officers are called into Active Duty, or mobilized, as needed
Navy TACC Navy tactical air control center
NAVY  Never Again Volunteer Yourself
NAWCAD Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division
NAWCAD Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division
NAWCWD Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division (formerly Pacific Missile Test Center)
NBACC National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center
NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical
NBCD  Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Defense
NBG naval beach group
NBI nonbattle injury
NBSD Naval Base San Diego
NBVC Naval Base Ventura County Agency
NCAGS naval cooperation and guidance for shipping
NCAPS naval coordination and protection of shipping
NCB noncompliant boarding
NCC Navy component command
NCC Navy component commander
NCC Network Control Center
NCCS Nuclear Command and Control System
NCDC National Climatic Data Center
NCDOC Naval Information Operation Command
NCDU Navy Comat Demolition Unit
NCES Net-Centric Enterprise Services
NCESGR National Committee of Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve
NCF naval construction force
NCF Naval Construction Force (Seabees)
NCG naval construction group
NCH natural and cultural resources and historic properties (DOI)
NCHB Navy cargo-handling battalion
NCI National Cancer Institute
NCIJTF-AG National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force-Analytical Group (DOD)
NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NCIS  Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NCIX National Counterintelligence Executive
NCL National System for Geospatial-Intelligence Consolidated Library
NCM Navy Commendation Medal
NCMI National Center for Medical Intelligence
NCMP Navy Capabilities and Mobilization Plan
NCO Non Commissioned Officer
NCO noncombat operations
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
NCO  Non-commissioned officer: corporal or sergeant
NCOA Non-Commissioned Officer Academy
NCOES Non-Commissioned Officer Education System
NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge
NCOIC Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
NCOIC Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
NCOIC  Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge
NCOS naval control of shipping
NCP National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan
NCPC National Counterproliferation Center
NCR National Capital Region (US)
NCR National Security Agency/Central Security Service representative
NCR naval construction regiment
NCRCC National Capital Region Coordination Center
NCRCC United States Northern Command Rescue Coordination Center
NCRDEF national cryptologic representative defense
NCR-IADS National Capital Region-Integrated Air Defense System
NCS National Clandestine Service
NCS National Communications System
NCS net control station
NCSC National Counterintelligence and Security Center
NCSD National Cyber Security Division (DHS)
NCTAMS Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station
NCTC National Counterterrorism Center
NCTS Naval Computer Telecommunications Station
NCW Network Centric Warfare
ND Negligent Discharge
NDAA national defense authorization act
NDAF Navy, Defense Logistics Agency, Air Force
NDB nondirectional beacon
NDCS national drug control strategy
NDDOC North American Aerospace Defense Command and United States Northern Command Deployment and Distribution Operations Cell
NDEA Non DTS Entry Agent
NDHQ National Defence Headquarters, Canada
NDI Nondestructive Inspection
NDIC National Defense Intelligence College
NDMS National Disaster Medical System (DHHS)
NDP national disclosure policy
NDP Night Defensive Position
NDPC National Disclosure Policy Committee
NDRC National Detainee Reporting Center
NDRF National Defense Reserve Fleet
NDSF National Defense Sealift Fund
NDT nuclear disablement team
NDU National Defense University
NEA Northeast Asia
NEADS Northeast Air Defense Sector
NEAT naval embarked advisory team
NEC National Economic Council
NECC Navy Expeditionary Combat Command
NECC Navy Expeditionary Combat Command
NEFF New Equipment Fielding Facility
NEIC Navy Expeditionary Intelligence Command
NEIC Sealift Logistics Command Atlantic
NeL Navy eLearning
NELR Navy expeditionary logistics regiment
NEO noncombatant evacuation operation
NEOCC noncombatant evacuation operation coordination center
NEP National Exercise Program
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
NES National Exploitation System
NESDIS National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (DOC)
NEST nuclear emergency support team (DOE)
NETWARCOM Naval Network Warfare Command
NEW net explosive weight
NEX A department store for military personnel and their families
NEX Navy Exchange
NEX The Navy Exchange
NFA no-fire area
NFAAS Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System
NFC numbered fleet commander
NFELC Naval Facilities Expeditionary Logistics Center
NFESC Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center
NFI national foreign intelligence
NFIB National Foreign Intelligence Board
NFIP National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA)
NFLS naval forward logistic site
NFO Naval Flight Officer
NFO Normal Fuel Oil
NFO Officer who specializes in aircraft weapons and sensor systems (2nd seat in the cockpit)
NG National Guard
NG JFHQ-State National Guard joint force headquarters-state
NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
NGB National Guard Bureau
NGB National Guard Bureau
NGB-OC National Guard Bureau-Office of the Chaplain
NGCC National Guard Coordination Center
NGCDP National Guard Counterdrug Program
NGCSP National Guard Counterdrug Support Program
NGDS Net-Centric Geospatial-Intelligence Discovery Services
NGFS naval gunfire support
NGIC National Ground Intelligence Center
NGLO naval gunfire liaison officer
NGMS Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
NGO nongovernmental organization
NGP National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Program
NHMD National Human Intelligence Manager directive
NIBC National Interagency Biodefense Campus
NIC National Intelligence Council
NICBR National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research
NICC National Intelligence Coordination Center
NICCL National Incident Communications Conference Line
NICCP National Interdiction Command and Control Plan
Nightdippers HS-7
NIH National Institutes of Health (DHHS)
NIL National Information Library
NIM national intelligence manager
NIMS National Incident Management System
NIOC Navy Information Operations Command
NIOC Combined Task Forces
NIP National Intelligence Program
NIPF National Intelligence Priorities Framework
NIPR Non-secure Internet Protocol (IP) Router Network
NIPRNET Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network
NIPRNET Non-secure Internet Protocol Routing Network
NISP national intelligence support plan
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NIT nuclear incident team
NITF national imagery transmission format
NJOIC National Joint Operations and Intelligence Center
NJP Non-Judicial Punishment
NJROTC Navy Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps
NJTTF National Joint Terrorism Task Force
NKAWTG Nobody Kicks Ass Without Tanker Gas
NKO Navy Knowledge Online
NLT not later than
nm nautical mile
NMAWC Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command
NMC Navy Munitions Command
NMC Not Mission Capable
NMC Non Mission Capable
NMCB naval mobile construction battalion
NMCB Naval Mobile Contruction Battalion Seabees
NMCC National Military Command Center
NMCI Naval Marine Corps Intranet
NMCI Navy/Marine Corps Intranet
NMCI  Navy/Marine Corps Intranet
NMCS National Military Command System
NMCS not mission capable, supply
NMCSO Navy and Marine Corps spectrum office
NME Non-Mission Essential
NMEC National Media Exploitation Center
NMIC National Maritime Intelligence Center
NMIO National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office
NMIST National Military Intelligence Support Team (DIA)
NMO National Measurement and Signature Intelligence Office
NMPS Navy Mobilization and Processing Site
NMS national military strategy
NMSA North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Mutual Support Act
NMSA Non-Nuclear Munitions Storage Area
NMSC Navy and Marine Corps Spectrum Center
NMS-CO National Military Strategy for Cyberspace Operations
NMS-CWMD National Military Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction
NMSP-WOT National Military Strategic Plan for the War on Terrorism
NMTI Navy Military Training Instructor
NMUSAF National Museum of the United States Air Force
NNMSA Non-Nuclear Munitions Storage Area
NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE)
NNSY Norfolk Naval Shipyard
NNWC Naval Network Warfare Command
NNWC Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command
No impact Expression denoting a miss on a weapons range
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (DOC)
NOACT Navy overseas air cargo terminal
NOC National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Operation Center
NOC National Operations Center (DHS)
NOC network operations center
NOE nap-of-the-earth
NOFORN not releasable to foreign nationals
NOK next of kin
NOLSC Naval Operational Logistics Support Center
NOMWC Navy Oceanographic Mine Warfare Center
non-CAAF contractors not authorized to accompany the force
Nonner Derogatory term used by aircraft maintenance personnel when referring to enlisted and officers who are not directly involved in aircraft maintenance or manning aircraft
Nonner Non-sortie generating.
Non-rate  Junior to the NCO ranks
Non-rated Officer USAF commissioned officer not holding an aeronautical rating
NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command
NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command
North Carolina Lawn Dart  Expression denoting the many AV-8 mishaps that took place
NOSC network operations and security center
NOSC Navy Operational Support Center (a US Navy Reserve shore command)
NOSC Network Operations and Security Center
NOSR Network On-Site Representative
NOSSA Navy Ordnance Safety and Security Activity
NOTAM notice to airmen
NOTAM Notice to Airmen
NPC Navy Personnel Command
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NPF national planning framework
NPPD National Protection and Programs Directorate (DHS)
NPS National Park Service
NPS Non-prior service
NPS Non-Prior Service
NPS Someone without any previous military experience
NPT Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons
NRAT nuclear/radiological advisory team
NRC National Response Center (USCG)
NRC non-unit-related cargo
NRC Main headquarters for Navy recruiting, located in Millington, Tennessee
NRC Navy Recruiting Command
NRCHB Naval Reserve cargo-handling battalion
NRF National Response Framework
NRG notional requirements generator
NRO National Reconnaissance Office
NROTC A college scholarship program used to recruit future commissioned Officers for the Navy and Marine Corps
NROTC Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps
NROTC  Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
NROWS Navy Reserve Order Writing System
NRP non-unit-related personnel
NRT near real time
NS Network Services
NS Naval Station
NS/EP national security and emergency preparedness
NSA National Security Agency
NSA national shipping authority
NSA North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Standardization Agency
NSA National Security Agency
NSA/CSS National Security Agency/Central Security Service
NSABB National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NIH)
NSARC National Search and Rescue Committee
NSAT United States Northern Command situational awareness team
NSAWC Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center
NSAWC Center that provides training and service to aircrews and squadrons
NSAWC Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center
NSC National Security Council
NSC/DC National Security Council/Deputies Committee
NSC/IPC National Security Council/interagency policy committee
NSC/PC National Security Council/Principals Committee
NSCS National Security Council System
NSD National Security Directive
NSD National Security Division (FBI)
NSDD national security decision directive
NSDM national security decision memorandum
NSE national support element
NSE Navy support element
NSF national security forces
NSF National Strike Force (USCG)
NSFS naval surface fire support
NSG National System for Geospatial Intelligence
NSGA Naval Security Group Activity
NSHS National Strategy for Homeland Security
NSI Nuclear Surety Inspection
NSIPS Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System
NSL no-strike list
NSMS National Strategy for Maritime Security
NSN national stock number
NSOC National Security Operations Center
NSP National Search and Rescue Plan
NSPD national security Presidential directive
NSPI National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza
NSS National Search and Rescue Supplement
NSS national security strategy
NSS national security system
NSSE national special security event
NST National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency support team
NSTAC National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee
NSTS National Secure Telephone System
NSW naval special warfare
NSW Naval Special Warfare
NSWC Naval Surface Warfare Center
NSWC IHEODTD Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division
NSWCDD Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division
NSWDG Naval Special Warfare Development Group
NSWG Naval Special Warfare Group
NSWTF naval special warfare task force
NSWTG naval special warfare task group
NSWTU naval special warfare task unit
NSY Naval Shipyard
NTA nontraditional agent
NTACS Navy tactical air control system
NTC Naval Training Center
NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration (DOC)
NTM national or multinational technical means of verification
NTM notice to mariners
NTRP Navy tactical reference publication
NTS noncombatant evacuation operation tracking system
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
NTTP Navy tactics, techniques, and procedures
NUB Non-Useful Body / Nuclear Unqualified Bitch
NUB New Useless B!tch (reference for new person on station; contraction for newbie)
NUC non-unit-related cargo
NUFEA Navy-unique fleet essential aircraft
NURP non-unit-related personnel
NUWC Naval Undersea Warfare Center
NVD night vision device
NVDT National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency voluntary deployment team
NVG night vision goggle
NVG Night Vision Goggles
NVOAD National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
NWDC Navy Warfare Development Command
NWP Navy warfare publication
NWS National Weather Service
NWTD Non Watertight Door
NWU Navy Working Uniform
NZ New Zealand
O&I operations and intelligence
O&M operation and maintenance
O&M, MC Operations & Maintenance,Marine Corps
O&M, N Operations & Maintenance, Navy
O/B outboard
OA objective area
OA operational area
OA Occupational Analysis
OA Outstanding Airman
OAE operational area evaluation
OAE Old Antartic Explorer
OAFME Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner
OAI oceanographic area of interest
OAM Office of Air and Marine (DHS)
OAP offset aimpoint
OAPT Officer Awaiting Pilot Training
OAPTer An officer in OAPT status.
OAR Occupational Analysis Report
OAS offensive air support
OAS Organization of American States
OASD Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
OASD(NII/CIO) Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration/Chief Information Officer)
OASD(PA) Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)
OASD(RA) Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs)
OAU Organization of African Unity
OAY Outstanding Airman of the Year
OAYA Outstanding Airman of the Year Award
OB order of battle
OBA Office of Biotechnology Activities (NIH)
OBA oxygen breathing apparatus
OBA Oxygen Breathing Apparatus
OBE Overcome By Events
OBFS offshore bulk fuel system
OBIM Office of Biometric Identity Management (DHS)
OBP object-based production
OC operations center
OCA offensive counterair
OCA operational control authority
OCBD Office of Capacity Building and Development (USDA)
OCCA ocean cargo clearance authority
OCDETF Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force
OCHA Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
OCIE organizational clothing and individual equipment
OCJCS Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
OCO offensive cyberspace operations
OCO offload control officer
OCO Offensive Cyber Operations
OCONUS Outside Continental United States
OCONUS outside the continental United States
OCONUS Outside Continental United States
OCONUS Outside the Continental United States
OCONUS  Outside Continental United States
O-Course  Obstacle course
OCP operational capability package
OCR Office of Collateral Responsibility
OCS operational contract support
OCS Officer Candidate
OCS A 12-week training program designed to give Officers a working knowledge of the Navy, equivalent to Boot Camp
OCS Officer Candidate School
OCS  Officer Candidate School
OCSIC operational contract support integration cell
OCU offload control unit
ODA Operational Detachment-Alpha (12-man team ofUS Army Special Forces operators)
O-dark thirty  Very early hours before dawn
ODC Office of Defense Cooperation
ODCSLOG Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (Army)
ODNI Office of the Director of National Intelligence
ODTA Organizational Defense Travel Administrator
ODU Operational Dress Uniform
OE operational environment
OE&AS organization for embarkation and assignment to shipping
OEBGD Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document
OEC Office of Emergency Communications (DHS)
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OEG operational experts group
OEG operational exposure guidance
OEG operations security executive group
OEH occupational and environmental health
OER officer evaluation report
OES office of emergency services
OFAC Office of Foreign Assets Control (Treasury)
OFCO offensive counterintelligence operation
OFDA Office of United States Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID)
Office Hours  Administrative ceremony for legal, disciplinary, and other matters
OFFICER The leadership and management team of the Navy and Navy Reserve, requires a degree and completion of Officer Training
Officers' Country  Living spaces for officers aboard ship
OFO Out Fracking Off
OFS Out Freaking Standing (Polite)
OFSC Organizational and Force Structure Construct
OG Operations Group
OHA Overseas Housing Allowance
OHDACA Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster, and Civic Aid (DSCA)
OHDM Office of Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief, and Mine Action
OI operating instruction
OI operational interest
OIA Office of Insular Affairs (DOI)
OIA Office of International Affairs (Treasury)
OIC officer in charge
OIC Officer In Charge
OIC A commissioned Navy Officer in charge of an organization, facility or function, responsible for others
OIC Officer in Charge
OIC Officer in Command
OICC officer in charge of construction
OIG Office of Inspector General
OIIL Office of Intelligence and Investigative Liaison (CBP)
OIR other intelligence requirements
OJT on-the-job training
Oki  Okinawa.
OL Operating Location
Old Asia Hand  Person with more than one tour in Asia
Old Buzzards VP-62
Old Man  Very informal nickname for the commanding officer
OLEM Office of Land and Emergency Management (EPA)
OM On the Move (Normally just spelled out Oscar Mike)
OM On the Move
OMA Office of Military Affairs (CIA and USAID)
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OMBUDSMAN Volunteer who is the well-trained link between Sailors and their families
OMC Office of Military Cooperation
OMCF Post Maintenance Check Flight
OME Professional Military Education
OMPF Official Military Personnel File
OMPF  Official Military Personnel File
OMS Office of Mission Support
OMSPH Office of Medicine, Science, and Public Health (DHHS)
ONDCP Office of National Drug Control Policy
ONI Office of Naval Intelligence
OOB order of battle
OOB  straying into an area restricted from use by normal traffic
OOD officer of the deck
OOD Officer of the Deck
OOD  Officer Of the Deck
OODA observe, orient, decide, act
OODA Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act
OODA Observe Orient Decide Act
OOMA Optimized Organizational Maintenance Activity
Oorah  Spirited cry used since the mid-20th century
OOS out of service
OP observation post
OP ordnance publication
OP Observation Post
OP  Observation Post, a position used for recon
OPC Ocean Prediction Center (DOC)
OPCON operational control
OPCON Operational Control
OPCON Operational Control
OPDAT Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance, and Training (DOJ)
OPDEC operational deception
OPDS Future offshore petroleum discharge system-future (USN)
OPDS offshore petroleum discharge system (USN)
OPDS-L offshore petroleum discharge system-legacy (USN)
OPE operational preparation of the environment
OPELINT operational electronic intelligence
OPEO Office of Preparedness and Emergency Operations (DHHS)
OPFOR opposing force
OPFOR opposition force
OPG operations planning group
OPGEN operation general matter
OPIR overhead persistent infrared
OPLAN operation plan
OPLAW operational law
OPM Office of Personnel Management
OPMG Office of the Provost Marshal General
OPNAV Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
OPNAV Ofice of the Chief of Naval Operations
OPNAVINST Chief of Naval Operations instruction
OPORD operation order
OPORD Operations Order
OPP off-load preparation party
OPP orderwire patch panel
OPR office of primary responsibility
OPR Office of Primary Responsibility
OPR Officer Performance Report
OPREP operational report
OPROJ operational project
OPS operational project stock
OPSDEPS Service Operations Deputies
OPSEC operations security
OPSEC Operations Security
OPSEC Operations Security
OPS-O Operations Officer
OPSTK operational stock
OPT operational planning team
OPTAR operating target
OPTASK operation task
OPTASKLINK operations task link
OPTEMPO operating tempo
OPTN Operationalizing and Professionalizing the Network
OQR  Officer Qualification Record
OR operational readiness
ORBAT order of battle
ORD Office of Research and Development (EPA)
ORI Operational Readiness Inspection
ORM operational risk management
ORM Operational Risk Management
ORM Operation Risk Management
ORP ocean reception point
ORS operationally responsive space
ORSA operations research and systems analysis
OS operating stocks
OS operating system
OSA operational support airlift
OSA Overseas Contingency Operation Support Assignments
OSC offensive space control
OSC on-scene commander
OSC on-site commander
OSC Open Source Center (CIA)
Oscar Mike  names of the two NATO phonetic alphabet letters O and M
OSCE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSD/DMDPO Office of the Secretary of Defense, Defense Military Deception Program Office
OSE operations support element
OSEI operational significant event imagery
OSI Office of Special Investigation
OSINT open-source information
OSINT open-source intelligence
OSM Office of Spectrum Management (NTIA)
OSM Oh Sh*t Moment
OSOCC on-site operations coordination center
OSP On Site Procurement
OSR on-station report
OSR Occupational Survey Report
OSS Operations Support Squadron
OSTR Optimal Ship Track route
OT Operational Test
OT&E operational test and evaluation
OT&E Operational Test and Evaluation
OTA Office of Technical Assistance (Treasury)
OTC officer in tactical command
OTC over the counter
OTERA organize, train, equip, rebuild/build, and advise
OTF Out There Flapping
OTH over the horizon
OTI Office of Transition Initiatives (USAID)
OTP One Time Password
OTS Officer Training School
OTS Officer Training School
OTV Outer Tactical Vest
OTV  Outer Tactical Vest
OUB offshore petroleum discharge system utility boat
OUSD Office of the Under Secretary of Defense
OUSD (C) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
OUSD (P&R) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness)
OUSD(AT&L) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics)
OUSD(C) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
OUSD(C/CFO) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer)
OUSD(I) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence)
OUSD(P) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
Outside  Civilian life after discharge
Over the Hill  Excessively old
OVERHEAD The ceiling
Overhead  Ceiling
Overseas COLA Overseas Cost of Living Allowance
OWS operational weather squadron
P Publication
P&R Personnel and Readiness
P.O.A  Position Of Attention
PA Physician Assistant
PA Primary Agency
PA Probability of Arrival
PA Public Affairs
PA Public Affairs
PACAF Pacific Air Forces
PACAF Pacific Air Forces
PACOM Pacific Command
PACOM Pacific Command
PAD Patient Administration Director
PADD Person Authorized to Direct Disposition of Human Remains
padre  chaplain
PAFSC Primary Air Force Specialty Code
PAG Public Affairs Guidance
Page 11  administrative remarks concerning a Marine's performance and conduct
PAL Privatization of Army Lodging
PALCON Pallet Container
PALS  Pouch Attachment Ladder System
PaM Passage Material
PAM Preventive and Aerospace Medicine
PAO Public Affairs Office
PAO Public Affairs Officer
PAO Officer responsible for preparing and disseminating information relative to military operations
PAO Public Affairs Officer
PAPERCLIP People Against People Ever Reenlisting Civilian Life Is Preferred
PAR Population at Risk
PAR Precision Approach Strategist
Parade Deck  Area set aside for the conduct of parades, drill, and ceremonies
Paradise Island  Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
PARS Personnel and Accountability System
PAS Political Affairs Strategist
Passageway  Corridor or hallway.
Passed over  Having failed selection for the next higher rank
Patriots VAQ-140
PAWS Phased Array Warning System
PAX Passengers
PAX Public Affairs Plans
PAX Passengers
PAX Air Passengers
Pay Grade  DOD system of designating a U.S. serviceperson's pay
PB Peace Building
PB4T Planning Board for Training
PBA Performance-Based Agreement
PBA Production Base Analysis
PBIED Person-Borne Improvised Explosive Device
PBOS Planning Board for Ocean Shipping
PBR Program and Budget Review
PC Patrol Craft
PC Preliminary Coordination
PC Principals Committee
PC&S Post, Camp, and Station
PCA Posse Comitatus Act
PCASS Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System
PCC Police Contributing Country
PCC Policy Coordination Committee
PCO Primary Control Officer
PCO Procuring Contracting Officer
PCO Prospective Commanding Officer
PCP  Physical Conditioning Program
PCRTS Primary Casualty Receiving and Treatment Ship
PCS Permanent Change of Station
PCS Primary Control Ship
PCS Permanent Change of Station
PCS Permanent Change of Station
PCS Permanent Change of Station
PCS  Permanent Change of Station
PCTC Pure Car and Truck Carrier
PD Per Diem Determination
PD Position Description
PD Priority Designator
PD Probability of Damage
PD Probability of Detection
PD Program Directive
PD Public Diplomacy
PDA Preliminary Damage Assessment
PDAL Prioritized Defended Asset List
P-DAYS “Processing days” When recruits first arrive at Boot Camp, they are issued initial equipment, uniforms and supplies
PDC Pacific Disaster Center
PDD Presidential Decision Directive
PDF Portable Data File
PDHA Post-Deployment Health Assessment
PDHRA Post-Deployment Health Re-Assessment
PDQ Pre-travel Data Query
PDS Permanent Duty Station
PDS Permanent Duty Station
PDS Permanent Duty Station
PDSS Predeployment Site Survey
PDT Partnership Development Team
PDT Permanent Duty Travel
PDT Pre-Deployment Training
PDTATAC Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee
PDUSD(P&R) Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness)
PE Personal Effects
PE Preparation of the Environment
PE Program Element
PE Plastic Explosive
PEIO Personal Effects Inventory Officer
Pelicans VUP-19
PEO Peace Enforcement Operations
PEO Program Executive Office
PEOD Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination
PEP Personnel Exchange Program
PERE Person Eligible to Receive Effects
PERMA Planning, Embarkation, Rehearsal, Movement, and Action
PERMREP Permanent Representative (NATO)
Perpes Nickname for PRP, takeoff on herpes
PERSCO Personnel Support for Contingency Operations
PERSCO Personnel Support for Contingency Operations
PFA Primary Federal Agency
PFA A required basic physical test conducted to determine the physical fitness of Navy personnel
PFA Physical Fitness Assessment
PFC Private First Class
PFC  Private First Class
PFDB Planning Factors Database
PFE Promotion Fitness Examination
PFM Pure Fricking Magic
PFM Pure Frick!n' Magic; Term to refer to a technical problem that somehow resolved itself
PFO Principal Federal Official
PfP Partnership for Peace (NATO)
PFT Physical Fitness Test
PFT Physical Fitness Test
PFT  Physical Fitness Test
PGI Procedures, Guidance, and Information
PGM Precision-Guided Munition
PHA Physical Health Assessment
PHEO Public Health Emergency Officer
PHIBCB Amphibious Construction Battalion
PHIBOP Amphibious Operation
PHIBRON Amphibious Squadron
PHIT Port Handling/In-Land Transportation
Phone Watch  Duty where a Marine is responsible for answering phones
PHRA Physical Health Re-Assessment
Phrog  Nickname for CH-46 Sea Knight.
PI Pandemic Influenza
PI Point of Impact
PI Pricing Instructions
Pi Probability of Incapacitation
PI Purposeful Interference
PI An inspection of a recruit’s personal appearance and uniform
PI Personal Inspections
PI  Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
PI&ID Pandemic Influenza and Infectious Disease
PIAB President's Intelligence Advisory Board
PIC Payment in Cash
Pickle Suit  Service "A" uniform
PICNIC Problem In Chair, Not In Computer; Used by help desk personnel to indicate user ignorance
PID Positive Identification
PII Pre-Incident Indicators
PII Personally Identifiable Information or Personal Identity Information
PIN Personnel ID Number
PING Person In Need of Graduation
Pinning  Promotion by pinning the new rank insignia onto the MCCUU collar
PIO Public Information Officer
PIR Priority Intelligence Requirement
PIR Boot Camp graduation
PIR Pass in Review
PIREP Pilot Report
PIRT Purposeful Interference Response Team
PISA Post Isolation Support Activity
Pisscutter  Nickname for soft green garrison cap
Pits  Area on a shooting range where the targets are located
PITT Person In need of Technical Training
Pitting  Incentive training for a large group of recruits
PIU Patient Isolation Unit
Pizza Box  The Marksman Weapons Qualification Badge
Pizza Stain  nickname for the National Defense Service Medal
PJ Pararescue Jumper
PJ Pararescueman
PK Probability of Kill
PKB Purple Kill Box
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
PKO Peacekeeping Operations
PKSOI Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute
PL Phase Line
PL Platoon Leader
PLA Post-Launch Abort
PLAD Plain Language Address Directory
PLANORD Planning Order
Platoon Sergeant  SNCO executive to the platoon commander
PLB Personal Locator Beacon
PLOT Personal Leave with Official Travel
PLS Palletized Load System
PLT Platoon
PLT Platoon
PM Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
PM Patient Movement
PM Peacemaking
PM Preventative Medicine
PM Program Management
PM Program Manager
PM Provost Marshall
PMA Political/Military Assessment
PMC Private Military Company
PMC Partially Mission Capable
PMC Partially Mission Capable
PMCM  equipment that is only partially mission capable due to maintenance needs
PMCS  Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services
PME Professional Military Education
PME Professional Military Education
PMEL Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory
PMESII Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, and Infrastructure
PMGM Program Manager's Guidance Memorandum
PMI Patient Movement Item
PMITS Patient Movement Item Tracking System
PMO Production Management Office
PMO Program Management Officer
PMO  Provost Marshal's Office
PMO-DTS Program Management Office-Defense Travel System
PMR Patient Movement Request
PMR Patient Movement Requirement
PMR Proportional Meal Rate
PMRC Patient Movement Requirements Center
PMS Planned Maintenance Schedule
PN Partner Nation
PNA Postal Net Alert
PNG Passive Night Goggles
PNR Passenger Name Record
PNT Positioning, Navigation, and Timing
PO Peace Operations
PO Petty Officer
PO Post Office
PO(3/2/1) Petty Officer (Third/Second/First Class)
POA Plan of Action
POB Persons on Board
POBCAK Problem Occurs Between Chair And Keyboard
PoC Point of Contact
POC Privately Owned Conveyance
POC Point of Contact
POC Point of Contact
POCD Port Operations Cargo Detachment
Pocket Rocket Term for the missile badges of ICBM, Cruise Missile Launch Operations and Missile Maintenance Personnel
POD Plan of the Day
POD Port of Debarkation
POD Probability of Detection
POD Plan of the Day
POE Port of Embarkation
POE Port of Entry
POES Polar Operational Environment Satellite
POF Priority of Fires
POG Port Operations Group
POG Person Other than Grunt - refers to anyone other than infantry orSpecial Forces
Pogey Rope  insignia for wear by members of the 5th and 6th Marine Regiments
Pogue  Marine not of the combat arms (infantry)
Poguey Candy or sweets
POI Person of Interest
POL Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants
POL Petroleum Oil & Lubricants
POL Petroleum, Oils, & Lubricants, the traditional name for the Fuels Management Flight
POLAD Policy Advisor
POLAD Political Advisor
POLCAP Bulk Petroleum Capabilities Report
Police  to correct another Marine
POLMIL Political-Military
POM Program Objective Memorandum
POM Plan of the Month
Poncho Liner  Insulating blanket
POOW Petty Officer of the Watch
Pop Smoke  leave quickly or hastily
Pop-Tart Airman whose technical schools are 6 weeks or less
PORT A place on a waterway with facilities for loading and unloading ships
PORT SIDE The left side of a nautical vessel
Port  Naval term for "left side of ship"
Portholes  military issue eyeglasses
PORTSIM Port Simulation Model
POS Point of Sale
POS Point-of-Service
POS Probability of Success
Pos  Radio lingo for position
POS/ACK Positive Acknowledgement
posn Position
Possible  Slang term for the highest score possible in marksmanship exercise
Pot Shack  Place where cooking utensils are washed
POTUS President of the United States
POTUS President of the United States
POTUS President of the United States
POV Privately Owned Vehicle
POV Privately Owned Vehicle
POW Prisoner of War
POW Prisoner of War
POW Plan of the Week
POW Prisoner of War
POW/MIA Prisoner of War/Missing in Action
PowerPoint Ranger  Marines who have spent too much time in an office
PPAG Proposed Public Affairs Guidance
PPBE Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution
PPD Presidential Policy Directive
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PPF Personnel Processing File
PPG PT Parade Games
PPLI Precise Participant Location and Identification
PPM Personally Procured Move
PPPPPPP Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
PPR Post Payment Review
PPTO Petroleum Pipeline and Terminal Operating
PR Personnel Recovery
PR Phoenix Raven
PR Production Requirement
PR Program Review
PRA Patient Reception Area
PRA Primary Review Authority
PRC Populace and Resources Control
PRC Presidential Reserve Call-up
PRC Primary Receiving Center
PRCC Personnel Recovery Coordination Section
PRCC Personnel Recovery Coordination Station
PRCS Personnel Recovery Coordination Section
PRD Personnel Readiness Division
PRD Presidential Review Directive
PRD Date on which a Navy Officer or Sailor’s next duty station is established based on their pay grade and community
PRD Projected Rotation Date
PRDO Personnel Recovery Duty Officer
PREPO Pre-Positioned Force, Equipment, or Supplies
PREPO Pre-Positioning
PREREP Pre-Arrival Report
PRF Pulse Repetition Recovery
PRF Promotion Recommendation Form
PRG Personnel Recovery Guidance
Prick  equipment bearing the "PRC" JETDS designator
PRIFLY Primary Flight control
PRIFLY Primary Flight Control (Aircraft carriers)
Prime BEEF Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force
Prime Beef Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force
PRISM Planning Tool for Resource, Integration, Synchronization, and Management
PRM Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (DOS)
PRMS Personnel Recovery Mission Software
PRMx Production Requirements Matrix
Pro & Cons  Proficiency and Conduct marks
Property Cage  where organizational property storage
Proud Warriors HSL-48
Providers VRC-30
PROVORG Providing Organization
PRP Personnel Retrieval and Processing
PRP Personnel Reliability Program
PRP Pretty Retarded Program
PRP Personnel Reliability Program
PRRP Personnel Recovery Reference Product
PRT Patient Reception Team
PRT Provincial Reconstruction Team
PRT Physical Readiness Training
PRT Provincial Reconstruction Team
PRT A required basic physical test conducted to determine the physical fitness of Navy personnel
PRT Physical Readiness Test
PRT Physical Readiness Test
PRTF Personnel Recovery Task Force
PS Port Security
PSA Personnel Support Activity
PSA Port Support Activity
PSA Principal Staff Assistant
PSC Personnel Service Center
PSC Private Security Contractor
PSD Port Security Detachment
PSDM Personnel Services Delivery Memorandum
psi Pounds Per Square Inch
PSI Proliferation Security Initiative
PSNS and IMF Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility
PSO Peace Support Operations (NATO)
PSO Post Security Officer
PSRO Passenger Standing Route Order
PSS Personnel Services Support
PSS-SOF Precision Strike Suite-Special Operations Force
P-STATIC Precipitation Static
PSU Personnel Transport Module
PSYOP Psychological Operations
PT Physical Training
PT Physical Training
PT  Physical Training
PTB Powers That Be
PTDO Prepare to Deploy Order
PTL Physical Training Leader
PTM Personnel Transport Module
PTS Perform to Serve
PTTI Precise Time and Time Interval
Pucker Factor  High anxiety experienced in tight situations, usually aircrew
PUK Packup Kit
Pukin Dogs VFA-211
Pull Butts  mark and score targets on a shooting range from behind a berm
PV Prime Vendor
PV2 Private 2nd Class (U.S. Army E-2)
PVNTMED Preventive Medicine
PVT Positioning, Velocity, and Timing
PVT Private (U.S. Army and Marine Corps E-1)
PWD Public Works Department
PWG Protection Working Group
PWRR Pre-Positioned War Reserve Requirements
PWRS Petroleum War Reserve Stocks
PWRS Pre-Positioned War Reserve Stock
PWS Performance Work Statement
PWT Precision Weapons Team
PX Post Exchange (Army)
PX Post Exchange
PX  Post eXchange; Marine Corps Exchange
PXO Prospective Executive Officer
QA Quality Assurance
QAE Quality Assurance Evaluator
QAF Quality Air Force
QAR Quality Assurance Representative
QAT Quality Assurance Team
QAWTD/QAWTH Quick Acting Water Tight Door/Quick Acting Water Tight Hatch
QC Quality Control
QDR Quadrennial Defense Review
QHDA Qualified Hazardous Duty Area
QIP Quick Impact Project
QM Quartermaster
QM Quartermaster
QMOW Quartermaster of the Watch
QRF Quick Reaction Force
QRF Quick Response Force
QRF  Quick Reaction Force
QRMC Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation
QRP Quick Response Posture
QS Quality Surveillance
QSTAG Quadripartite Standardization Agreement
QUADCON Quadruple Container
Quarter Deck  location of prominence in a barracks or office
Quarterdecking  Incentive training by means of repetitive and constant physical exercises
QUARTERS Assembling all hands for muster; Also refers to a home on base, a residence
Quarters  bachelor (barracks) or family (government-leased apartments or houses)
Quatrefoil  4-pointed embroidered pattern at the top of an officer's barracks cover
Queep A task or duty that is completely useless and ultimately unrelated to your primary job.
R&D Research and Development
R&R Rest and Recuperation
R&S Reconstruction and Stabilization
R/S  Respectfully Submitted
R2P2 Rapid Response Planning Process
RA Registration Authority
RA Response Action
RA Risk Analysis
RA Risk Assessment
RA Resource Advisor
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RACAN Tactical Air Navigation
Rack or Sack  bed / bunk
RAC-OT Readiness Assessment System-Output Tool
RAD Routine Aerial Distribution
RADBN Radio Battalion
RADC Regional Air Defense Commander
RADCON Radiological Control Teal
RADCON Radiation Control
Radio Watch  Duty monitoring radio networks for relevant traffic
RADM Rear Admiral (United States)(Upper Half)
RAF Royal Air Force (UK)
RAF Royal Air Force (UK)
RAF Royal Air Force
RAG Replacement Air Group, now known as Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS)
Rah  A shortened version of Ooh-rah
Raider Cap  cover worn with the M1941 HBT utilities
Rain Locker  shower
Rainbow Flight Fresh trainees at BMT who have not yet received uniforms
RAM Raised Angle Marker
RAM Random Access Memory
RAM Random Antiterrorism Measure
RAM Rockets, Artillery, and Mortars
RAM Random Antiterrorism Measure
RAMCC regional Air Movement Control Center
Rampagers VFA-86
RAN Royal Australian Navy
Rangers VQ-2 (Disestablished 2012)
Ranks  Command structure classifications
RAP Radiological Assistance Program (DOE)
RAPCON Radar Approach Control
RAS Regional Affairs Strategist
RAS-OT Readiness Assessment System-Output Tool
RATE Refine, Adapt, Terminate, Execute
Rated Officer USAF commissioned officer holding an aeronautical rating as a Pilot, Astronaut, Combat Systems Officer, Navigator, Air Battle Manager, Observer or Flight Surgeon
Ratf*ck  Selecting the best, leaving less desirable options for others
RATING A job specialty title
RATO Rocket Assisted Take Off
Rawhides Commander, Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic Fleet
RBA Reimbursable Budget Authority
RBC Red Blood Cell
RC Reserve Component
RC Resident Coordinator (UN)
RCA Riot Control Agent
RCA Reactor Controls Assistant
RCC Regional Contracting Center
RCC Rescue Coordination Center
RCD Regional Collection Detachment
RCEM Regional Contingency Engineering Management
RCIED Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device
RCM Rules for Courts-Martial
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCO Regional Contracting Office
RCO  Rifle Combat Optic
RCSC Rocket Canadian Sea Cadets
RCT Regimental Combat Rescue Coordination Team
RCT Rescue Coordination Team (Navy)
RDC Regional Data Center
RDC Recruit Division Commander
RDC Recruit Drill/Division Commander
RDC Sailor responsible for training recruits at the Navy Recruit Training Command (RTC)
RDCFP Regional Defense combating Terrorism Fellowship Program
RDCTFP Regional Defense Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program
RDD Radiological Dispersal Device
RDML Rear Admiral (United States)(Lower Half)
RDO Request for Deployment Order
RDT&E Research, Development, Test and Evaluation
RDT&E Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
REA Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment
REAC/TS Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site (DOE)
Real World  Civilian life after discharge
Rear Echelon Pogue  person who chooses to stay behind the lines to avoid danger
Recon  verb to denote stealthy acquisition by theft
RED Radiological Exposure Device
RED HORSE Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer
RED HORSE Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers
Red Lancers VP-16
Red Leg  Artilleryman
Red Lions HSC-2
Red Patch  worn by landing support troops to tell shore party from landing troops
Red Rippers VFA-15
Red Wolves VC-6
REF Rapid Equipping Force (Army)
REGSUPPORG Sea Logistics Atlantic
REPOL Bulk Petroleum Contingency Report
REPUNIT reporting Unit
Request Mast  Appealing through chain of command to seek grievance satisfaction requester feels not adequately handled at a lower level.
RES Radiation Exposure Status
RESCAP Rescue Combat Air Patrol
RESCORT Rescue Escort
RESPROD Responsible Production
RET, Ret, (Ret) Designations for retired military personnel, typically following the service designation in a title, e.g., Col USAF (Ret)
Re-up  Re-enlist
REVEILLE A signal signifying the start of a workday
Reverse Raider  Derogatory term for MARSOC Marines
RF Radio Frequency
RF Reserve Force
RF Radio Frequency
RF CM Radio Frequency Countermeasures
RFA Request for Assistance
RFA Restrictive Fire Area
RFC Request for Capabilities
RFC Revision Final Coordination
RFD Revision First Draft
RFF Request for Feedback
RFF Request for Forces
RFF Request For Forces (Initiated by Army)
RFI Radio Frequency Interference
RFI Request for Information
RFI  Request for Information
RFID Radio Frequency Identification
RFL Restrictive Fire Line
RFL Response Force Leader
RFP Request for Proposal
RFP Request for Proposal
RFS Request for Service
RFS Request for Sourcing
RFS Request for Support
RGS Remote Geospatial Intelligence Services
Rh Rhesus
RHIB Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat
RHIB (RIB) Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat
RHIP Rank Has Its Priviliges
RICKY A recruit
RICO Regional Interface Control Officer
RIF Reduction in Force
RIK Replacement in Kind
RIMPAC Rim of the Pacific
RIO Radar Intercept Officer (NFO in F-4 Phantom II and F-14 Tomcat)
RIP Report on Individual Personnel
RITA Relocation Income Tax Allowance
RL A Line Officer is a commissioned Officer who is not eligible for sea command
RL Restricted Line
RLO Restricted Line Officer
RM Ramp Module
RM Recovery Mechanism
RM Resource Management
RM Risk Management
RMC Rescue Mission Commander
RMC Royal Military College of Canada
RMD Restricted Maneuvering Doctrine
RMO Regional Marine Officer
RMP Religious Ministry Professional
RMT Response Management Team
RN Royal Navy (UK)
RNLTD Report No Later Than Date
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force (New Zealand)
RO Routing Official
RO/RO Roll-On/Roll-Off
ROA Read Only Access
Roach coach  Civilian vehicle allowed on base to sell fast food
ROAD Retired on Active Duty
ROC Rehearsal of Concept
Rocks and Shoals  pre-UCMJ code of law for the United States Department of the Navy
ROE Rules of Engagement
ROE Rules of Engagement
ROE  Rules Of Engagement
ROICC Resident Officer in Charge of Construction
ROK Republic of Korea
ROM Restriction of Movement
ROM Rough Order of Magnitude
ROMA Data, Right Out of My A** Data / Unverifiable created data
ROMO Range of Military Operations
RON Remain Overnight
RON Remain Overnight
Rooks VAQ-137
ROS Reduced Operating Status
Rotate  Return home at the end of a deployment
ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
ROTC Reserve Officers' Training Corps
Rough Riders VFA-125
ROWPU Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit
ROWPU Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit
Royal Maces VFA-27
ROZ Restricted Operations Zone
ROZ Restricted Operating Zone
RP Religious Program Specialist
RP Retained Personnel
RP Religious Program Specialist
RPA Remotely Piloted Aircraft
RPC Retail PMCE Schedule
RPG Rocket Propelled Grenade
RPG Rocket-Propelled Grenade
RPM Revolutions Per Minute
RPM Round Per Minute
RPM Remedial Project Mangaer
RPO Rendezvous and Proximity Operations
RPOC Recruit Petty Officer in Charge or Recruit Chief Petty Officer
RPOE Rapid Port Opening Element
RQG Rescue Group
RQS Rescue Squadron (formerly ARS)
RQT Rapid Query Tool
RQW Rescue Wing
RR Reattack Recommendation
RRCC Regional Response Coordination Center
RRDF Roll-On/Roll-Off Discharge Facility
RRF Rapid Response Force
RRF Ready Reserve Force
RRS Remote Replication System
RRT Ready Reserve Travel
RS Religious Support
RS RatSh*t (Unserviceable)
RS Reconnaissance Squadron
RSC Regional Service Center
RSC Rescue Sub-Center
RSE Retrograde Support Element
RSF Recovery Support Function
RSI Rationalization, Standardization, and Interoperability
RSN Role Specialist Nation
RSO Reception, Staging, and Onward Movement
RSO Regional Security Officer
RSO Remote Split Operations
RSOI Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration
RSS Really Simple Syndication
RSS Regional Security System (Caribbean)
RSSC Regional Satellite Communications Support Center
RSSC Regional Space Support Center
RSSC-LO Regional Space Support Center Liaison Officer
RST Religious Support Team
RSTA Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition
RT Recovery Team
RT Rough Terrain
RT Radiotelephone (Voice Radio)
RTB Return to Base
RTB Return to Base
RTB Return to Base
RTC Campus located in Great Lakes, Illinois, where Navy recruits train to become Sailors Also known as Boot Camp
RTC Recruit Training Command
RTCH Rough Terrain Container Crane
RTD Rough Terrain Container Handler
RTIC Real Time In the Cockpit
RTL Restricted Target List
RTO Radio Telephone Operator
Rubber Bitch  Name given to the ISO mat
RUF Rules for the Use of Force
Running Lights  Navigational night lights on a ship
RV Rendezvous
RV Rendez-Vous
RW Rotary-Wing
RW Reconnaissance Wing
RWR Radar Warning Receiver
S&R Search and Recovery
S&T Science and Technology
S&T Scientific and Technical
S&TI Scientific and Technical Intelligence
S/A Service/Agency
S/CRS Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization (DOS)
S/CT Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism (DOS)
S/F  Abbreviation for Semper Fidelis
S-1 Battalion or Brigade Manpower and Personnel Staff Officer (Marine Corps Battalion or Regiment)
S1C Seaman 1st Class
S-2 Battalion or Brigade Intelligence Staff Officer (Army; Marine Corps Battalion or Regiment)
S2C Seaman 2nd Class
S2F Speed to Fleet
S-3 Battalion or Brigade Operations Staff Officer (Army; Marine Corps Battalion or Regiment)
SA Security Assistance
SA Situational Awareness
SA Staging Area
SA System Administrator
SA Situation Awareness
SA Seaman Apprentice
SAA Senior Airfield Authority
SAAFR Standard Use Army Aircraft Flight Route
SAAM Special Assignment Airlift Mission
SAAS Standard Army Ammunition System
SAASS School of Advanced Air and Space Studies
SABC Self Aid Buddy Care
Saberhawks HSL-47
SABRS Standard Accounting, Budget and Reporting System (USMC)
SAC Special Actions Cell
SAC Supporting Arms Coordinator
SAC Strategic Air Command (disestablished MAJCOM)
SACC Supporting Arms Coordination Center (USMC)
SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (NATO)
SACO  Substance Abuse Control Officer
SACT Supreme Allied Commander Transformation
SADC Sector Air Defense Commander
SADL Situation Awareness Data Link
SADO Senior Air Defense Officer
SAF/SECAF Secretary of the Air Force
SAFE Secure Analyst File Environment
SAFE Selected Area for Evasion
SAFE  Mnemonic for the set up of weapons in small-unit defense, denotes
Safety Brief  given by an NCO to junior enlisted Marines prior to being released for liberty
SAG Sexual Assault Forensic Examination
SAG Surface Action Group
SALM Surface Action Group
SALT Single-Anchor Leg Mooring
Salt/salty Experienced or well-worn person or object
SAM Supporting Arms Liaison Team
SAM Surface-to-Air Missile
SAM Surface-to-Air Missile (NB-1)
SAM Surface to Air Missle
Sand Monster  To bury/hide something in the sand
Sandbox  Iraq or other desert area
SAO Security Assistance Office
SAO Security Assistance Officer
SAO Surface-to-Air Missile
SAP Special Access Program
SAPO Subarea Petroleum Office
SAPR Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
SAPR Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
SAPR Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
SAR Satellite Access Request
SAR Search and Rescue
SAR Special Access Requirement
SAR Suspicious Activity Report
SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar
SARC Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
SARC Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman
SARC Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
SARC  Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
SARDOT Search and Rescue Point
SARIS Search and Rescue Incident Report
SAROPS Search and Rescue Optimal Planning System
SARREQ Search and Rescue Request
SARS Search and Rescue Swimmer
SARSAT Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking
SARSIT Search and Rescue Situation Summary Report
SARSS Standard Army Retail Supply System
SAS Special Air Service (British Special Forces)
SATCOM Satellite Communications
SATCOm Satellite Communications
SAU Search and Attack Unit
SAV Staff Assistance Visit
SAWG Strategic Assessment Working Group
Say Again Request to repeat a statement, question, or order
Sayōnara  goodbye
SBCT Stryker Brigade Combat Team
SBIRS Space-Based Infrared System
SBS Special Boat Service (British Special Forces)
SBU Sensitive but Unclassified
SC Security Cooperation
SCA Sociocultural Analysis
SCA Space Coordinating Authority
SCA Support to Civil Administration
SCAR Strike Coordination and Reconnaissance
SCAT Small Craft Attack Team
SCBA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
SCC Service Cryptologic Component
SCC Shipping Coordination Center
SCC-WMD United States Strategic Command Center for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction
SCF(US) Save the Children Federation (United States)
SCG Security Cooperation Guidance
SCHBT Shape, Clear, Hold, Build, and Transition
Schmuckatelli  junior Marine
SCI Sensitive Compartmented Information
SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCIF  Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCL Standard Conventional Load
SCM Security Countermeasure
SCO Secondary Control Officer
SCO Security Cooperation Organization
SCO Senior Contracting Official
SCO Service Container Manager
SCO State Coordinating Officer
SCO Squadron Commander (Squadron as used in theU.S. Army Regimental System)
SCOD Static Close Out Date
Scorpions HSL-49
Scorpions (Expeditionary) VAQ-132
SCOTUS Supreme Court of the United States
SCP Security Cooperation Plan
SCP Service Control Point
SCPO Senior Chief Petty Officer
SCR System Change Request
scrambled eggs  Gold oak leaf on field grade and officers' cap, visors and cuffs
Screaming Eagles VP-1
Screwtops VAW-124
SCRMC INGLESIDE Commander, Destroyer Squadron Twenty-Two
Scrounge  Appropriate, borrow, or acquire
SCT Shipping Coordination Team
SCT Special Circumstance Travel
SCULLERY A place to wash dishes
Scullery  Place where dishes are washed
SCUTTLEBUTT Term used primarily for rumors and rumor control
Scuttlebutt  Gossip; or a drinking fountain
SCW Seebee Combat Warfare Specialist Insignia
SD Severe Damage
SD Strategy Division
SD Status Destroyed or "Salty Dog". (Equipment that is written off as unrepairable and unsalvageable. )
SDA Senior Development Advisor
SDB Satellite Communications Database
SDB Small Diameter Bomb
SDD Solution Delivery Division (Military Health)
SDDC Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
SDDC Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
SDDCTEA Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Transportation Engineering Agency
SDF Self Defense Force
SDF Standard Deployment Folder
SDI  Senior Drill Instructor, leader of a recruit platoon
SDO Senior Defense Official
SDO Ship's Debarkation Officer
SDO/DATT Senior Defense Official/Defense Attaché
SDP Strategic Distribution Platform
SDP Defense Support Program
SDZ Self-Defense Zone
SE Site Exploitation
SE Spherical Error
SE Support Equipment
SEA Ships' Bunkers Easy Acquisition
SEA Southeast Asia
Sea Knights HSC-26
Sea Lawyer  Person who attempts to argue & continually provides explanations
Sea Story  Story, tale, or yarn calculated to impress others
Seabag Drag  Manually carrying personal items to new or temporary living quarters
Seabag or Sea Bag  Duffel bag used to carry one's belongings
Seabee Navy Construction Engineer
Seabees Navy Expeditionary Intelligence Command
SEAC Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairmanof the Joint Chiefs of Staff
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (pronounced "seed")
SEADS Southeast Air Defense Sector
Seagoing Bellhop  Marine stationed aboard a ship on sea duty
Seahawks HSL-41
Seahawks VRC-40
SEAL Sea, Air and Land (US Navy SEALs)
SEAL Members of the Navy Special Operations Force who specialize in direct action and special reconnaissance missions
SEAL Sea-Air-Land (Team)
SEALOGCENT Sealift Logistics Command Far East
SEALOGEUR Sealift Logistics Command Central
SEALOGFE Naval Network Warfare Command
SEALOGLANT Commander, Naval Coastal Warfare Group Two
SEALOGLANT Sealift Logistics Command Pacific
SEALOGPAC Sealift Logistics Command Europe
SEALs United States Navy SEALs (stands for Sea, Air, Land), officially termed Special Warfare Operators (SO)
SEAOPDET Sea Operational Detachment
SEC Submarine Element Coordinator
SECAF Secretary of the Air Force
SECARMY Secretary of the Army
SECDEF Secretary of Defense
SecDef Secretary of the Defense
SECDEF Secretary of Defense (United States)
SECDHS Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
SECHS Secretary of Homeland Security
SECNAV Secretary of the Navy
SECNAV Civilian head of the Department of the Navy, responsible for conducting all affairs related to the Department
SECNAV Secretary of the Navy (United States)
SECNAVINST Secretary of the Navy Instruction
SECOMP Secure En Route Communications Package
Secret Squirrel Stuff Material classified above secret or special compartmentalized information
Secret Squirrel  Intelligence personnel or activity
SECSTATE Secretary of State
SECTRANS Secretary of Transportation
SECURE To stop or quit work
Secure  Stop, cease; or put away and lock.
SEF sealift Enhancement Feature
SEI Special Experience Identifer
SEL Senior Enlisted Leader
SEMA Special Electronic Mission Aircraft
Semper Fi  Shortened version of "Semper Fidelis"
Semper Gumby  Colloquialism denoting tactical flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt
Semper I  Colloquialism denoting self-centered behavior
Semper Sometimes  version of Semper Fi used to deride the part-time Reservists
Senior Informal shortening for Senior Master Sergeant
SEPCOR Separate Correspondence
SEPLO State Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer
SERE Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape
SERE Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape
SERE Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape
SERMC MAYPORT Commander, Explosive Ordance Disposal Group Two
SES Senior Executive Service
SEW Shared Early Warning
SEWOC Signals Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Operations Centre (NATO)
SF Security Force
SF Special Forces
SF Standard Form
SF Security Forces
SF Security Forces
SFA Security Force Assistance
SFAF Standard Frequency Action Format
SFAT Spectrum Flyaway Team
SFC Single-Fuel Concept
SFC Sergeant First Class (U.S. Army E7)
SFCP Shore Fire Control Party
SFG Special Forces Group
SFIS Standard Financial Information Structure
SFMS special Forces Medical Sergeant
SFOR Stabilization Force
SFS Security Forces Squadron
SG Secretary-General (UN)
SG Steering Group
SG Surgeon General
SGM Sergeant Major (U.S. Army E9 – Sometimes referred to as Staff Sergeant Major)
SGS Strategic Guidance System
SGT Sergeant (U.S. Army E5) (U.S. Marines Uses Sgt)
Sgt Sergeant
SGXM Headquarters, Air Mobility Command/Surgeon
Shadowhawks VAQ-141
Shadows VQ-4
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe
Shellback  Marine who crossed the line (equator) while on a Naval vessel
SHF Super-High Frequency
Ship Over  Reenlist for an additional period of service
Shirt A unit first sergeant
Shit Bag Habitually unkempt or undisciplined Marine
Shit Detail  an undesirable (usually temporary) assignment
Shit-Brick  useless or ignorant person
Shit-Hot  used to notify something as exceptional or very good
Shitter  bathroom, head, or latrine
Shooter  person whose primary duty involves marksmanship with a rifle or pistol
SHORAD Short-Range Air Defense
SHORADEZ Short-range Air Defense Engagement Zone
Shore Party  landing support specialists that direct the disposition of troops
Short Close to a PCS date or retirement
Short-timer  person nearing the completion of his/her present tour or enlistment
Short-timer's Disease  apathy to duties and regulations from a person nearing EAS
Shove Off  to leave the vicinity
Shower Shoes  rubber sandals to prevent infections from the use of community showers
SI Spendable Income
SI United States Strategic Command Strategic Instruction
SIC Supporting Intelligence Center
SICK BAY Medical facility located in a hospital, aid station or on board ship
Sick bay  infirmary or other medical facility aboard ship
Sick Call Commando  person who constantly finds medical reasons to avoid work
Sick Call  Daily period when routine ailments are treated at sick bay.
SICLOS Shift Inspect Clean Lube Oil Strainers
SICO Sector Interface Control Officer
Side Straddle Hop  Jumping Jack.
Sidearm  weapon carried by a sentry under arms
Sidewinders VFA-87
SIDO Senior Intelligence Duty Officer
Sierra Hotel (SH) Sh*t Hot
SIF Selective Identification Feature
SIGINT Signals Intelligence
SIGNT Signals Intelligence
Silver Bullet  rectal thermometer used to check one's temperature
SIM System Impact Message
SIMLM Single Integrated Medical Logistics Manager
SINCGARS Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
SIO Senior Intelligence Officer
SIOC Strategic Information and Operations Center (FBI)
SIPR Secret Internet Protocol
SIQ Sick In Quarters
SIQ Term used when injury is such that in-hospital care is not required
SIR Specific Information Requirement
SIR Strategic Military Intelligence Review
SIRPNET SECRET Internet Protocol Router Network
SITREP Situation Report
SITREP Situation Report
SIV Special Interest Vessel
SJA Staff Judge Advocate
SJA Staff Judge Advocate
SJFHQ(CE) Standing Joint Force Headquarters (Core Element)
SJFHQ-E Standing Joint Force Headquarters-elimination
SJS Secretary, Joint Staff
Skate  avoiding work by finding an excuse to be elsewhere
Skid squadron  Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron
Skinny Dragons VP-4
Skipper  term of respect for captain in command of an infantry company
Skivvies  Underwear: T-shirt and drawers
SKT Specialty Knowledge Test
Skuzz  wash a deck or floor with a brush or towel in place of a mop
Skylark  casually frolic or take excess time to complete a task
SLA Special Leave Accrual
SLAM Standoff Land Attack Missile
SLBM Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile
SLBM Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile
SLCM Sea-Launched Cruise Missile
SLCP Ship Lighterage Control Point
SLCP Ship's Loading Characteristics Pamphlet
Slick Sleeve Nickname for an Airman Basic (owing to the absencse of rank insignia on an individual's sleeve)
Slick sleeve  private in the Marine Corps
Slide Bite pinching or abrasions of hand due to holding pistol incorrectly
Slider  hamburger so greasy that it "slides" right through you
SLO Space Liaison Officer
SLOC Sea Line of Communications
Slop chute  impolite term for restaurant at PX or beer garden
SLOTUS Second Lady of the United States
SLRP Survey, Liaison, and Reconnaissance Party
SLS Shoot-Look-Shoot
SLUF Short Little Ugly Frick (derogatory nickname for the LTV A-7 Corsair II)
SLWT Side Loadable Warping Tug
SM Spectrum Management
SM Standard Missile
SMA Sergeant Major of the Army (U.S. Army E9 – Senior Enlisted Member)
SMAT  Supply maintenance assistance team
SMB Spectrum Management Branch
SMC Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator
SMCA Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition
SMCM Surface Mine Countermeasures
SME Subject Matter Expert
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMEAC Situation Mission Execution Admin/logistics Command/signal
SMO Senior Meteorological and Oceanographic Officer
SMO Strategic Mobility Office®
Smokey Brown  campaign cover worn by a drill instructors
Smokin' and Jokin' mass of Marines acting unproductively
SMRC Specialized Medical Response Capabilities
SMS Single Mobility System
SMSB&BI  Nickname for the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis
SMSgt Senior Master Sergeant (USAF E-8)
SMSgt Senior Master Sergeant
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SMU Special Mission Unit
SMWDC Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center
SN Serial Number
SN Seaman
SNA Social Network Analysis
SNA Student Naval Aviator
Snacko A highly underestimated, mission critical position held most often by newly reported Lieutenants in a flying squadron.
SNAFU Situation Normal: All Fouled Up
SNAFU Situation Normal All Fouled Up
Snap In  conduct sighting in & aiming exercises with an unloaded weapon
SNCO Staff Noncommissioned Officer
SNCO Senior Non-Commisssioned Officer
SNCO  Staff Non-Commissioned Officer
SNCOA Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy
SNCOIC  Staff Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge
SNF Strategic Nuclear Forces
SNIPE Anyone who works in the Engineering department
SNM  Said Named Marine
Snow Job  Misleading or grossly exaggerated report
Snuffie Junior Marine (Lance Corporal and below)
Snuffy Generic term given to any Airmen of lower rank. ("Here came Airman Snuffy late to the party as usual.")
SO Special Warfare Operator, aka US Navy SEAL
SOA Special Operations Aviation (Army)
SOA Sustained Operations Ashore
SOAGS Special Operations Air-Ground System
SOC Special Operations Commander
SOC Special Operations Capable
SOCCE Special Operations Command and Control Team
SOCCENT Special Operations Command CENTCOM
SOCCET Special Operations Critical Care Evacuation Team
SOC-FWD Special Operations Command-Forward
SOCM Special Operations Combat Medic
SOCOM United States Special Operations Command
SOCPAC Special Operations Command, Pacific
SOD Special Operations Division
SOE Special Operations Executive
SOES Station Operations and Engineer Squadron
SOF Special Operations Forces
SOFA Status-of-Forces Agreement
SOFA Status of Forces Agreement
SOFA Status of Forces Agreement
SOF-CF Special Operations Forces-Conventional Forces
SOFLE Special Operations Forces Liaison Element
SOG Special Operations Group
SOG Sgt (or near rank) Commanding the 'COG' Corporal of the Guard and others
SOI Signal Operating Instructions
SOIC Senior Officer of the Intelligence Community
SOJTF Special Operations Joint Task Force
SOL Sh*t Out of Luck
SOLE Special Operations Liaison Element
SOLJWF Sh*t Out of Luck and Jolly Well Fouled
SOLO Special Operations Liaison Officer
SOM Structured Observation Management
SOMA Status of Mission Agreement
SOMARDS Standard Operation and Maintenance Army Research and Development System
SOMARDS Standard Operations and Maintenance (Army R&D System)
SOMARDS NT Standard Operation and Maintenance Army Research and Development System Non-Technical
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SOP Standard Operating Procedures
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SOP(A) Senior Officer Present (Ashore)
SOPA Senior Officer Present Afloat
SOPS Space Operations Squadron
SOQ Sailor of the Quarter
SORTIEALOT Sortie Allotment Message
SORTS Status of Resources and Training System
SOS Sh*t On a Shingle, or creamedchipped beefon toast
SOS Special Operations Squadron
SOS Squadron Officer School
SOSB Special Operations Support Battalion
SOST Special Operations Support Team
SOTA Signals Intelligence operational Tasking Authority
SOTF Special operations Task Force
SOTG  Special Operations Training Group
Soup Cooler term used by DIs for other senior person in reference to trainees mouth
Soup Sandwich disorganized operation or a gaggle
SOW Special Operations Wing
SOW Standoff Weapon
SOW Statement of Work
SOW Special Operations Wing
SOWT Special Operations Weather Technician
SOY Sailor of the Year
SP Security Police
Spark Chaser Nickname for aircraft maintenance personnel dealing with electronic, non-mechanical systems
Spartans HSM-74
SPAWAR Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
SPAWARSYSCEN Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
SPC Specialist (U.S. Army E-4)
SPE Senior Procurement Executive
SPECAT Special Category
SPG Strategic Planning Guidance
SPI Sensor Point of Interest
SPI Special Investigative (USAF)
SPINS Special Instructions
Spirit Mission A good-natured act, commonly in the form of a prank, banner, or...reacquisition...of a person/thing, to show pride for a group of individuals. Usually harmless.
Spit and Polish  individual or collective military neatness, extreme devotion to the minutiae
Spit-Shine  employing spit to remove grease and produce a high polish to boots/shoes
Splice the Mainbrace  invitation to drink
SPM Service Postal Manager
SPM Single Port Manager
SPMAGTF Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force
SPOD Seaport of Debarkation
SPOE Seaport of Embarkation
SPOT Synchronized Predeployment and Operational Tracker
SPOTREP Spot Report
SPP Scheduled Partial Payment
SPP Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America
SPP State Partnership Program
SPR System Problem Report
Spud Locker  place where fresh vegetables are stored
Sq Squadron
Squadbay  living quarters with open rooms and shared head
Square(d) Away  make neat and regulation appearance
Squid  sailor
SR Special Reconnaissance
SR Seaman Recruit
SrA Senior Airman (USAF E-4)
SrA Senior Airmen
SRB Selective Reenlistment Bonus
SRB  Service Record Book
SRBM Short-Range Ballistic Missile
SRC Solid Rock Café
SRD-1 STANFINS Redesign (disbursing system)
SRG Seabee Readiness Group
SRI Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Intelligence (Marine Corps)
SRM Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization
SROE Standing Rules of Engagement
SRR Search and Rescue Region
SRR Special Reconnaissance Regiment (British special Forces)
SRSG Special Representative of the Secretary-General
SRT Security Response Team
SRUF Standing Rules for the Use of Force
SRW Shutdown Roving Watch
SS Steamship
SS Submarine Specialist or Submersible Ship
SSA Security Sector Assistance
SSA Software Support Activity
SSA Space Situational Awareness
SSA Special Support Activity (NSA)
SSA Supply Support Activity
SSB Single Side Band
SSBN (aka Boomers) Hull classification for ballistic missile submarines; The SS denotes submarine, the B denotes ballistic missiles, and the N denotes nuclear-powered
SSC Small Scale Contingency
SSC Special Security Center
SSCO Shipper's Service Control Office
SSDD Same Shift Different Day
SSDD  Same Shit, Different Day
SSDDBS Same Shift Different Day Bigger Shovel
SSE Space Support Element
SSES Ships Signals Exploitation Space; A compartment on a ship where embarked NAVSECGRU personnel, known a Cryptologic Technicians, do their work
SSG Staff Sergeant (US Army E-6)
SSGN Hull classification symbol for cruise missile submarine; The SS denotes submarine, the G denotes guided missile, and the N denotes nuclear-powered
SSgt Staff Sergeant
SSgt Staff Sergeant
SSI Standing Signal Instruction
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SSM Surface-to-Surface Missile
SSN Social Security Number
SSN Special Security Office(R)
SSN Hull classification symbol for general-purpose fast attack submarines; The SS denotes submarine, while N denotes nuclear-powered
SSOQ Senior Sailor of the Quarter
SSOY Senior Sailor of the Year
SSPM Single-Service Postal Manager
SSR Security Sector Reform
SSS Selective Service System
SST Special Support Team (National Security Agency)
SST Supervisor Safety Training
SSTG Ships Service Turbo Generator
SSWG Space Support Working Group
ST Short Ton
ST Strike Team
Stacking Swivel  Oval link with opening that allows other rifles to be hooked and stacked
Staff Informal shortening for Staff Sergeant
Staff NCO  Staff Non-Commissioned Officer
Stage pre-position something
STANAG Standardization Agreement (NATO)
Stand By  command to wait
STANFINS Standard Finance Systems (Army)
STAR Sensitive Target Approval and Review
STARBOARD The right side of a nautical vessel
Starboard  right side of ship
STARS Standard Accounting and Reporting System
STARS Standard Accounting and Reporting System (Navy)
START Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
STEAL Stealthily Transport Equipment to Another Location
S-Team Staff Augmentation Team
STEP Standardized Tactical Entry Point
STEP Stripe Through Exceptional Performance
STERN The aft part (rear) of a ship or boat
STG Sonar Technician Surface
Stick Actuator Pilot
stick  Squad being transported either via aircraft or ground vehicle
Stingers VFA-113
Stink Bug Nickname for the F-117 Nighthawk
STO Special Technical Operations
STOL Short Takeoff and Landing
STOL  Short Takeoff/Landing
STON Short Ton
STOVL Short Takeoff, Vertical Landing
STOVL  Short Takeoff, Vertical Landing
STREAM Standard Tension Replenishment Alongside Method
Strike Eagle Nickname for the F-15E Strike Eagle
STS Special Tactics Squadron
STS Sonar Technician Submarines
STS Special Tactics Squadron
STT Special Tactics Team
STU Secure Telephone Unit
STW Strike Warfare
STWC Strike Warfare Commander
SUBOPAUTH Submarine Operating Authority
SUBRON Submarine Squadron
SUBSAFE Submarine Safety Program
Suck  mouth
Sun Kings VAW-116
Sunliners VFA-83
SUPP Supplement
SUPPO Supply Officer
SUPPO Supply Officer
SURF Single Uniform Request Format
SUROBS Surf Observation
Survey  medical discharge; discharge/retirement for medical reasons
SUSFU Situation Unchanged, Still Fouled Up
SUST BDE Sustainment Brigade
SUW Surface Warfare
SUWC Surface Warfare Commander
SVC Stored Value Card
SVS Services Squadron
SW Shallow Water
SW Space Wing
SWA Southwest Asia
SWAB A mop
Swab  mop; sailor
SWAG Scientific Wild A** Guess
SWAG Scientific Wild-Ass Guess
SWAK Sealed With A Kiss
Swamp Fox Carrier Tactical Support Center
Swamp-ass  Unpleasant collection of sweat soaking undergarments
SWCC Navy Special Operations Force member who operates the inventory of boats used for mission support
SWEEPERS Cleaning ritual that involves sweeping assigned areas
Swinging Di*k  Male Marine
SWO Staff Weather Officer
SWO Navy Officer Corps who pilot, operate and manage a surface ship such as destroyers and cruisers
SWO Surface Warfare Officer
SWO Surface Warfare Officer
SWO Staff Weather Officer
Swoop  make a long trip in a short period of time
Swordsmen VFA-34
SWOSCOLOM Newport Commander, Submarine Forcem United States Atlantic Fleet
SWPC Space Weather Prediction Center
Sympathy Chit  Voucher sarcastically authorizing the recipient sympathy from others
SYSCOM Systems Command
SZ Surf Zone
T Missile Technician
T&A Test and Acceptance
T&E Test and Evaluation
T/M/S Type, Model, and/or Series
T/O&E  Table of Operations and Equipment
T2 Technology Transfer
T2HD Tier 2 Help Desk
T3HD Tier 3 Help Desk
TA Target Acquisition
TA Target Audience
TA Technical Arrangement
TA Theater Army
TA Threat Assessment
TA Travel Authorization
TAA Tactical Assembly Area
TAA Target Audience Analysis
TAACOM Theater Army Command
TAAMCOORD Theater Army Air and Missile Defense Coordinator
TAC Terminal Attack Control
TAC Travel Assistance Center
TAC Tactical Air Command
TAC(A) Tactical Air Coordinator (Airborne)
TACAIR Tactical Air
TACAN Tactical Air Navigation
TACC Tanker Airlift Control Center
TAC-D Tactical Deception
TACK Meaning Dash or Hyphen
TACLOG Tactical-Logistical
TACO Theater Allied Contracting Office
Taco Rice  taco without the shell served on rice
TACON Tactical Control
TACON Tactical Control
TACOPDAT Tactical Operational Data
TACP Tactical Air Control Party
TACP Tactical Air Control Party
TAC-P Tactical Air Control Party
TACRON Tactical Air Control Squadron
TACRON ELEVEN Tactical Air Control Squadron 11
TACRON TWELVE DET Tactical Air Control Squadron 12 Detachment
TACRON TWO ONE Tactical Air Control Squadron Two One
TACRON TWO TWO Tactical Air Control Squadron Two Two
TACS Tactical Air Control System
TACS Theater Air Control System
T-ACS Auxiliary Crane ship
TACSAT Tactical Satellite
TACT Tactical Aviation Control Team
TAD Tactical Air Direction
TAD Temporary Additional Duty (Non-Unit-Related Personnel)
TAD Theater Air Defense
TAD Temporary Additional Duty
TAD A temporary assignment of additional duty
TAD  Temporary Assigned Duty
TADC Tactical Air Direction Center
TADCEN Training and Distribution Center
TAF Tactical Air Force
TAFCSD Total Active Federal Commission Service Date
TAFMSD Total Active Federal Military Service Date
TAFT Technical Assistance Field Team
TAG Technical Assistance Group
TAG The Adjutant General
TAG(AG) The Adjutant General
TAGS Theater Air-Ground System
T-AH Hospital Ship
TAI Target Area of Interest
Tail-End Charlie Person bringing up the rear of a formation or a tail gunner
T-AKR Fast Logistics Ship
TAMP Transitional Assistance Management Program
TANUM Travel Authorization Number
TAO Tactical Air Officer
TAO Tactical Action Officer
TAO Tactical Action Officer (Fights the ship under the supervision of the Captain)
TAOC tactical Air Operations Center (USMC)
TAOCO Training for Accountable Officials and Certifying Officers
TAP Transition Assistance Program
TAPS Lights out, time for sleep
TAR Tactical Air Request
TAR Training and Administration of the Reserve
TARFU Things Are Really Fouled Up, or Totally And Royally Fouled Up
TARWI Target Weather and Intelligence
TASKORD Tasking Order
TASWC Theater Antisubmarine Warfare Commander
TAT Tactical Analysis Team
TAT Technical Assistance Team
TATC Tactical Air Traffic Control
T-AVB Aviation Logistics Support Ship
TAW Tickets are Waiting
TB MED Technical Bulletin Medical
TB(X) Transportation Brigade (Expeditionary)
TBA Training Business Area
TBC Theater Business Clearance
TBD To Be Determined
TBM Theater Ballistic Missile
TBMCS Theater Battle Management Core System
TBMD Theater Ballistic Missile Defense
TBS  The Basic School (combat training school for new Marine officers)
TC Training Circular
TC3 Tactical Combat Causuality Care
TCA Traditional Combatant Commander Activity
TC-AIMS II Transportation Coordinator's Automated Information for Movement System II
TCC Transportation Component Command
TCC Troop Contributing Country
TCCC Tactical Combat Causuality Care
TCEM Theater Contingency Engineering Management
TCF Tactical Combat Force
TCM Theater Construction Manager
TCM Theater Container Manager
TCMD Transportation Control and Movement Document
TCN Third Country National
TCN Transportation Control Number
TCN Troop Contributing Nations
TCNO Time Compliance Network Order
TCO Termination Contracting Officer
TCO Transnational Criminal Organization
TCP Theater Campaign Plan
TCP/IP Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCPED Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination
TCS Theater Communications System
TCSEC Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
TCSP Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point
TCTO Time Compliance Technical Order
TD Temporary Duty (USMC)
TD Theater Distribution
TD Tie Down
TDC Target Development Cell
TDD Time-Definite Delivery
TDF Theater Detention Facility
TDL Tactical Data Link
TDN Tactical Data Network
TDN Target Development Nomination
TDP Theater Distribution Plan
TDPFO Temporary Duty Pending Further Orders
TDRC Theater Detainee Reporting Center
TDY Temporary Duty
TDY Temporary Duty
TDY Temporary Duty
TE Task Element
TEA Transportation Engineering Agency
TEC Theater Engineer Command
Tech Informal shortening of Technical Sergeant
TECHCON Technical Control
TECHELINT Technical Electronic Intelligence
TECHINT Technical Intelligence
TEDAC Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (FBI)
TEL Transporter-Erector-Launcher
TEMPER Tent Extendible Modular Personnel
TENCAP Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities Program
TEO Team Embarkation Officer
TEP Theater Engagement Plan
TERCOM Terrain Contour Matching
Terminal Lance  Lance Corporal nearing the end of enlistment and unlikely to be promoted
Terp  interpreter
TES Theater Event System
TETK Targeting Effects Team
TEU Technical Escort Unit
TEU TeleEngineering Toolkit
TEU Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit
TEWLS Theater Enterprise Wide Logistics System
TF Task Force
TF Task Force
TF Task Force
TFC Threat Finance Cell
TFCICA Task Force Counterintelligence Coordinating Authority
TFCSD Total Federal Commissioned Service to Date
TFE Tactical Field Exchange
TFE Threat Finance Exploitation
TFF Total Force Fitness
TFMS-M Transportation Financial Management System-Military
TFO Non-aircrew personnel that have passed requirements to act as part of the aircrew
TFO Temporary Flight Orders
TFOA Things Falling Off Aircraft
TFOA Things Falling Off Aircraft
TG Task Group
TG Task Group
TG6 Task Group 6
TGM Terminally Guided Munitions
TGO Terminally Guided Operations
TGP Targeting Pod
THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense
The Rock  Okinawa
The Suck  miserable situation or place
The Wire  defensive perimeter of a firm base
THOC Theater Head of Contracting
Thousand-yard stare  unfocused gaze of a battle-weary service member
THT Tactical Human Intelligence Team
Thump Gun  grenade launcher
THX Theater Express
TI Threat Identification
TIA Theater Intelligence Assessment
TIB Theater Intelligence Brigade
TIB Toxic Industrial Biological
TIC Target Information Center
TIC Toxic Industrial Chemical
TIC Troops In Contact
TIC Troops In Contract
TIDE Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment
Tie-ties  straps or strings used to tie items to another line
TIG The Inspector General
Tigers VP-10
Tigertails VAW-126
Tight-jawed  angry
TILLIE Large mobile crane on Flight Deck to pick up and move disabled aircraft Came from original crane designation: T1-E
TIM Toxic Industrial Material
TIO Target Intelligence Officer
TIP Target Intelligence Package
TIP Trafficking in Persons
Tip of the Spear  unit or subunit that enters enemy territory first
TIR Toxic Industrial Radiological
TJAG The Judge Advocate General
T-JTB Theater-Joint Transportation Board
TLA Temporary Lodging Allowance
TLA Theater Logistics Analysis
TLAM Tomahawk Land-Attack Missile
TLAMM Theater Lead Agent for Medical Material
TLAR That Looks about Right
TLE Target Location Error
TLE Temporary Lodging Expense
TLF Temporary Living Facility
TLM Target List Management
TLM Topographic Line Map
TLO Theater Logistics Overview
TM Target Materials
TM Technical Manual
TM Torpedoman's Mate
TMAO Theater Mortuary Affairs Office
TMAO Theater Mortuary Affairs Officer
TMC Travel Management Center
TMD Theater Missile Defense
TMEP Theater Mortuary Evacuation Program
TMIP Theater Medical Information Program
TMM Transregional, Multi-domain, and Multi-functional
TMO Traffic Management Office
TMO Transportation Management Office
TMS Travel Management System
TMSC Travel Management Service Contractor
TMT Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data Management Tool
TNCC Theater Network Operations Control Center
TNL Target Nomination List
TO Technical Order
TO Theater of Operations
TO Transportation Officer
TO Technical Order
TO&E Table of Organization and Equipment
TOA Table of Allowance
TOA Transfer of Authority
TOC Tactical Operations Center
TOC Tactical Operations Center
TOD Tactical Ocean Data
TOF Time of Flight
TOI Track of Interest
Tomcatters VFA-32
Top Hatters VFA-14
Top  nickname for Master Sergeant or Master Gunnery Sergeant
TOPGUN United States Navy Fighter Weapons School
TOPINT Technical operational Intelligence
Topside  ship's upper deck
TOR Term of Reference
Tore up  broken, messy, unserviceable
TOS Time on Station
TOT Time on Target
TOT Time Over Target
TP Transportation Priority
TPE Theater Provided Equipment
TPED Tasking, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination
TPED Theater Personal Effects Depot
TPFDD Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data
TPFDL Time-Phased Force and Deployment List
TPMRC Theater Patient Movement Requirements Center
TPP Theater Posture Plan
TPT Tactical Petroleum Terminal
TQ Tactical Questioning
TQSE Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense
TR Trip Request
TRA Technical Review Authority
TRAC2ES United States Transportation Command Regulating and Command and Control Evacuation System
Tracking Following and understanding the subject at hand. (ie: "I need this done yesterday, Airman. Are you tracking?")
Tracking Offensive avionics on combat aircraft.
Trade-school refers to graduate of one of the Military Academies
TRADOC United States Army Training and Doctrine Command
TRAM  Tractor, Rubber-tired, Articulated steering, Multi-purpose
Trans BDE Transportation Brigade
Trans Det RPO Transportation Detachment Rapid Port Opening
TRANSEC Transmission Security
TRAP Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (Marine Corps)
T-Rats  tray rations
TRAX Travel Explorer
TRG Training Group
TRIADS Tri-Wall Aerial Distribution System
TRICON Triple Container
Tridents HS-5
Tridents VP-45
TRO Training and Readiness Oversight
Trooper  insult to refer to a Marine
TROPO Tropospheric Scatter
TRP Target Reference Point
TRS Training Squadron
TRW Training Wing
TS Time-Sensitive
TS Top Secret
TS Chit  Fictitious small card, punched upon hearing a high-grade very sad story
TSA target System Analysis
TSA Transportation Security Administration
TSA Transportation Security Administration (DHS)
TSC Theater Security Cooperation
TSC Theater Support command
TSC Theater Sustainment Command (Army)
TSCIF Temporary Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
TSCM Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
TSgt Technical Sergeant
TSOC Tactical Special Operations Command
TSOC Theater Special Operations Command
TSP Troubled Systems Process
TSS Target Sensing System
TSSA Transitional Security Sector Assistance
TSSCP Theater Security Cooperation Plan
TST Terminal Support Team
TST Time-Sensitive Target
TST Time-Sensitive Target
TSWA Temporary Secure Working Area
TT&C Telemetry, Tracking, and Commanding
TTAB Technical Training Acceptance Board
TTAN Transportation Tracking Account Number
TTD Tactical Terrain Data
TTL Tagging, Tracking, and Locating
TTN Transportation Tracking number
TTP Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
TTP Trailer Transfer Point
TTP Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
TTRA Travel and Transportation Reform Act
TTT Time to Target
TTT Train-the-Trainer
TTU Transportation Terminal Unit
TU Task Unit
TU Tits Up (Dead, Inoperable), a.k.a. "tango uniform"
TU Task Unit
TU Tango Uniform, slang for 'tits up'.
TUCHA Type Unit Characteristics File
TURN TO Begin work
TV Television
TV Travel Voucher
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority
TW&A Threat Warning and Assessment
TWDS Tactical Water Distribution System
Two-block  Hoist a flag or pennant to the peak, truck, or yardarm of a staff
Two-digit Midget enlisted Marine with 99 or fewer days remaining on his or her enlistment
TWWCF Transportation Working capital Fund
TYCOM Type Commander
TYCOM Type Commanders
U.S.C United States Code
UA Unmanned Aircraft
UA Unauthorized Absense
UA Unauthorized Absence, equivalent to Army absent without leave (AWOL)
UA Urinalysis
UA  Unauthorized Absence (AWOL)
UAR Unconventional Assisted Recovery
UARCC Unconventional Assisted Recovery Coordination Cell
UAS Unmanned Aircraft System
UAS Unmanned Aerial System
UAS Unmanned Aerial System
UAS Unmanned Aircraft System
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UCAV Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle
UCI Unit Compliance Inspection
UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice
UCMJ The foundation of all military law in the United States, applicable to all members of uniformed services of the United States
UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice
UCMJ  Uniform Code of Military Justice
UCP Unified Command Plan
UCSOT Undergraduate Combat Systems Officer Training
UCT Underwater Construction Team
UD  Unit Diary - system maintaining administrative records for a unit
UDL Unit Deployment List
UDT Underwater Demolition Team
UEWR Upgraded Early Warning Radar
UFAC Underground Facilities Analysis Center
UFC Unified Facilities Criteria
UFO Ultrahigh Frequency Follow-On
UGA Ungoverned Area
UGIRH Urban Generic Information Requirements Handbook
UGO Unified Geospatial-Intelligence Operations
UHF Ultrahigh Frequency
UHT Undergraduate Helicopter Pilot Training
UI User Interface
UIC Unit Identification Code
UIF Unfavorable Information File
UIN Unique Identification Number
UJTL Universal Joint Task List
UK United Kingdom
ULLS Unit Level Logistics System
ULN Unit Line Number
ULN Unit Line Number
ULSD Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel
UMA Unit Mobilization Assistor
UMCC Unit Movement Control Center
UMCM Underwater Mine Countermeasures
UMD Unit Movement Data
UMD Unit Manpower Document
UMMIPS Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System
UMO Unit movement Officer
UMS Unmanned System
UN United Nations
UN United Nations
UN CMCoord United Nations Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination
UNCLOS United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
UNCT United Nations Country Team
UND Urgency of Need Designator
UNDAC United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination
Under Arms  Status of having a weapon, sidearm
Under Canvas  living under temporary sheltering, tent
Under Way  to depart or to start a process for an objective
UNDFS United Nations Department of Field Support
UN-DMT United Nations Disaster Management Team
UNDP United Nations Development Programme
UNDPKO United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
Un-f**k  to correct a deficiency, usually on a person
UNHAS United Nations Humanitarian Air Service
UNHCHR United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNHQ United Nations Headquarters
UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund
UNITAF Unified Task Force
UNMEM United Nations Military Expert on Mission Unit Number
UNO Unit Number
UNOCHA United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
UNODC United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
UNODIR Unless Otherwise Directed
UNOSOM United Nations Operations in Somalia
UNPA United Nations Participation Act
UNPROFOR United Nations Protection Force
UNQ  unqualified
UNREP Underway Replenishment
UNSAT Unsatisfactory
Unsat  unsatisfactory
UNSC United Nations Security Council
UNSCR United Nations Security Council Resolution
UNSG United Nations Secretary-General
UNT Undergraduate Navigator Training (superseded by UCSOT)
UNWT Undergraduate Network Warfare
UON Urgent Operations Need
UP&TT Unit Personnel and Tonnage Table
UPT Undergraduate pilot Training (superseded by ENJJPT, JSUPT and UHT)
URL Uniform Resource Locator
URL Officer of the line in the US Navy who is qualified to command ships, subs and aviation units
URL Unrestricted Line Officer
URN Unit Reference Number
US Unserviceable
US BICES United States Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation System
US BICES-X United States Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation System-Extended
US&R Urban Search and Rescue
USA United States Army
USA PATRIOT Act Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act
USACE United States Army Corps of Engineers
USACFSC United States Army Community and Family Support Center
USACHPPM United States Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
USACIDC United States Army Criminal Investigation Command
USAEDS United States Atomic Energy Detection System
USAF United States Air Force
USAF United States Air Force
USAF United States Air Force
USAFA United States Air Force Academy
USAFE United States Air Forces in Europe
USAFE United States Air Forces in Europe
USAFE United States Air Forces in Europe
USAFEC United States Air Force Expeditionary Center
USAFR United States Air Force Reserve
USAFR United States Air Force Reserves
USAFR United States Air Force Reserve
USAFRICOM United States Africa Command
USAFSOS United States Air Force Special Operations School
USAFWC United States Air Force Warfare Center
USAID United States Agency for International Development
USAMC United States Army Material Command
USAMMA United States Army Medical Material Agent
USAMRAA United States Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity
USAMRICD United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
USAMRICD United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
USAMRIID United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infections Diseases
USAMRIID United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease
USAMRMC United States Army Medical Research and Material Command
USAMRMC United States Army Medical Research and Materiél Command
USAR United States Army Reserve
USARCENT United States Army, Central Command
USARDECOM United States Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command
USAREC US Army Recruiting Command
USAREUR United States Army, European Command
USAREUR US Army European Command
USARNORTH United States Army, North
USARPPAC United States Army, Pacific Command
USARSO United States Army, Southern Command
USASMDC/ARSTRAT United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command
USASOC United States Army Special Operations Command
USC United States Code
USC Universal Service Contract
USCENTCOM United States Central Command
USCGR United States Coast Guard Reserve
USCH United States Coast Guard
USCIS United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
USCS United States Cryptologic System
USCYBERCOM United States Cyber Command
USD Under Secretary of Defense
USD(AT&L) Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics
USD(C) Under Secretary of Defense (Controller)
USD(I) Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence
USD(P&R) Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness
USD(P) Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USDAO United States Defense Attaché Office
USELEMNORAD United States Element, North American Aerospace Defense Command
USERID User Identification
USERRA United Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
USEUCOM United States European Command
USFF United States Fleet Forces Command
USFK United States Forces, Korea
USG United States Government
USGS United States Geological Survey
USIP United States Institute of Peace
USLO United States Liaison Office
USMA United States Military Academy (West Point)
USMARFORNORTH United States Marine Corps Forces North
USMC United States Marine Corps
USMC United States Marine Corps
USMC United States Marine Corps, organized under the United States Department of the Navy
USMC  United States Marine Corps
USMCR United States Marine Corps reserve
USMILGP United States Military Group
USML United States Munitions List
USMOG-W United States Military Observer Group-Washington
USMS United States Marshals Service
USMTF United States Message Text Format
USN United States Navy
USN United States Navy
USN United States Navy
USNA United States Naval Academy (Annapolis)
USNA United States Naval Academy (Annapolis)
USNAVSO US Naval Forces Southern Command
USNMR United States National Military Representative
USNO United States Naval Observatory
USNORTHCOM United States Northern Command
USNR United States Navy Reserve
USNS United States Naval Ship
USO United States Organizations
USPACOM United States Pacific Command
USPHS United States Public Health Service (DHHS)
USPS United States Postal Service
USR Unit Status Report
USS United States Ship
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-75
USS Enterprise CVN-77
USS George H.W. Bush Commander, Fleet Air, Mediterranean
USS George Washington Carrier Air Wing Five
USS Harry S. Truman CVN-65
USS John C. Stennis Aircraft Carrier - Air Wing Nine
USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier - Air Wing Eleven
USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier - Air Wing Two
USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-69
USSOCOM United States Special Operations Command
USSOUTHCOM United States Southern Command
USSS United States Secret Service (Treasury)
USSS United States Secret Service
USSTRATCOM United States Strategic Command
USTRANSCOM United States Transportation Command
USUN United States Mission to the United Nations
USW Undersea Warfare
USYG Under Secretary General
UTC Coordinated Universal Time
UTC Unit Type Code
Utilities  field and work uniforms
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
UTO Unit Table Organization
UUV Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
UUV Unmanned Underwater Vessel
UUV Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
UW Unconventional Warfare
UWT Underwater Telephone
UXB Unexploded Bomb (Bomb Disposal)
UXO Unexploded Explosive Ordnance
UXO Unexploded Ordnance
UXO Uneploded Ordnance
V/R Virtual Regards/very respectully (closing salutation)
V/R  Very Respectfully
V/STOL  Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing
VA Department of Veteran Affairs
VA Victim Advocate
VA Vulnerability Assessment
VA/VAM Fixed Wing Attack/Fixed Wing Medium Attack
VAAP Vulnerability Assessment and Assistance Program
Valions VFA-31
VAN Valuated Add Network
Vanguard HM-15
VAQ Fixed Wing Electronic-Attack Squadron
VAQ Visiting Airman Quarters
VAW Fixed Wing Airborne Early Warning Squadron
VBIED Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device
VBIED Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device
VBSS Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure
VBSS Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure
VCJCS Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
VCNO Vice Chief of Naval Operations
VDL Video Downlink
VDM Visual Distinguishing Mark
VDS Variable Depth Sonar
VE Vertical Error
VEE Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis
VEERP  Voluntary Enlisted Early Release Program
VEO Violent Extremist Organization
VERTREP Vertical Replenishment
VERTREP Vertical Replenishment
VERTREP  vertical replenishment
VF Fixed Wing Fighter (No Longer Used)
VFA Fixed Wing Strike Fighter Squadron
VFD Volunteer Fire Department
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VFR Volunteer Fire and Rescue (or in AviationVisual Flight Rules)
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VFS Validating Flight Surgeon
VHA Variable Housing Allowance
VHF Very High Frequency
VI Visual Information
VID Visual Identification
Vikings VAQ-129
VIP Very Important Person
Viper Nickname for the F-16 Fighting Falcon
Vipers HSL-60
VIPPSA Very Important Personnel Protection Support Activity
VIRIN Visual Information Record Identification Number
VIRS Verbally Initiated Release System
VISA Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement
VISION ID Visual Information Professional Identifier
VLF Very Low Frequency
VMA Marine Attack Squadron
Vmap Vector Map
VMAQ Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
VMAQ Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
VMAT Marine Attack Training Squadron
VMB Marine Bombing Squadron
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
VMC Marine Composite Squadron
VMCJ Marine Composite Reconnaissance Squadron
VMD Marine Photographic Squadron
VMF Variable Message Format
VMF Marine Fighter Squadron
VMF(N) Marine Night Fighter Squadron
VMFA Marine Fighter Attack Squadron
VMFA(AW) Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron
VMFAT Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron
VMFP Marine Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
VMGR Marine Aerial Refueler/Transport Squadron
VMGRT Marine Aerial Refueler/Transport Training Squadron
VMI Vendor Managed Inventory
VMJ Marine Reconnaissance Squadron / Marine Target Towing Detachments
VML Vulnerable to Move List
VML Marine Glider Squadron
VMM Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (formerly HMM, HMH & VMFA)
VMMT Marine Medium Tiltrotor Training Squadron (formerly HMMT)
VMO Marine Observation Squadron
VMP Marine Patrol Squadron
vMPF Virtual Military Personnel Flight
VMR Marine Transport Squadron
VMS Marine Scouting Squadron
VMSB Marine Scout Bombing Squadron
VMTB Marine Torpedo Bombing Squadron
VMTD Marine Target Towing Detachment
VMU Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron
VMX Marine Tiltrotor Operational Test & Evaluation Squadron
VOD Vertical Onboard Delivery
VOQ Visiting Officer Quarters
VOR-VHF Omnidirectional Range
VP Fixed Wing Patrol Squadron
VPN Virtual Private Network
VPOTUS Vice President of the United States
VPV Virtual Prime Vendor
VRC Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VRC-30 Providers)
vRED Virtual Record of Emergency Data
VS&PT Vehicle Summary and Priority Table
VSP Voluntary Separation Pay
VSW Very Shallow Water
VTA Voluntary Tanker Agreement
VTC Video Teleconferencing
VTOL Vertical Takeoff and Landing
VTOL  Vertical Take Off/Landing
VTOL-UAS Vertical Takeoff and Landing Unmanned Aircraft System
VTU Volunteer Training Unit
VX Air Test & Evaluation Squadron (VX-4 Evaluation)
WAAS Washington Area Allotment System
WADS Western Air Defense Sector
WADS Western Air Defense Sector
WAF Women in the Air Force
WAG Wild-Ass Guess
WAI Weather Area of Interest
Walking John  Marine marching in dress blues uniform
Wallbangers VAW-117
WAN Wide Area Network
WAN Wide-Area Network
WANGO World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations
WAPS Weighted Airman Promotion System
War Belt  web belt used to carry canteens, pouches & equipment
War Eagles VP-26
War Paint  camouflage face paint
Warhawks HS-10
Warhawks VFA-97
Warlords HSL-51
WARM Wartime Reserve Mode
WARNORD Warning Order
WARP Web-Based Access and Retrieval Portal
WAS Wide Area Surveillance
WASP War Air Service Program
WASP Women Airforce Service Pilots
Watch  formal tour of duty of prescribed length
Water Bowl  Canteen
Water Buffalo 400-gallon potable water tank
WAVES Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service
WB Wideband
WBGTI Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Index
WBIED Waterborne Improvised Explosive Device
WBT Web Based Training
WC Wing Chaplain
WCE Weapons of Mass Destruction Coordination Element
WCO World Customs Organization
WCS World Control Status
WCS Workcenter Supervisor
WDCO Well Deck Control Officer
Web SM Web Scheduling and Movement
WES Wing Engineer Squadron
Wet Down  celebration honoring promotion as an officer or to the SNCO ranks
WETM Weather Team
WEU Western European Union
WEZ Weapon Engagement Zone
WFP World Food Programme(UN)
WG Working Group
WG Wing
WGS Wideband Global Satellite Communications
WGS 84 World Geodetic System 1984
Whiskey Locker  Supply locker/closet
WHNS Wartime Host-Nation Support
WHO World Health Organization (UN)
WIA Wounded in Action
WIA Wounded in Action
WIC Weapons Instructor Course
WIF Wales Initiative Fund
WILCO Will Comply
Wilco  Will Comply
Wildcards HSC-23
Wildcats VFA-136
Willie Pete Bag  Waterproof bag.
Winchester Out Of Ammo
Wing Wiper  Aviation person, not a pilot
Winger  Aviation Marine
WIR  Washed-out In Repair; waste incidental to reprocessing
WIT Weapons Intelligence Team
WIT Wing Inspection Team
Wizards VAQ-133
Wizards VPU-2
WLG Washington Liaison Group
WM  Woman Marine
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
WMD-CST Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Team
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WMP Air Force War and Mobilization Plan
WO Warrant Officer
WOC Wing Operations Center (USAF)
WOD Wind-Over Deck
Wolfpack HSL-45
Wook  female marine
Wooly Pully  green wool sweater
Word  orders or information required for all members of a unit to know
Work your Bolt  resort to special measures in order to attain a particular end
WORKING ALOFT Working above the highest deck, generally performing maintenance on the ship’s mast
World Watchers VQ-1
WOT War on Terrorism
WOWWAJAA With Out Weapons We Are Just Another Airline
WP White Phosphorous
WP Working Party
WP/Willie Pete White Phosphorus munition
WPB Coast Guard Patrol Boat
WPR War Powers Resolution
WRA Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (DOS)
WRA Weapons Release Authority
WRAIR Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
WRM War Reserve Material
WRM War Reserve Material
WRS War Reserve Stock
WRSA War Reserve Stocks for Allies
WRT With Regard to / with reference to
WS Weather Squadron
WSA Weapons Storage Area
WSA Weapons Storage Area
WSESRB Weapon Systems Explosive Safety Review Board
WSM Waterspace Management
WSO (Wizzo) - Weapon Systems Officer (Naval Flight Officer)
WSO Specific to the F/A-18F and F/A-18D aircrafts, an Officer who specializes in airborne weapons and sensor systems
WSO Weapon Systems Officer
WSR Weapon System Reliability
WSV Weapons System Video
WT Warping Tug
WTA Withholding Tax Allowance
WTC Waterfight Compartment
WTD Watertight Door
WTF Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, usually an interrogative phrase, but may also be used in a declarative manner
WTH Water Tight Hatch
WTI Weapons Technical Intelligence
WTS Wing Transport Squadron
WWII World War II
WWW World Wide Web
WWX Worldwide Express
WX Weather
WX Weather
XCDS Extracted Container Delivery System
XCVR Transceiver
XML Extensible Markup Language
XMPP Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
XO Executive Officer
XO Executive Officer
XO Executive Officer - second in command, reporting to the Commanding Officer (CO)
X-Plane Expirimental Aircraft
YATYAS or YAT YAS  You ain't tracks, You ain't sh*t,  slogan or term for AAV Marines
Yellowjackets (Expeditionary) VAQ-138
YGBSM You Gotta Be Sh*tting Me
YN Yeoman
YOS Years of Service
You-who when officer wants attention of a Junior/Boot & does not know their name
Y-Plane Prototype Aircraft
YR Year
Yut or Yut Yut  motivational saying similar to Oorah
Zappers VAQ-130
Zero Officer
Zero  term used amongst enlisted personnel when referring to officers
Zero  term used to gain the immediate attention of all personnel in the area
Zero-dark thirty  very early hours before dawn
Zero-stupid thirty  early time for which personnel are required to assemble for an activity
ZF Zone of Fire
ZMQ Marine Barrage Balloon Squadrons
Zoo Nickname for the Air Force Academy
Zoomie Nickname for an Air Force Academy graduate or cadet
Zoomie U  United States Air Force Academy
Zoomie  pilot, usually an Air Force pilot
ZULU Time Zone Indicator For Universal Time